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January 1990

January 14-18      New Orleans 13th Energy Sources                 ASME
                               Technology Conference

January 15-20      Suzdal,     Underwater vechiles '90             Shirshov Institute of
                   USSR                                            Oceanology

January 16         Aberdeen    Servicing subsea wells              Prodill Subsea System

January 18,        London      Ocean resources and researches      Offshore Engineering
   lunch time                                                      Society

January 23-24      London      Safety in offshore drilling:        Society for Underwater
                               the role of shallow gas surveys     Technology

January 30         London      Undersea resources (Mike Adye       Fellowship of Engineering
   17.30                       Memorial Lecture by T. D.

January 31         London      Offshore technology: the            Energy Business Centre
                               integrated approach to
                               project management: presentations
                               and workshop
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February 1990
February 1-2       Houston,    Offshore station keeping,           SNAME, Texas Section
                   Texas       symposium

February 7-8       Amsterdam   Materials and corrosion:            Norwegian Society of
                               offshore experience, conference     Engineers

February 7-9       London      UDT '90 Undersea Defence            Microwave Exhibitions

February 8         London      Technology and the British          Society for Underwater
                               mid-ocean ridge initiative,         Technology

February 8-9       Paris       Offshore pipeline technology,       IBC Technical Services

February 12-14     Houston,    Gulf Coast corrosion control,       NACE
                   Texas       seminar

February 12-16     New Orleans Ocean Sciences meeting              American Geophysical Union

February 13-15     Edinburgh   Scottish fish farming conference    Peter Landless
                               and exhibition

February 18-23     Houston,    9th OMAE: Offshore Mechanics        ASME
                   Texas       and Arctic Engineering conference

February 20        London      Use of aluminium in offshore        Offshore Engineering
                               structures, discussion              Society

February 20        London      Managing risks in the North Sea,    European Study
                               conference                          Conferences

February 20        London      Oil price information, seminar      Institute of Petroleum

February 21-22     London      Advances in pipeline engineering    Society for Underwater
                               and technology                      Technology

February 22        London      OPEC's Challenge, speaker           Institute of Petroleum
   12.30                       H.E. Dr Subotro

February 22-23     Houston,    Offshore station keeping,           SNAME Texas Section
                   Texas       symposium

February 26-27     Ottawa      Canadian shipbuilding and
                               Offshore exhibition

February 27-       San Diego   Marine Instrumentation '90,         Marine Technology
   March 1                     conference and exhibition           Society/ West Star

February 27-       Houston,    SPE/IADC Drilling Conference        Society of Petroleum
   March 2         Texas                                           Engineers

February 28,       London      Use of aluminium offshore,          Offshore Environmental
   evening                     discussion meeting                  Society
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March 1990
March              Europe      3rd Session, long-term ecological   FAO
                               effects of low-level contamination
                               in the marine environment, working

March 1            London      Subsea safety : risk assessment,    Knighton Enterprises
                               hazard analysis and systems
                               protection, seminar
March 4-10         Malta       Environmental, tourism and          Centre for Environmental
                               development, workshop               Management & Planning

March 5-6          London      Tanker '90, Conference              IBC Legal Studies and Services

March 5-7          KristiansandThe subtle trap, conference         Norwegian Petroleum Society

March 6-9          Brighton    OIL '90: Oceanology                 Spearhead Exhibitions
                               International incorporating         (abstract deadline
                               Defence Oceanology                  19.5.89)

March 7-8          London      1992: The maritime dimensions:      Greenwich Forum
                               opportunities and challenges
                               for Britian, conference

March 12-13        London      Modelling the physics, biology      Royal Society
                               and chemistry of the upper
                               ocean, and its interaction with
                               the atmostphere

March 12-14        Kyoto       Seafood '90 Japan, conference       Agra Europe

March 18-21        Bergen      6th Underwater Technology           UTC Secretariat
                               Conference: Subsea production       (Abstract deadline
                               systems, the search for cost        1.9.89).
                               effective technology

March 19-21        Geilo       Oilfield chemicals                  Norwegian Society of
                                                                   Chartered Engineers

March 20           London      Energy Information for 1992,        Institute of Petroleum

March 20-22        Boston,     International Boston Seafood show

March 20-23        Calgary     Ice Tech '90: 4th internaional      Arctic Transportation Ltd
                               technology symposium

March 27           London      Developments in the weather service Institute of Marine
                               for the shipping and offshore       Engineers

March 27-29        Aberdeen    OAR '90: Offshore decommissioning,  Offshore Conferences &
                               platform removal and marine         Exhibitions (paper
                               salvage exhibition and              summary deadline 2.9.89)

March 28-30        Manchester  Control of chemical risks on        Institution of Chemical
                               both sides of the factory fence     Engineers
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April 1990
April 2-3          London      Quality assurance for the           IBC Technical Services
                               offshore industry, conference

April 2-6          Birkenhead  JONSMOD '90

April 3            Aberdeen    Cost and safety effective           IIR Industrial
                               maintenance planning, conference

April 3-4          Swansea     Advances in separation              Institution of Chemical
                               processes                           Engineers (abstract
                                                                   deadline 26.5.89)

April 4            Aberdeen    Utilising maintenance data for      IIR Industrial
                               improved safety and reliability,

April 4-5          London      Subsea control and data             Society for Underwater
                               acquisition, conference             Technology

April 5-7          Glasgow     Fishing '90 and Seafood '90:        AGB Heighway Limited

April 9-10         London      Offshore oil construction and       IBC Legal Studies and
                               supply contacts, conference         Services

April 10           London      Harmonic problems and               Institute of Marine
   17.30                       calculations on offshore            Engineers

April 18           Sideup      Probability and sensitivity         Veritas Seasam System
                               analysis applied to offshore
                               engineering, seminar

April 18-19        Aberdeen    Single European Market oil and      PR Consultants
                               gas conference

April 23-27        Las Vegas   Corrosion '90                       NACE

April 24-25        London      Basic principles and industrial     IBC Technical Services
                               applications of multiphase flow,

April 24-26        Manchester  Decommissioning, 2nd                UMIST (paper abstract
                               International Conference and        deadline 31.10.89)

April 25,          London      Helder B Platform and its relocationICE
   evening                     and reuse on Haven field

April 24-26        London      Sasmex '90: Safety at Sea and marineInternational Trade
                               electronics exhibition and conferencePublications

April 25-26        Stavanger   Platform completion, conference     Norwegian Petroleum Society

April 25-26        London      Safety in offshore drilling:        Society for Underwater
                               the role of shallow gas surveys,    Technology

April 26-27        Paris       2nd European aquatic sciences       Institut Oc‚anographique
                               libraries and information centres

April 30           London      The defence and offshore oil and    Energy Business Centre
                               gas industries: opportunities for

April 30-          London      Offshore hazards and their          IBC Technical
   May 1                       prevention, conference              Services Limited
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May 1990
May 1              London      Current and potential opportunities Institute of Marine
                               for fibre reinforced components     Engineers

May 2              Harwell,    Achievements in waste management    AEA Technology Harwell
                   Didcot      and research, symposium

May 7-9            Trondheim   Salmon '90: World Salmon            AGB Heighway
                               Marketing conference

May 7-10           Houston,    22nd Offshore Technology            Society of Petroleum
                   Texas       Conference and Exhibition           Engineers

May 7-10           Stockholm   International conference on         Stockholm Convention
                               submarine systems                   Bureau

May 8-11           Kingston,   Canadian coastal conference         ACOS

May 8              London      Impact and economic effect of 1992  Institute of Marine
                               on the shipping and offshore oil andEngineers
                               gas industry

May 9              Chester     The environment and the oil         Institute of Petroleum
                               industry                            Stanlow Branch

May 17             London      Environmental auditing, seminar     IBC Technical Services

May 18             London      Environmental economics, seminar    IBC Technical Services

May 21-22          Amsterdam   European oil and gas conference     Financial Times

May 22             Leicester   Environmental protection seminar    Leicester University

May 22-23          London      Pipeline rehabilitation, seminar    Pipeline Integrity Management

May 22-24          Florida     Subsea search and salvage '90       West Star Productions

May 23-25          London      Marine Technology and the           Institute of Marine
                               environment, conference             Engineers

May 28-30          Trondheim   Eurogas '90: European Applied       Norwegian Petroleum
                               Research Conference on Natural Gas  Society

May 29-June 3      Krasnodar,  Development of gas and              Scientific and Technical
                   USSR        condensate fields, conference       Society of Gas Industry
                                                                   of the USSR
May 29-June 3      Oslo        Norship '90: 12th Shipping
                               and Maritime Offshore Exhibition
                               and Conference

May 30-31          Aberdeen    Advances in subsea pipeline         Society for Underwater
                               engineering and technology          Technology

May 31-June 1      Brussels    Doing business in Europes greener   Club de Bruxelles
                               environment, conference-debate

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June 1990
June 4-6           St John's   6th International offshore petroleumNewfoundland Ocean
                               conference and exhibition           Industries Assocciation

June 4-6           Washington  Automomous underwater vechile       IEEE Oceanic Engineering
                               technology, symposium               Society

June 5             London      Dealing with waste: the emerging    IBC Legal Studies and
                               regulatory froamework, seminar      Service

June 5-7           Venice      Euromer technology market workshop  Tecnomare

June 5-7           St John's   6th Offshore Newfoundland           Atlantic Expositions
                               Conference and Exhibition           Limited

June 6-7           Oslo        Satellite developments: challenges  Norwegian Petroleum
                               for the 90's                        Society

June 6-8           Edmonton    13th Arctic and Marine Oilspill     Environment Canada
                               Program technical seminar (AMOP)

June 6-8           Houston     Gas Technology Symposium            SPE

June 10-14         Canada      World aquaculture '90               National Research Council

June 11-12         Kristiansand3rd reservoir management in field   Norwegian Petroleum
                               development conference              Society

June 12-14         Maracaibo   7th Latin American Petroleum        Spearhead Exhibitions

June 13-14         London      Pipeline Management '90             Westrade Fairs Ltd
June 13-14         Newcastle   Topside engineering for offshore    Westrade Fairs Ltd

June 14            Wallingford Pollution in coastal Wales,         Hydraulics Research
                               seminar                             Station

June 19-20         London      Pollution, environmental impairment IBC Financial Focus Ltd
                               and waste: risk management and
                               insurance aspects

June 24-28         Seol        1st Pacific/Asia offshore
                               mechanics symposium

June 25-27         Vancouver   8th Subsea Intervention '90,        MTS (paper abstract
                               conference with Rov '90:            deadline 31.12.89)
                               On the shores of tomorrow

June 26-28         Southampton Workboat '90                        National Boat Shows

June 27-29         Lyon,       Advances in water treatment and     BHRA
                   France      and environmental management

June 29            London      Risk assessment of major            IBC Technical
                               accidents to the environment        Services
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July 1990
July 2-3           Glasgow     4th Integrity of Offshore           University of Glasgow
                               Structures symposium                (Paper abstract deadline

July 2-3           London      North Sea oil and gas conference    Financial Times

July 2-3           Oxford      Physical risk management in the     College of Petroleum
                               petroleum industry                  Studies

July 6-8           Southampton Geology of the oceans: 18th         OUGS
                               National Synopsium

July 8-21          Aberdeen    11th Environmental Impact           Centre for Environmental
                               Assessment and Management           Management & Planning
                               international seminar

July 17-18         London      Piper Alpha : lessons for life-     Institution of Chemical
                               cycle safety management             Engineers

July 29-           Honolulu    5th Circum-Pacific energy and       AAPG
   August 3                    mineral resources conference
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August 1990
August 6-15        Leningrad   Inrybprom '90                       Expro SU Inrybprom

August 7-11        Oxford      Environmental management in         College of Petroleum
                               the oil and petrochemical           Studies

August 14-16       Copenhagen  Polartech '90: Developement         Danish Hydraulic
                               and commercial utilization of       Institute (Abstract
                               technology in polar regions         dealine 1.10.89)

August 15-17       Tromso      Arctic geology and petroleum        Norwegian Petroleum
                               potential, conference               Society (Abstract
                                                                   deadline 1.10.89)

August 20-21       Trondheim   European offshore mechanics         International Society
                               symposium                           of Offshore & PolarEngineers

August 20-23       Espoo,      10th Ice International Symposium    IAHR

August 21-25       Ottawa      XXIII Congress                      IAHR

August 26-31       Hanover,    Ice-ocean dynamics and mechanics    International
                   New         symposium                           Glaciological Society

August 28-31       Stavanger   Offshore Northern Seas              ONS
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September 1990
Sep 4-6            Glasgow     IWEM Conference '90                 Institute of Water and
                                                                   Environmental Management

Sep 4-7            Vancover    Aquaculture International           Heighway

Sep 9-12           Stavanger   Giant oil and gas fields            AAPG
                               of the decade 1978-1988

Sep 10-11          London      A minimum facilities approach       IBC Technical Services
                               to oil and gas production,

Sep 10-12          Edinburgh   Statistical analysis of reservoir   Heriot-Watt University
                               data                                Continuing Education

Sep 12-14          Faroe       Impact of aquaculture on the        Danish Institute for
                               environment, conference             Fisheries and Marine

Sep 10-13          New Orleans 1st oil and gas waste management    EPA
                               practices symposium
Sep 10-14          London      Fisheries in the year 2000          Institute of Fisheries

Sep 11             London      Welding of high strength steels     Institution of Mechanical
                               for offshore installations, seminar Engineers

Sep 12             London      2nd North Sea Safety Conference     Technology Forum

Sep 12-14          Edinburgh   Introduction to artificial lift     Heriot-Watt University
                               techniques                          Continuing Education

Sep 13             London      Advances in subsea cables,          Society for Underwater
                               seminar                             Technology

Sep 16-19          Arlington   Oceans '90 conference               Naval Research
                   Virginia                                        Laboratory

Sep 16-22          Madrid      ITTC '90: International Towing Tank Canal de Experiencias
                               conference                          Hidrodinamicas

Sep 17-21          Bremen      Safety in the port environment      Port and Transport
                               International Conference            Consulting

Sep 17-21          Varna,      Black Sea '90                       West Star Productions

Sep 17-19          Singapore   6th Asia - Pacific Petroleum        Times Conferences Pte

Sep 18             Birmingham  Risk and the energy industries,     Watt Committte on
                               27th consultative conference        Energy

Sep 18-20          Cambridge   ITC '90: 2nd Ice Technology         Computational
                               international conference            Mechanics

Sep 18-            Washington  New applications of oceanography    George Washington
                   D.C.                                            University

Sep 18-22          Paris       14th Organic geochemistry,          Institut Fran‡ais du
                               international meeting               P‚trole (abstract deadline

Sep 19-21          Edinburgh   Methane in marine sediments,        Shallow Gas Group

Sep 19             Newcastle-  Martime system integrity,           Institute of Marine
                   upon-Tyne   conference                          Engineers

Sep 20             London      Labour's oil and gas policy         Institute of Petroleum

Sep 23-26          New Orleans Annual technical meeting and        Society of Petroleum
                               and exhibition                      Engineers

Sep 24-25          London      What value UKCS assets? A guide to  IBC Technical Services
                               acreage and equity evaluations,

Sep 24-25          Naples      Annual conference                   WEGEMT

Sep 24-28          Halifax,    11th International Tug              Thomas Reed with
                   Nova Scotia Convention including                Offshore Conferences
                               IMSC '90: International             and Exhibitions
                               Marine Salvage Conference

Sep 25-26          Amsterdam   Marine corrosion forum              Nickel Development

Sep 25-27          Hamburg     International Shipping and Marine   Hamburg Messe and
                               technology market congress          Congress

Sep 25-29          Munich      24th Annual convention              International Pipeline
                                                                   and Offshore Contractors

Sep 26             Aberdeen    The souring of reservoirs, conferenceIBC Technical Services

Sep 26             Hamburg     European members meeting            Marine Technology

Sep 26-27          London      Piper Alpha: lessons for life-cycle Institution of Chemical
                               safety management                   Engineers

Sep 26-27          London      Subsea safety, conference           Society for Underwater

Sep 26-28          Glasgow     Offshore Information Conference     Institute of Offshore

Sep 27-28          London      Oil Industry Nurses Symposium       Institute of Petroleum

Sep 26-28          Washington  MTS '90: Science and                Marine Technology
                   DC          technology for new oceans decade    Society
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October 1990
Oct 1-4            Barcelona   4th Environmental contamination     CEP Consultants

Oct 1-5            Seattle     Breaking down barriers to the free  IAMSLIC
                               flow of marine science information,

Oct 2              London      The installation of the protective  Institute of Marine
   17.30                       barrier around the Ekofisk 2/4 storageEngineers

Oct 2-4            Aberdeen    Risk analysis in the offshore       IBC Technical Services
                                                                   industry, workshop
Oct 2-4            Birmingham  Environmental technology '90        Reed Exhibitions

Oct 3              London      Subsea isolation systems: design    Knighton Enterprises
                               and installation, seminar
                                                                   (abstract deadline 1.7.90)

Oct 3              London      Training of mechanical engineers    Institution of Mechanical
                               for the offshore oil and gas        Engineers

Oct 3              London      CAD, evening meeting                Offshore Engineering Society

Oct 3-4            Norwich     Automated hydrographic survey systemsHydrographic Society
                               and data management, seminar

Oct 3-5            St John's   Canadian waste management conferenceEnvironment Canada

Oct 5              Cranfield,  Membranes in water treatment, seminarInstitution of Chemical
Bedford                        Engineers

Oct 5              London      Oil and gas project finance, seminarIBC Financial Services

Oct 8              London      Assessing the impact of environmentalCentaur Conferences
                               pressures on corporate performance,

Oct 8-9            London      World oil in the 1990s: the need forCentre for Global Energy
                               co-operation                        Studies

Oct 8-12           Sheffield   Safety in process plant design      Sheffield University
                               Department of Mechanical            and Process Engineering

Oct 8-12           Palermo,    European oil and gas conference     SPE

Oct 9              London      Information support for the energy  IFEG
                               industries: an evaluative approach

Oct 9-10           Heathrow    Sub-sea isolation systems: plans    Society for Underwater
                               for the 1990's                      Technology

Oct 9-10           Oslo        Petroleum and the environment,      Norwegian Petroleum
                               conference                          Society

Oct 9-11           Monte Carlo Tourist oceanology international    Spearhead Exhibitions
                               '90, exhibition and conference

Oct 9-11           London      Hydrocarbons '90: 6th European      Themedia Limited
                               offshore gas conference

Oct 9-12           Palermo     European Oil and Gas                Agip (abstract deadline
                               Conference                          28.2.90)

Oct 10             Aberdeen    Safety offshore, lunchtime meeting  Offshore Engineering Society

Oct 10-12          Brest       Technomer: International business   IFREMER
                               convention on technology and
                               sciences of the sea

Oct 11             London      Ivanhoe/Rob Roy/Hamish: a recent    Institute of Petroleum
                               subsea development

Oct 11             London      Risk reduction in offshore operations,Noble Denton

Oct 11-12          Buxton      Environmental monitoring and control:Industry and
                               5th Environmental Impact Seminar    Environment Associates

Oct 11-14          Verona      5th Aquaculture, Efficiency in      E. A. Fiere di Verona
                               aquaculture, fish farming conference
                               and exhibition

Oct 14-16          Newport     2nd performance enhancement         Naval Underwater
                               for marine applications             Systems Centre
                               international symposium

Oct 14-19          Rio de      4th Brazilian petroleum congress    Instituto Brasileiro
                   Janerio                                         de Petr¢leo

Oct 14-19          Rio de      Latin American petroleum engineeringSPE
                   Janerio     conference

Oct 15-17          Ostend      Pipeline technology conference      Royal Flemish Society
                                                                   of Engineers

Oct 16-18          Aberdeen    Safety developments in the          Institution of Mechanical
                               offshore oil and gas industry       Engineers
                                                                   (abstract deadline 2.10.89)

Oct 17             London      Joint operating agreements, conferenceEuropean Study Conferences

Oct 17             London      Positioning for 3 dimensional seismicHydrographic Society
                               surveys, seminar

Oct 17-18          Glasgow     Engineering for offshore fish       Institution of Civil Engineers
                               farming, conference                 (abstract deadline 1.6.89)

Oct 21-24          The Hague   EUROPEC '90: 7th European Petroleum SPE

Oct 22-25          Amsterdam   Gas Expro '91 exhibition and congressRAI

Oct 23-25          Peebles     North Sea flow measurement, workshopNational Engineering Laboratory

Oct 24-25                      Cathodic protection, conference     MTD Ltd

Oct 29-31          Glasgow     EnviroScot '90 conference           Institute of Wastes

Oct 29-31          Surrey      UK Corrosion '90                    Corrosion Engineering

Oct 30 -           Edinburgh   9th Offshore search and rescue,     Leith International
   Nov 2                       marine communications, marine       Conferences
                               and aviation safety conference
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November 1990
Nov 1              Bedford     The Mediterranean: an emerging      Institute of Petroleum
                               regional oil centre

Nov 1-2            London      North Sea operations: quality       Langham Oil
                               management systems and the          Conferences
                               management of safety and the

Nov 2              London      North Sea diving Support vessel (DSV)Institute of Petroleum

Nov 4-5            Dharan,     Oil and the Gulf: meeting the challenges
                   Saudi Arabia

Nov 5-6            Edinburgh   OSO Export technology forum         IBC Technical Services

Nov 6              London      Oil pollution - environmental and   Legal Studies and Services
                               commercial concerns

Nov 6-9            Aberdeen    IRM '90: Offshore Inspection,       Offshore Conferences
                               Repair and Maintenance              and Exhibitions (Paper
                               exhibition and conference           Summary deadline 4.6.90)
                               incorporating ROV'90

Nov 7              London      Jackup stability, evening meeting   Offshore Engineering Society

Nov 7-14           Alfriston   Environmental policy and management:British Council
                   East Sussex an international forum

Nov 8              London      The Gulf: what sort of crisis is it?Institute of Petroleum

Nov 8              London      Energy policies and the greenhouse effect:Royal Institute of International
                               policy apprasial                    Affairs

Nov 8-9            London      Enviromental Assessment: theory and Legal Studies and Services

Nov 12-13          Hobbs,N.M   Production technology synopsium     SPE

Nov 12-14          Bahrain     New developments in the oil         Institution of Chemical
                               industry                            Engineers

Nov 13             Aberdeen    Cost and safety effective maintenanceIIR Industrial
                               for the offshore industry, workshop

Nov 13-14          London      A to Z of corporate responsibility ...IIR
                               environmental excellence
Nov 13-15          Amsterdam   Holland Offshore '90                RAI

Nov 13-15          New Orleans 11th Gulf of Mexico Information     Minerals Management
                               transfer meeting                    Service

Nov 14             Aberdeen    Quality improvement for the offshoreIIR Industrial Conferences

Nov 14-16          Montreal    13th Wastewater treatment inter-    AQTE (paper summary
                               national symposium                  deadline 8.6.90)

Nov 14-17          Kobe,       Techno Ocean'90: 3rd ocean and      World Import Mart
                   Japan       coastal development exhibition
                               and symposium

Nov 15             London      Major performance related clauses forLegal Studies and Services
                               offshore oil construction and supply

Nov 15             London      Abandonment: a review of the currentInstitute of Petroleum
   17.30                       situation

Nov 15-16          London      5th European drag reduction working BMT Fluid Mechanics Ltd

Nov 15-16          Vilamoura,  5th deepwater and marginal oilfield OCS
                   Portugal    development conference

Nov 15-17          Kiawah IslandFall meeting                       National Ocean Industries
                   S.C                                             Association

Nov 16             London      Futures and forward markets: swaps  Institute of Petroleum
                               and options

Nov 19             London      Business implications of the environmentEnvironmental Policy
                               white paper                         Consultants

Nov 20-21          Manchester  The human factor in safety: implicationsIBC Technical Services
                               for the chemical, process and offshore oil
                               and gas industries, conference

Nov 21-22          Oslo        Norwegian tax reform and implications for theNPF
                               petroleum industry

Nov 21-23          London      Maritime Communications and control,Institute of Marine
                               conference                          Engineers

Nov 22             Edinburgh   Applications of advanced computing inInstitute of Petroleum
   16.30                       the petroleum industry

Nov 22             London      Offshore safety, the way ahead,     Institute of Petroleum

Nov 24-27          Melbourne   Offshore Australia exhibition

Nov 27             London      Assessment off environmental costs  Institute of Petroleum
   12.30                       and benefits

Nov 28-29          London      Environmental forces on offshore    Society for Underwater
                               structures and their prediction,    Technology (Abstract
                                                                   conferencedeadline 12.1.90)

Nov 28-29          Aberdeen    4th Offshore drilling technology    IBC Technical Services

Nov 30             Edinburgh   Implications of the Piper Alpha     Institution of Chemical
                               disaster for the onshore and        Engineers
                               non-oil industries
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December 1990
Dec                Rome        Advisory committee of Experts on    FAO
                               Marine Resources Research

Dec 4-7            Singapore   8th Offshore South East Asia        Society of Petroleum
                               conference                          Engineers

Dec 5-6            London      Formal safety assessments for the offshoreIBC Technical Services
                               industry, conference

Dec 6              London      Risk analysis                       Offshore Engineering Society

Dec 6              Aberdeen    Advances in underwater cutting and  Society for Underwater
                               welding                             Technology

Dec 10-11          London      6th Floating production systems, conferenceIBC Technical Services

Dec 10-11          London      Environmental protection in practiceLegal Studies and Services

Dec 10-15          Seychelles  1st Indian Ocean petroleum
                               exploration regional seminar and
                               trade fair

Dec 11-12          London      Subsea '90: subsea achievements     Themedia Ltd
                               and challenges, conference

Dec 12             London      Geological aspects of safety during drilling ofGeological Society
                               of deep wells in the central Graben

Dec 12             Edinburgh   Production problems in the oil industryMining Institute of Scotland

Dec 14             London      Elastomeric seals for offshore oilfield/maritimePlastics and Rubber
                               applications                        Institute

Dec 18-20          Southampton Hydro '90 symposium                 Hydrographic Society
                                                                   (Abstract deadline 31.8.89)

Dec 19-20          Brussels    European Energy Conference          DRI Europe Limited
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