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January 1991

January       Trondheim    Design of slender marine structures:WEGEMT
                           risers and pipelines, school

January 8     London       Using pre-installed piles to improve onInstitute of Marine Engineers
17:30                      - bottom on stability and speed installation
                           of jackets

January 10    London       Education and training on marine technology,MTD Limited

January 15-17 Florida      CADMO '91: 3rd Computer Aided       Computational Mechanics
                           Design, Manufacture and Operation   (abstract deadline (30.4.90)
                           in the marine and offshore industries

January 20-24 Houston      14th Energy Sources Technology      ASME
                           conference and exhibition

January 21-23 Houston      10th Pipeline Engineering Symposium ASME

January 21-25 Trondheim    Design and analysis of slender massiveWEGEMT
                           structures: risers and pipelines

January 22    London       Developments in multiphase pump unitsInstitute of Marine Engineers
                           for offshore applications

January 23    London       European standards for offshore structuresOffshore Engineering Society

January 23-25 Houston      Gas technology symposium            SPE

January 29-30 Edinburgh    OSO Export technology forum         IBC Technical Services

January 29-30 Haugesund    Gas transport symposium             Norwegian Petroleum Society
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February 1991
Feb 4-7       Houston      3rd Pipeline pigging and inspection Gulf Publishing
                           conference and exhibition

Feb 6-8       London       Offshore operations post Piper AlphaInstitute of Marine Engineers
Feb 6-8       Houston      Petro-safe '91: 2nd environmental and safety in
                           the energy industry conference and exhibition

Feb 7         Aberdeen     Testing, inspection and certificationSUT & AODC
                           of diving equipment

Feb 7-8       London       Measurement and the environment,    IBC Technical Services
                           conference                          (abstract deadline 10.09.90)

Feb 11-12     Ottawa       CSOE '91: Canadian shipbuilding and Canadian Maritime
                           offshore exhibition                 Industries Association

Feb 11-15     Aberdeen     Introduction to drilling equipment  IBC Technical
                           and practices                       Services

Feb 14        London       Assessment and re-analysis of older Society for Underwater
                           offshore platforms                  Technology

Feb 14-15     Copenhagen   Offshore pipeline technology        IBC Technical Services

Feb 17-20     Tripoli,     Mediteranean offshore conference    International Energy
              Libya                                            Foundation

Feb 18        London       Financing energy projects, seminar  Institute of Petroleum

Feb 18-20     Aberdeen     The management and engineering of   BHR Group (synopsis
                           fire safety and loss prevention     deadline 4.6.90)

Feb 19        London       Oil price information, seminar      IFEG

Feb 20        London       Environmental management strategy:  Institution of
                           pollution and its containment       Civil Engineers

Feb 21-22     Edinburgh    Advances in Reservoir management:   IBC Technical Services
                           characterization and modelling

Feb 24-28     Aberdeen     Downhole materials engineering      RGIT Welltrain

Feb 25-27     New Orleans  Underwater '91

Feb 26        London       Where next with concrete platforms? Offshore Engineering Society

Feb 27,       London       New technology for ocean science    Fellowship of
   18.00                   lecture by J. Woods                 Engineering
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March 1991
Mar 2-6       Aberdeen     Offshore materials engineering      RGIT Welltrain

Mar 4         London       Ocean engineering business opportunitiesECOR/I Mar E

Mar 4         London       Wave breaking in stratified flow    University College
                           over obstacles                      London

Mar 4-7       San Diego    International Oilspill conference   American Petroleum
                                                               Institute (abstract deadline

Mar 5         London       Wind - forced ventilation in offshoreInstitute of Marine Engineers
   17:30                   Modules

Mar 5         London       UK oil and gas fields: the results  Geological Society
                           of 25 years of offshore
                           exploration: the Southern Fields

Mar 6         London       A decade of progress in North Sea   Institute of Measurement and
                           lecture                             Control

Mar 6,        Aberdeen     Flowlines tie-in technology         Society for
   evening                                                     Underwater Technology

Mar 6-8       Brighton     Defence Oceanology International '91:Spearhead Exhibitions
                           Extending the reach

Mar 7         Aberdeen     Code of practice on the initial     AODC/SUT
                           and periodic testing, examination
                           and certification of diving plant
                           and equipment

Mar 7         Aberdeen     The testing, examination and        AODC/SUT
                           certification of wire ropes

Mar 7         Aberdeen     Emergency resue of diving bells     AODC/SUT
                           for the 1990s

Mar 11-13     Geilo,       Oilfield chemicals, symposium       Norwegian Society
              Norway                                           of Chartered Engineers

Mar 11-13     Amsterdam    SPE/IADC Drilling conference        Society of Petroleum Engineers

Mar 11-15     Cincinnati   Corrosion '91                       NACE

Mar 13-15     Stavanger    Basin modelling: advances and       Norwegian Petroleum
                           applications                        Society (Abstract
                                                               deadline 1.7.90)

Mar 20-22     Gaithersburg Reliability of offshore operations, workshopNational Institute of Standards
              MD                                               & Technology

Mar 21,       Edinburgh    Inertial surveying of oilwells      Institution of Electrical
   18.30                                                       Engineers

Mar 25        London       Marine Information systems          Institute of Marine

Mar 25-27     Aberdeen     Risk anaylsis in the offshore       IBC Technical
                           industry - after Piper Alpha        Services

Mar 26        Aberdeen     Planned maintenance and repair      Henry Stewart Conference
                           of offshore oil and gas facilities  Studies
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April 1991
Apr 2         London       Autonomous underwater vehicles      Institute of Marine Engineers
                           for safety purposes

Apr 2-3       Oxford       Petroleum negotiations workshop     College of Petroleum Studies

Apr 2-4       Long Beach,  2nd Coastal Ocean Space Utilization National Science
              CA           Internationa; Symposium             Foundation

Apr 3         Edinburgh    Renewable Energy from the Sea,      Edinburgh International
                           lecture                             Science Festival

Apr 4-5       London       2nd Satellite and Marginal Oilfield OCS

Apr 4-5       Houston      Offshore design criteria and codes  SNAME

Apr 7-9       Washington   Annual meeting                      National Ocean
              D.C.                                             Industries Assoc.

Apr 7-9       Oklahoma     Production operations symposium and SPE

Apr 8-10      Amsterdam    Offshore oil and gas operations:    Centre for
                           environmental concerns and          Professional
                           solutions                           Advancement

Apr 9-11      London       4th Chemicals in the Oil Industry   Royal Society of
                           Symposium                           Chemistry

Apr 11        London       Hedging petroleum price exposure    IBC Financial Focus

Apr 11-12     Dallas       Hydrocarbon economics and evaluationSPE

Apr 11-13     Glasgow      The total fish show: Fishing '91/Seafood '91Heighway Ltd

Apr 11-17     New Orleans  The impact and mitigation of oil andCEMP
                           gas activities on coastal environments,

Apr 14-19     Athens       World fisheries congress            American Fisheries Society

Apr 15-16     Nottingham   4th Global Positioning seminar      Nottingham University

Apr 15-20     Malta        Desalination and water re-use,      Institution of Chemical
                           conference                          Engineers
Apr 16        Aberdeen     Improving safety management         IIR Ltd
                           offshore, seminar

Apr 16-18     San Diego    Under (sea) world '91               West Star Productions

Apr 17        Aberdeen     Getting the culture right for total IIR Ltd
                           quality - specifically for the oil
                           indistry, seminar

Apr 17-19     London       Weight engineering conference

Apr 18        London       Geotechnical implications of        SUT
                           shallow gas, seminar

Apr 19        London       Developments in the Middle East     Institute of
   13.00                                                       Petroleum

Apr 21-23     Bath         Exploration Britain - into the next decade

Apr 22        London       Marine surveying: a time for self   IBC Legal Studies
                           appraisal, seminar                  & Services

Apr 22-23     London       Subsea International '91, conferenceSociety for Underwater

Apr 22-23     Bergen       Business risk in the petroleum industry,

Apr 23        London       Subsea International '91:           Society for
                           integrated approach to lower cost   Underwater
                           subsea systems                      Technology

Apr 23-24     Glasgow      Safety developments in the offshore Institution of
                           oil and gas industry                Mechanical Engineers

Apr 23-34     Brussels     2nd Pipeline rehabilitation semninarPipeline IntegrityManagement

                           Marine environment of the           Royal Society of
                           Solway Firth                        Edinburgh

Apr 25        London       Piper Alpha - the lessons to be     Royal School of Mines
                           learned, lecture                    Association

Apr 25        London       Oil supply and price ... demand     Institute of
                           forecasting in uncertain times      Petroleum

Apr 25-26     Lelystad,    3rd EURASLIC meeting                Institute for Water Managment

Apr 28 -      Puerto       1st Ocean Pollution international   Florida Institute of
   May 2      Rico         symposium                           Technology

Apr 30 -                   Fire and gas explosions, conference Institute of Energy
   May 1                                                       (Abstract deadline 16.3.90)
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May 1991
May 1-2       London       Education and training for the      Institute of Marine
                           maritime industries, forum          Engineers

May 2         London       Information technology for offshore IBC Technical
                           and gas development                 Services

May 6-8       Stavanger    Drilling conference                 BHR Group

May 6-9       Houston,     23rd Offshore Technology Conference Society of Petroleum
              TX                                               Engineers

May 7         Edinburgh    Aspects of Pollution control and riverInstitution of Water and
                           managment, evening meeting          Environmental Management

May 9         Aberdeen     Metocean data: the business case    SUT

May 9-10      London       Open systems for the petroleum industrySun Microsystems Ltd

May 13-14     London       Satellite developments in the       IBC Technical
                           offshore industry                   Services

May 14-15     London       Flow measurement in industry and    IBC Technical Services
                           science, conference                 (abstract deadline 28.9.90)

May 15-16     Edinburgh    Capital dredging conference         Institute of Civil

May 15-16     Oslo         6th European Gas Conference         Norwegian PetroleumSociety

May  17       Haslemere    Morrings and mooring design seminar Metocean Consultancy Ltd

May 20-21     London       Environmental issues in future      IBC Technical
                           offshore developments               Services

May 20-23     Florida      Intervention '91/ROV '91: 9th annualMarine Technology Society
                           subsea intervention conference and

May 21-23     Stavanger    Improved oil recovery, European symposium

May 21-24     Dunfermline  2nd Advances in Marine structures   Elsevier Seminars
                           international conference

May 22-25     La Rabida    The ocean change: management        University of Seville/
              Huelva,      patterns and the environment        International Geo-
              Spain                                            graphical Union

May 24        London       2nd Ship Conversion and Repair conferenceLorne & MacLean Marine

May 27-29     Nyborg,      Interaction between major engineeringIABSE
              Denmark      and the marine environment

May 27 -      Honolulu     Toward the Pacific Century:         Pacific Science
   Jun 3                   the challenge of change. 17th       Association
                           Pacific Science congress

May 29        London       UK oil and gas fields: the results of 25Geological Society
                           years of offshore exploration: the Northern

May 29-31     Anchorage    Arctic technology international     Society of Petroleum
                           symposium                           Engineers
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June 1991
Jun 4-6       Edmonton     Intercan '91: 7th Canadian offshore and
                           onshore petroleum exhibition and conference

Jun 5         London       Oilfield development in             SUT
                           environmentally sensitive areas

Jun 6         London       Gas monitoring, seminar             SIRA Communications

Jun 10-12     Dublin       Aquaculture Europe International:   Heighway Ltd
                           aquaculture and the environment,

Jun 12-14     Vancouver    14th Arctic and Marine Oilspill     Environment
                           Program (AMOP) technical seminar    Canada

Jun 13-14     Edinburgh    Thermal insulation of sub-sea       Dept Civil Eng.,
                           pipelines, seminar                  Heriot-Watt Univ.

Jun 18-20     St John's,   Offshore Newfoundland '91:          Atlantic Expositions Limited
              NF           7th onshore-offshore petroleum
                           exhibition and conference

Jun 19-21     Cannes,      Multiphase production conference    BHR Group

Jun 23-28     Stavanger    OMAE '91: 10th Offshore Mechanics   ASME
                           and Arctic Engineering conference

Jun 26 -      Nakhoda,     Biological resources of the ocean '91USSR Chamber of Commerce
   Jul 3      USSR                                             & Industry

Jun 27-29     London       4th Drilltech conference            OCS

Jun 28        Liverpool    Irish Sea planning issues, conferenceTown & Country Planning Association
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July 1991
Jul 1-4       Nantes       Le littoral, ses contraintes environmentalesUOF
                           et ses conflits d'utilization. colloque

Jul 2-3       London       North Sea oil and gas, conference   Financial Times

Jul 7-20      Aberdeen     12th Environmental Impact           Centre for Environmental
                           Assessment and management           Planning and Management

Jul 8-11      Berlin       18th World Gas Congress             DVGW

Jul 8-12      Oxford       Environmental management in the oil andCollege of Petroleum Studies
                           petrochemical industries

Jul 8-12      Long Beach,  7th Coastal Zone symposium on Coastal and
              California   Ocean Management

Jul 30 -      Darwin       Southeast Australia Offshore
   Ayg 2                   Conference
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September 1991
Aug 9-14      Trondheim    Aqua-Nor '91 conference and         Aqua-Nor

Aug 11-16     Edinburgh    ISOPE '91: 1st Offshore and Polar   Heriot-Watt University
                           Engineering Conference              Department of Mechanical
                                                               Engineering (paper abstract
                                                               deadline July 1990)

Aug 15-17     Washington,  Neural networks for ocean           IEEE
              D.C.         engineering, workshop

Aug 26-30     Stavanger    Environment northern seas conference andONS Foundation
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September 1991
Sep           Genoa,       Mediterranean Seas 2000, 5-day      UOG
              Italy        symposium

Sep 2         East KilbrideMulti-phase flow in pipeline systems,National Engineering
                           seminar                             Laboratory

Sep 3-5       Southampton  1st Water pollution (modelling, measuringComputational Mechanics
                           and prediction) conference          (paper abstract deadline

Sep 3-5       Kristiansund Petro '91

Sep 3-6       Aberdeen     Offshore Europe '91                 Spearhead Exhibitions

Sep 9-10      Manchester   Elastomers in oil recovery,         RAPRA Technology

Sep 11,       Aberdeen     Standardisation of ROV tooling      Society for Underwater
   evening                 interfaces                          Technology

Sep 11-12     Stavanger    Materials and Corrosion             NITO

Sep 12-15     Shanghai     IMAS '91: Marine structures         Shanghai Jiao Tong
              China        international symposium

Sep 16-20     Cambridge    European fluid mechanics symposiumEuromech

Sep 17-18     London       Flexible risers, umbilicals and marineBPP Technical Training

Sep 18-19     Sutton       Offshore safety and reliability,    Safety and Reliability
                           symposium                           Society

Sep 18-20     Reading      The records management perspective, Records Management
                           conference                          Society

Sep 18-20                  Norsk Oljevirksomhet - hva er       Norwegian Petroleum
                           det ?                               Society

Sep 19-27     Singapore    Singapore oil week

Sep 21-24     Dubai        MEMOSS '91: Middle East maritime andHilal Gulf Exhibitions
                           offshore services, exhibition

Sep 23-25     Cannes       9th Pipe protection international   BHR Group

Sep 23-25     Durham,      7th Unmanned untethered submersible University of New Hampshire
              New          technology symposium                (abstract deadline 1.2.91)

Sep 23-25     Singapore    7th Asia-Pacific petroleum conferenceTimes Conferences

Sep 24-25     London       3rd jack-up drilling platform: designCity University
                           construction and operation

Sep 24-26     London       Advanced offshore engineering       BPP Technical Training

Sep 24-27     Redhill      Helitech '91                        Offshore Conferences
                                                               and Exhibitions

Sep 24-27     Brest,       1st OSATES: Ocean space advanced    OSATES (paper abstract
              France       technologies European show: congressdeadline 1.12.90)
                           and exhibition

Sep 24-28     Cannes       1991 convention                     International Pipe Line and
                                                               Offshore Contractors Association

Sep 24-28     St John's    POAC '91: 11th Port and Ocean       Memorial University
              Canada       engineering under Arctic            of Newfoundland
                           Conditions, conference

Sep 29 -      London       AAPG International Conference       American Association of
   Oct 2                   and exhibition                      Petroleum Geologists

Sep 30 -      London       The offshore industry and the       IBC Technical
   Oct 1                   environemnt, conference             Services Ltd

Sep 30 -      Barcelona,   CMOE '91: 2nd computer modelling in Laboratori d'Enginyeria
   Oct 4      Spain        ocean engineering conference        Maritima
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October 1991
Oct           U.K.         Oil pollution, seminar              Legal Studies and

Oct 1-2       Oslo         Petroleum Tax, conference           N.P.S.

Oct 1-3       Honolulu     Oceans '91 conference               IEEE

Oct 2-5       St John's    3rd IASST Training for survival and Marine Institute (Synopsis
              Canada       rescue at sea conference            deadline 30.11.90)

Oct 3-4       Aberdeen     4th Drill-tech annual               Offshore Conference
                           conference                          Services

Oct 6-9       Dallas       Annual technical meeting and        Society of Petroleum
                           exhibition                          Engineers

Oct 7-11      Galveston    The Aquatic Environment:            IAMSLIC
              TX           Description, Management, Conservation:
                           17th Annual Conference

Oct 10-11     London       2nd Offshore Research & Development ConfIBC Technical

Oct 10-11     London       Safety in offshore operations       BPP Technical Training

Oct 14-18     Espoo,       Underwater technology: 15th         WEGEMT
              Finland      graduate school

Oct 15        Norwich      Advances in diving technology to 50mSUT

Oct 16-17     Bergen       Offshore Drift - og Vedlikehold     Norwegian Petroleum Society

Oct 16-18     Paris        European conference on artificial   Institut Francais
                           intelligence in petroleum explorationdu Petrole
                           and production

Oct 17-18     Monte        Floating production systems:        Offshore Conference
              Carlo        blueprints for the 90's:            Services
                           6th annual conference

Oct 20-25     Buenos Aires 13th World Petroleum Congress

Oct 22        London       Emerald project                     SUT and I. Mar. E.

Oct 22-23     Aberdeen     2nd Water management offshore       IBC Technical
                           conference                          Services Ltd

Oct 22-23     Aberdeen     Achieving maximum topside saftey throughIIR Ltd
                           design and modification

Oct 22-25     Amsterdam    Gas expo '91                        RAI

Oct 23        London       Oil pollution: claims, liability    Legal Studies and
                           environmental concerns, seminar     Services

Oct 23,       Aberdeen     Artificial intelligence for ROVs    Society for Underwater
   evening                                                     Technology

Oct 23-25     London       Polymers in a marine environment,   Institute of Marine
                           conference                          Engineers (paper synopsis
                                                               deadline 30.9.90)

Oct 28-29     Oslo         Okonomikonferanse                   Norwegian Petroleum Society

Oct 29 -      Edinburgh    10th offshore search and rescue,    Leith International Conferences
   Nov 1                   communications, marine and aviation (paper synopsis deadline
                           safety conference                   10.6.91)

Oct 30-31     London       4th Oil loss control conference:    Institute of
                           real and apparent losses...         Petroleum

Oct 31 -      Edinburgh    Thermal insulation of sub-sea pipelines,Dept. Civil Engineering,
   Nov 1                   seminar                             Heriot-Watt Univ
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November 1991
Nov           Varna,       HADMAR '91: Hydro- and aero-dynamicsBulgarian Ship
              Bulgaria     in marine engineering               Hydrodynamics Centre

Nov 4-6       Monaco       DOT VI: 6th Deep Offshore TechnologyDeep Offshore Technology
                           conference and exhibition

Nov 4-6       Bergen       2nd Petropiscis: fisheries and      Scanews
                           offshore petroleum exploitation

Nov 4-6       Kristiansand 5th Northern European Drilling      Norwegian Petroleum Society

Nov 5         London       Modern technology in pipelaying     I.Mech.E.

Nov 5-6       Kristiansand 5th Northern european Drilling conf N.P.S.

Nov 6-9       London       NAV 91: Satellite navigation        Royal Institute of

Nov 7-8       London       Total quality management in the     IBC Technical
                           offshore industry                   Services

Nov 10-14     The Hague    1st Health, safety and environment  SPE / KIVI
                           in oil and gas exploration and
                           production, international conference

Nov 10-14     New Orleans  MTS '91: An ocean co-operative:     Marine Technology
                           industry, government and academia,  Society

Nov 12,       London       Oil based mud: the future           Institution of Chemical
   evening                                                     Engineers

Nov 12-13     Aberdeen     2nd Minimum facilities offshore, conferenceIBC Technical Services

Nov 12-13     Oslo         Presseseminar                       Norwegian Petroleum Society

Nov 12-14     Aberdeen     Subtech '91: back to the future, jointSociety for Underwater
                           AODC/SUT conference                 Technology (paper abstract deadline

Nov 12-14     Montreal     14th Wastewater treatment           Environment Canada
                           international symposium

Nov 14        London       New developments in information     Institute of
                           technology for the energy industriesPetroleum

Nov 14-15     Trondheim    Naturgasskonferanse                 Norwegian Petroleum Society

Nov 18-       Honolulu,    Oceans '91

Nov 18-19     London       Offshore safety cases: preparation andIBC Technical

Nov 19-20     Stavanger    Advanced petroleum conference       ONS Foundation

Nov 19-22     Malta        Clean Seas '91                      Spearhead Exhibitions

Nov 23        London       Oil pollution: environmental and    Legal Studies and Services
                           commercial concerns

Nov 24-27     Melbourne    Offshore Austrialia oil and gas exhibition

Nov 26        London       Safety/Standby vessels: the new requirementsInstitute of Petroleum

Nov 26-27     Aberdeen     5th Offshore drilling technology    IBC Technical
                           conference                          Services Ltd
Nov 28-29     Aberdeen     Sour service symposium              Welding Institute
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December 1991
Dec 2-6       Auckland,    10th Australasian coastal and ocean Auckland University
              New Zealand  engineering conference

Dec 3-7       Shanghai,    Marintec China '91: 6th shipping,   Seatrade Far East,
              China        shipbuilding and offshore engineeringHong Kong
                           conference and exhibition

Dec 4,        Aberdeen     EPIC contracts                      Society for Underwater
   evening                                                     Technology

Dec 4-5       London       Subsea International '91 Conference Themedia Ltd

Dec 4-6       New          Offshore Pipeline '91: pipeline safety
              Orleans      workshop

Dec 9         London       Use of polymers in drilling and oilfieldPlastics and Rubber
                           fulids, seminar                     Institute

Dec 9-11      Stavanger    25 years of petroleum exploration   Norwegian Petroleum Society
                           and exploitation in Norway, conference

Dec 11-12     London       Multiphase operations offshore      IBC Technical Services

Dec 11-12     Marseille    ORIA '91: Telerobotics in hostile   IIRIAM (Abstract
                           environments: the major technical   deadline 14.9.71)
                           bottle necks, colloquium
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