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January 1992

Jan 13-15     Houston,      Underwater '92: annual symposium       Association of Diving
              TX                                                   Contactors

Jan 14-19     Bombay        Offshore and Energy '92: 6th offshore  Chemtech Foundation
                            oil, gas and energy conference and exhibition

Jan 15,       London        Geotechnics of marine anchors, meeting Offshore Engineering Society

Jan 16        London        Aim, objectives and acitivities of PSTIInstitite of Petroleum

Jan 19-22     Tripoli,      Mediterranean Petroleum Conference     International Energy
              Libya                                                Foundation (paper abstract
                                                                   deadline 31.7.91)

Jan 21        London        Computational fluid dynamics applied toInstitute of Marine Engineers and
                            topside design of offshore structures  RINA

Jan 22-25     Monteal       Polartech '92: development and commercialMcGill University
              Quebec        utilization of technologies in polar
                            regions, conference

Jan 23        London        Recent developments in Government policySociety for Underwater
                            in relation to health and safety in    Technology
                            diving, seminar

Jan 26-30     Houston       Energy Sources Technology Conference   ASME
              Texas         and Exhibition

Jan 27-29     Houston       Petro-safe '92: 3rd environmental and
                            safety conference

Jan 27-29     New Delhi     Emerging trends in offshore technology Engineers India Ltd
                            and safety, international seminar

Jan 27-31     New           Ocean Sciences meeting                 AGU

Jan 28-29     London        Energy in the 21st century, conference IBC Technical Services

Jan 28-29     London        The new realities in pipeline design,  IIR Ltd

                            construction and operation, conference

Jan 28-29     London        Opening up the Russian oil industry,   Royal Institute of
                            conference                             International Affairs

Jan 28-29     Aberdeen      Optimising topside maintenance,        Henry Stewart
                            conference                             Conference Studies

Jan 28-31     Malta         MOEX '92: 1st Mediterranean oil and gasSpearhead Exhibitions
                            exhibition and conference

Jan 29        London        Acquisitions Librarianship             Information for Energy Group

Jan 29        Aberdeen      Forum for discussion: the              Society for Underwater
                            Marine Technology Directorate and the  Technology
                            Scottish Subsea Technology Group

Jan 29,       London        Publishing and acquisitions - trends
15.00                       workshop for the 1990s.                IFEG

Jan 30        London        GIS applied to maritime and            Institution of
                            coastal engineering                    Civil Engineers

Jan 31        Aberdeen      Microbial enhancement of oil recovery, Oil Plus
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February 1992
Feb 4-7       San Diego     Produced water: international symposium

Feb 6         Aberdeen      Automation of remote subsea interventionSociety for
                            conference                             Underwater Technology

Feb 11        London        Crisis management for the maritime     Legal Studies and Services
                            industry conference

Feb 11-12     Aberdeen      Latest developments in safe escape,    IIR Ltd
                            evacuation and escape from offshore
                            installations, conference

Feb 12        London        Oil industry partnering conference     Spearhead Exhibitions

Feb 12        Aberdeen      European electric submersible pump     SPE

Feb 12-15     Orlando,      44th annual convention                 Pipeline Contractors'
              Florida                                              Association

Feb 13-14     Amsterdam     Offshore pipeline technology, conferenceIBC Technical Services

Feb 13-14     Stavanger     Seminar                                Forum for Petroleumsdokumentasjon

Feb 17-18     Ottawa        Canadian shipbuilding and offshore     CMIA

Feb 17-20     Houston,      Pipeline pigging and inspection,       Gulf Publishing
              Texas         1992 conference

Feb 17-21     New Orleans                                          Drilling conferenceIADC/SPE

Feb 18        London        Oil price information, seminar         Information for Energy Group

Feb 18        London        Gas pipelines BS8010 and risk          Pipeline Industries
                            assessment: a case study, lecture      Guild

Feb 18-20     Trondheim     Flexible pipe technology: recent researchNorwegian Institute
                            and development                        of Technology

Feb 19        London        High pressure / high temperature       Society for Underwater
                            subsea production systems              Technology

Feb 19        London        Subsea developments, lunchtime meeting Offshore Engineering Society

Feb 20        London        Doing business without paper: the      Institute of Petroleum
                            impact of Electronic Data Interchange
                            on the upstream and downstrean oil industry

Feb 20        London        Future new developments and techniques Institute of Petroleum,
                            for offshore activities                E & P Discussion Group

Feb 25-28     Baltimore     U.S. Hydrographic conference           NOAA

Feb 26-27     Lafayette,    Formation damage control               SPE

Feb 26-28     Santiago,     7th Deepwater and  marginal oilfield   Offshore Conference Services
              Spain         conference

Feb 27-28     London        Contractual default and risk           Legal Studies
                            limitation in offshore supply and      and Services
                            construction contracts, conference
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March 1992
Mar 1-6       New Delhi     14th Congress: Civilisation through civilInternational  Association for Bridge
                            engineering                            and Structural Engineering

Mar 4         London        The work experience of IFEG            Information for Energy Group

Mar 9-11      Kristiansand, Seismic processing and interpretation: Norwegian Petroleum
              Norway        the integrated approach, seminar       Society

Mar 9-11      Geilo,        3rd Oil Field Chemicals, international Norwegian Society of
              Norway        symposium: scales, corrosion, environmentChartered Engineers

Mar 10-13     Brighton      Oceanology International conference andSpearhead Exhibitions
                            exhibition                             Ltd

Mar 12,       London        Pros and cons of offshore              Institution of Mechanical
   evening                  methanol plant, discussion             Engineers

Mar 12-13     London        Achieving maximum topside safety       IIR Ltd
                            through design and modification,

Mar 19        London        Safety First - the offshore approach:  Fellowship of Engineering
                            lecture by H.W.D. Hughes, UKOOA        and MTD Ltd.

Mar 19        London        Impact of technical developments on safetyIBC Technical Services

Mar 19-20     London        Tidal power '92                        ICE

Mar 23-24     Aberdeen      Achieving total quality offshore,      IIR Ltd

Mar 23-25     Baltimore,    Cables and connectors

Mar 23-28     Beijing,      Petroleum equipment and technology
              China         international exhibition

Mar 24-26     Coventry      Pipeline systems, international conferenceBHR Group

Mar 24-26     Manchester    3rd Decommissioning and demolition     ICE

Mar 24-27     Beijing       Petroleum engineering conference

Mar 25-26     Bordeaux      Bordeaux aquaculture 1992: Production,
                            Environment, Quality

Mar 25-27     Monterey,     Position location and navigation

Mar 27        Aberdeen      Implications of residual chlorine      Oil Plus
                            in seawater injection systems, seminar

Mar 29 -      London        4th Petroleum geology of N.W. Europe   Conference Associates
   Apr 1                    conference                             (paper topic deadline 31.12.90)

Mar 30 -      Bergen        UTC '92: Underwater Technology         Norwegian Petroleum Society
   Apr 1                    Conference: Subsea production technology(Abstract deadline 15.9.91)

Mar 30 -      Bakersfield,  Western regional conference and exhibitionSPE
   Apr 1      California

Mar 31 -      Milan,        3rd Pipeline Rehabilitation, European  Pipeline Integrity
   Apr 1      Italy         and Middle Eastern Seminar             Management Ltd
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April 1992
Apr 1         London        Visit to Geological Society            Information for Energy Group

Apr 1-3       Aberdeen      Risk analysis for the offshore industryIBC Technical Services

Apr 1-3       Strasbourg,   Rational use of energy and the         Watt Committee on Energy
              France        environmental benefits

Apr 2-3       St John's,    Managing the environmental impact of   Fisheries and Oceans Canada,
              Nwfndlnd      offshore oil                           Science Branch

Apr 5-7       Washington,   Meeting                                National Ocean Industries
              D.C.                                                 Association

Apr 6-7       Aberdeen      Health and safety for the offshore     Health & Safety Executive /
                            oil and gas industries, conference     I.Chem.E.

Apr 6-8       Bergen        Petropisces II: 2nd international conferenceScanews
                            on fisheries and offshore petroleum

Apr 7-8       Aberdeen      Technical and economic challenges in coldCEMP
                            water marine aquaculture, conference

Apr 7-9       London        Sasmex '92: Safety at Sea and Marine   International Trade
                            Electronics conference                 Publications Ltd

Apr 7-10      Bombay        World dredging conference

Apr 8         Aberdeen      Clad engineering seminar               Nickel Development Institute

Apr 13        Aberdeen      Implications of the new safety case    Health & Safety Executive
                            regulations, conference

Apr 13-14     Oklahoma      Enhanced oil recovery symposium and    SPE/DOE

Apr 22        London        Underwater navigation, meeting         Royal Institute of Navigation

Apr 23-27     Hamburg       Maritime Europe: 21st annual conferenceMaritime Information Association

Apr 27-28     London        Welding and weld performance offshore, IBC Technical Services

Apr 27-29     Southampton   Coastal Engineering '92 conference     Wessex Institute of Technology

Apr 28-29     London        Optimising design and construction of  IIR Ltd Industrial
                            integrated flowline bundles

Apr 28-29     Milan         3rd European and Middle Eastern PipelinePipeline Integrity
              Italy         Rehabilitation Seminar                 Management (PIM)

Apr 29-30     London        Subsea control and data acquisition,   Society for Underwater
                            conference                             Technology
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May 1992
May 4-7       Houston,      24th Offshore Technology Conference    Society of Petroleum
              Texas                                                Engineers

May 4-8       Liege         24th Ocean Hydrodynamics colloquium    Liege University

May 7         Aberdeen      Oilfield chemicals, seminar            IBC Technical Services

May 11-13     Blackpool     Coastal management '92                 ICE

May 18-21     Hamburg       Remediation of oil spills, seminar     CONCAWE/DGMK

May 18-22     Newcastle     PRADS '92: 5th practical design of shipsNewcastle University
              upon Tyne     and mobile units, symposium

May 19        London        The international impact of marine     Institute of Marine
                            engineering offshore                   Engineers

May 19-20     Aberdeen      Offshore inspection and maintenance    IBC Technical Services

May 19-22     Quebec City   3rd Wave hindcasting and forecasting
              Canada        international workshop

May 20-21     London        Offshore safety: protection of life and theInstitute of Marine
                            environment                            Engineers

May 20-21     London        Developing cost-cutting strategies     IIR Ltd
                            for offshore production, conference

May 25-29     Budapest      Hydrocomp '92: interaction of          IAHR etc
                            computational methods ... in hydraulics,
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June 1992
Jun 1-3       Trondheim     Eurogas '92: European applied research
                            conference on natural gas

Jun 1-5       Delft         Marine safety and environment/ ship    Delft University of
                            production                             Technology

Jun 1-5       Paris         Meeting                                European Asociation of
                                                                   Exploration Geophysicists

Jun 1-5       Kona,         PACON '92

Jun 2         London        Marine growth of offshore structures,  Society for Underwater
                            seminar                                Technology / MTD

Jun 2         Aberdeen      The training of engineering personnel  Institution of
                            for the offshore industry, seminar     Mechanical Engineers

Jun 2-3       Newcastle     Use of composite materials offshore    IBC Technical Services

Jun 2-3       Washington,   AUV '92: Autonomous Underwater Vehicle IEEE
              D.C.          technology, symposium

Jun 2-4       The Hague     3rd Well Control Annula European       International Association of
                            Conference                             Drilling Contractors

Jun 3         London        Safety management systems for          IIR Ltd
                            the offshore industry, industrial briefing

Jun 3-4       Aberdeen      Subsea Europe '92 conference           Knighton Enterprises

Jun 7-11      Calgary       OMAE '92: 11th Offshore Mechanics and  ASME
              Alberta       Arctic Engineering international conference

Jun 8-9       Genoa,        Marine and offshore engineering symposiumAIOM

Jun 9-11      Maracaibo,    Latin American petroleum show          Spearhead Exhibitions

Jun 9-12      San Diego,    Intervention/ROV'92                    Marine Technology Society
              CA                                                   (Abstract deadline 15.11.91)

Jun 10-12     Edmonton,     15th AMOP: Arctic and Marine Oilspill  Environment Canada
              Alberta       Program technical seminar

Jun 14-19     San           ISOPE '92: 2nd Offshore and Polar      ISOPE-92
              Francisco     Engineering Conference                 (abstract deadline 1.8.91)

Jun 15-16     London        Satellite and marginal oilfield        Offshore Conference
                            development conference                 Services (papers invited)

Jun 15-17     New Orleans   1st Remote sensing for marine and      Environmental Research
                            coastal environments: needs and        Institute of
                            solutions for pollution monitoring,    Michigan
                            control and abatement: thematic conference

Jun 15 -      Rhode         2nd Coastal Management summer          University of Rhode
   Jul 10     Island        institute                              Island

Jun 16                      Offshore safety: the response          Institute of Petroleum
                            to Cullen, conference

Jun 16-17     Copenhagen    Environmental issues and the rational use ofDRI / McGraw-Hill
                            energy: energy  outlook conference

Jun 17-19     Delft         3rd Mathematics of Oil Recovery,       Delft University of
                            European conference                    Technology
Jun 22-23     London        8th Offshore oil and gas construction  IBC Legal Studies and
                            and supply contracts, conference       Services

Jun 22-26     Genoa,        Ocean management in global change

Jun 23        London        Offshore ropes: review of current      Society for Underwater
                            development                            Technology

Jun 23-24     London        Recent large scale fully instrumented pileInstitution of Civil
                            tests in clay, conference              Engineers and BP Engineering

Jun 23-25     St John's,    Offshore Newfoundland '92: 8th         Atlantic Expositions Ltd
              Canada        International Onshore and Offshore
                            Petroleum exhibition and conference

Jun 23-27     Bethesda      Meeting                                Undersea and Hyperbaric
              MD                                                   Medical Society

Jun 26        Aberdeen      Cost effective provision of TSR        IIR Ltd
                            (temporary safe refuge): industrial briefing

Jun 28 -      Aberdeen      13th Environmental Assessment and      CEMP
   Jul 11                   Management international seminar

Jun 30 -      London        UDT '92: Undersea Defence Technology   NUSC
   Jul 2                    conference and exhibition
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July 1992
Jul 5-8       Ana,          Spillcon '92                           Australian Maritime
              Australia                                            Authority

Jul 6-7       London        Biotechnology in the petroleum industry,Henry Stewart Conference
                            conference                             Studies

Jul 6-7       London        North Sea oil and gas conference       Financial Times

Jul 7-9       Genoa         3rd Congress on Marine and Offshore    AIOM

Jul 7-10      London        BOSS '92: International conference on  BPP Technical Services
                            Behaviour of Offshore Structures

Jul 10        Cardiff       Marine science: the management         Challenger Society

Jul 22-24     Houston,      5th Artificial Intelligence in Petroleum
              Texas         Exploration and Production, annual conference

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August 1992
Aug 2-7       Colorado      Multiphase flow, pumping and           Society of Petroleum
                            separation technology, forum           Engineers

Aug 2-10      Santa         7th Pan American coastal and ocean congress

Aug 3-6       Copenhagen    JONSMOD '92                            Polytechnic South West,
                                                                   Department of Maths & Stats.

Aug 11-13     Cambridge,    3rd Ice technology international conferenceWessex Institute of
              Mass.                                                Technology

Aug 11-15     Trondheim     Nor-Fishing '92: 14th International    Norwegian Trade Fair
                            fishing exhibition and seminars        Foundation

Aug 16-21     Brest &       14th Seaweed international symposium   Univ de Bretagne
              St Malo                                              Occidentale

Aug 16-21     Colorado      Completion of horizontal wells, forum  Society of Petroleum Engineers

Aug 25        Aberdeen      New breathing apparatus performance    Society for Underwater
                            standard for the diving industry       Technology

Aug 25-28     Stavanger     ONS '90: Offshore Northern Seas        ONS Foundation
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September 1992
Sep 2         Aberdeen      Ocean business day                     ECOR / SUT

Sep 2-3       Aberdeen      Offshore fire and smoke, seminar       SRD

Sep 2-4       Brest         Channel symposium / colloque manche    IFREMER

Sep 6-11      Oxford        Natural gas: the commercial challenges,Alphatania Partnership

Sep 7-11      Dublin        27th European marine biology symposium Trinity College Dept Zoology

Sep 7-12      Buesum,       Euro-coast 1992                        Buesum Research and
              Germany                                              Technology Centre

Sep 10        Aberdeen      Subsea valves, seminar                 Society for Underwater

Sep 14-17     Luxembourg    Underwater acoustics                   Commission of the European

Sep 14-17     Varna,        Black Sea '92: 2nd marine technology
              Bulgaria      conference and exhibition

Sep 14-17     Dubai         Middle East maritime and offshore      Hilal Gulf Exhibitions
                            services show

Sep 16,       Aberdeen      Upheaval buckling, meeting             Society for Underwater Technology

Sep 16-17     Manchester    Assessment and control of risks to     Safety and Reliability
                            the environment and to people          Society

Sep 19-24     Houston,      Oil and gas production and refining    NACE
              Texas         symposium

Sep 20-25     Madrid        Congress                               World Energy Council

Sep 21-22     Aberdeen      Successful quality mangement systems forIIR Industrial
                            offshore contractors and suppliers, conference

Sep 21-22     Rūros,        3rd Multiphase transportation conference:Norwegian Petroleum Society
              Norway        present application and future trends  (abstract deadline 1.2.92)

Sep 21-26     Taranto,      8th Marine Fouling and Corrosion
              Italy         international congress

Sep 22-23     London        Risk analysis & crisis management: the BPP Technical Services
                            interface, conference

Sep 22-24     London        Offshore site investigation and        Society for Underwater
                            foundation behaviour, conference       Technology

Sep 22-24     Brdford       2nd Hydraulic and environmental modelling ofBradford University
                            coastal, estuarine and river waters, conferenceDept Civil Enginering

Sep 22-25     Bermuda       26th annual convention                 International Pipe-line and Offshore
                                                                   Contractors' Association

Sep 23-24     London        Structural design against accidental   ERA Technology
                            loads - as part of the offshore safety case

Sep 23-25     Southampton   Hydrocyclones, conference              BHR Group

Sep 28 -      Amsterdam     Pipeline pigging and integrity         Scientific Surveys
   Oct 1                    monitoring conference

Sep 30        Middles-      Offshore applications of surface engineering,Surface Engineering
              brough        seminar                                Society

Sep 30 -      Aberdeen      Cost-effective topside maintenance,    IIR Industrial
   Oct 1                    conference

Sep 30 -      Aberdeen      Practicalities and realities of human  Business Seminars
   Oct 1                    human factors in offshore safety,      International

Sep 30 -      Stavanger     4th Reservoir management, conference   Norwegian Petroleum Society
   Oct 1

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October 1992
Oct 1         Dublin        Gas link Ireland/Scotland: why and how ?Institute of Petroleum

Oct 1         Dyce          Subsea standardisation seminar         Subsea Engineering News

Oct 1-2       London        Advances in reservoir technology, conferenceIBC Technical Services

Oct 4-7       Washington,   Annual meeting                         Society of Petroleum
              D.C.                                                 Engineers

Oct 4-9       Venice        23rd Coastal Engineering conference:   CNR-ISDGM
                            ICCE '92

Oct 5-8       Bremerhaven,  18th Annual conference: Aquatic        IAMSLIC
              Germany       information resources: tools of our trade

Oct 6         London        Energy project development: where      Overview Conferences
                            will the money come from?

Oct 6-7       Rotterdam     2nd Composites at sea conference and   European Pultrusion Technology
                            trade show                             Association

Oct 6-8       London        Interspill '92 conference              Xponent Ltd

Oct 7-8       Aberdeen      Advances in solving oilfield scaling   IBC Technical Services
                            problems, conference

Oct 8         Aberdeen      Use of acoustics in underwater positioningSociety for Underwater
                            and navigation, seminar                Technology

Oct 8         London        Exloration, appraisal and development farm-insLangham Oil Conferences

Oct 8-9       Oslo          7th Floating production systems:       Offshore Conference
                            blueprints for the 90s                 Services (papers invited)

Oct 12-16     St Petersburg Unconventional hydrocarbon accumulations:AAPG
              Russia        problems of exploration and production,
                            symposium and exhibition

Oct 13-15     Manchester    UK Corrosion '92 technical conference andInstitute of Corrosion

Oct 13-16     Aberdeen      IOCE '92: International Offshore       Spearhead Exhibitions
                            Contracting and Subsea Engineering     (abstract deadline 15.6.92)
                            (formerly IRM/ROV '92)

Oct 14-15     Bergen        Offshore operation and maintenance,    Norwegian Petroleum
                            conference                             Society

Oct 14-16     Athens        Natural gas policies and technologies, LDK Consultants
                            part 2: technologies:                  (abstract deadline 30.3.92)
                            European (THERMIE) conference

Oct 14-16     Rio de        Latin-American drilling congress       Instituto Brasiliero de
              Janeiro                                              Petroleo

Oct 14-19     Bombay,       Offshore & Energy '92: 6th oil, gas exploration
              India         and energy development conference and

Oct 15-16     Oslo          8th Offshore Information Conference:   FoP / Heriot-Watt University
                            Information and Innovation Management
                            for Industrial Development

Oct 18-22     Taos,         Invasion and permeability, conference  Society of Professional
              NM                                                   Well Log Analysts

Oct 18-23     Rio de        3rd Latin American Petroleum Congress  Brazilian Petroleum Institute

Oct 19-21     Washington,   Annual meeting: Global ocean partnershipMarine Technology Society

Oct 20        London        Business information services in the oilInformation for Energy Group
                            industry, conference

Oct 20-22     Manchester    Major hazards - onshore and offshore,  Institution of Chemical
                            conference                             Engineers

Oct 21-23     Lisbon        Offshore Iberica, Conference           Offshore Conference
                                                                   Services (papers invited)

Oct 21-23     Yokohama,     Techno-Ocean '92: 4th international    Japan International Marine
              Japan         symposium                              Science and Technology

Oct 22        London        Offshore supply vessels: regulatory,   Institute of Petroleum
                            commercial and operational issues

Oct 22        Ottawa        Ocean industries and Europe '92 workshopEAITC Canada

Oct 23-24     London        Polymers in the marine environment,    Institute of Marine
                            conference                             Engineers

Oct 26-29     Peebles       North Sea flow measurement workshop    National Engineering Laboratory

Oct 27-28     London        Materials and design against fire,     Institution of Mechanical
                            conference                             Engineers

Oct 27-29     Madrid,       CADMO '92: Computer aided design,      Wessex Institute of
              Spain         manufacture and operation in the marineTechnology
                            and offshore industries

Oct 27-30     Newport,      Oceans '92 conference                  IEEE

Oct 28,       Aberdeen      ROV safety, meeting                    Society for Underwater Technology

Oct 28        Stavanger     Aktuelle databaser for petroleumsindustrienNorwegian Petroleum Directorate

Oct 29        London        Oil and gas opportunities in the       IBC Technical Services
                            former Soviet Union

Oct 29-30     Oslo          Petroleum tax, conference              Norwegian Petroleum Society

Oct 29 -      Edinburgh     11th Offshore Search and Rescue        Leith International Conferences
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November 1992
Nov 1-5       Malta         Ocean governance: a model for global   International Ocean
                            governance in the 21st century:        Institute
                            Pacem in Maribus XX conference

Nov 2         London        Oracle software products for the explorationInformation for Energy Group
   evening                  and production industry

Nov 2         Aberdeen      North Sea at the crossroads, conferenceCBI Scotland

Nov 3-4       London        Oil pollution: claims, liability and   IBC Legal Studies and Services
                            environmental concerns, conference

Nov 3-4       Berlin        European autumn cas conference: coping Overview Conferences
                            with transition

Nov 3-5       Amsterdam     Holland Offshore '92 and Petrotech '92 RAI

Nov 3-5       Berlin        4th Oil and gas technology in a wider  Commission of the
                            Europe, symposium                      European Communities

Nov 3-6       Edinburgh     Offshore search and rescue, marine     Leith International
                            communications, marine and aviation    Conferences
                            safety, conference

Nov 3-6       Oslo          9th meeting                            North Sea Task Force

Nov 3-6       Lyon,         Pollutec '92: 8th water, air, noise, wasteSepfi-Technoexpro
              France        disposal ... technologies exhibition

Nov 5         London        Understanding the North Sea system     Royal Society

Nov 10-11     London        Marinflex '92: 1st Flexible pipes, umbilicalsBPP Technical Services
                            and marine cables European conference

Nov 11-12     London        Deadline 1993: will your safety managementIBC Technical Services
                            system be ready ?

Nov 12        London        Implications of biocide use within the Institute of Petroleum
                            petroleum industry

Nov 12        London        Seismic '92: resolving problems in seismicThemedia Ltd
                            data management and storage, conference

Nov 16-17     London        Offshore safety cases: theory and practice,IBC Technical Services

Nov 16-18     Cannes        EUROPEC '92                            SPE

Nov 18        London        Oil supply and price: scenarios for 1993Institute of Petroleum

Nov 18-20     Houston,      Injection well management and practices

Nov 23-25     Hamburg       Fish farm effluents and their control inInstitute for Marine Research
                            EC countries: environmental aspects,   University of Keele

Nov 24-25     London        Cost-effective corrosion protection of IIR Industrial
                            offshore pipelines, conference

Nov 24-25     Aberdeen      6th Offshore Drilling Technology       IBC Technical Services

Nov 24-25     Aberdeen      Optimum offshore safety, conference    IIR Industrial

Nov 25-27     London        Applying new technologies:             Petroleum Exploration
                            Annual conference and exhibition       Society of Britain

Nov 26        London        Life cycle analysis and eco-assessment Institute of Petroleum
                            in the oil industry

Nov 26-27     Edinburgh     Thermal insulation systems for offshorePSTI
                            pipelines: draft guidelines, seminar

Nov 30 -      Trondheim     3rd North Sea oil and gas reservoirs,  Norwegian Institute of
   Dec 2                    conference                             Technology (Abstract
                                                                   deadline 15.1.92)

Nov 30 -      London        2nd UK and European gas price, supply andIBC Financial Focus
   Dec 1                    demand: annual conference

Nov 30 -      Copenhagen    Hydro '92: 8th biennial international  Hydrographic Society
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December 1992
Dec 1         London        Standards of competance in practice:   Institute of Petroleum
                            developments in the petroleum and other industries

Dec 1         Aberdeen      Use of protective structures, seminar  Society for Underwater Technology

Dec 1-2       Aberdeen      3rd Minimum facilities for offshore oil andIBC Technical Services
                            gas production, conference
Dec 1-4       Singapore     8th Offshore South East Asia           Society of Petroleum Engineers
                            conference and exhibition              (abstract deadline 31.3.92)

Dec 2,        Aberdeen      Automatic dive data recorder, discussion forumSociety for Underwater Technology

Dec 2,        Aberdeen      API 17H standardisation interfacing forSociety for Underwater Technology
   evening                  ROV tooling, meeting

Dec 3,        London        An engineering view of future developmentsInstitute of Petroleum
   17.30                    in the North Sea, discussion group

Dec 3         Aberdeen      Protective structures, seminar         Society for Underwater Technology

Dec 7-11      San           Fall meeting                           American Geophysical Union
              Francisco     (abstract deadline 10.9.92)

Dec 8         Edinburgh     Pipe frezing techniques, lecture       Institute of Petroleum

Dec 8-9       London        Subsea '92 international conference:   Themedia Ltd
                            operations to new concepts             (abstract deadline 1.6.92)

Dec 8-10      Margaret      Physics of estuaries and coastal seas  Centre for Water Resources,
              River                                                Univ. Western Australia

Dec 9         Aberdeen      Use of protective structures, seminar  Society for Underwater Technology

Dec 10        London        Annual general meeting                 Information for Energy Group

Dec 10        London        Annual general meeting                 Society for Underwater Technology

Dec 10-11     London        7th Floating Production Systems        IBC Technical Services

Dec 10-11     London        Oil and gas economics in the North Sea,IIR Industrial

Dec 15        London        Preparation of an offshore safety case,Society for Underwater Technology
                            discussion forum

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