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January 1993

Jan 11-13     Dubai        1st Middle East petroleum and gas annualIBC (Asia) Conference

Jan 12        London       Subsea valves and fluids for high pressure andSUT
                           temperature applications, forum for discussion

Jan 17-19     Orlando,     Emerging dive technologies conferenceAquaCorps

Jan 18-21     New          Intervention/ROV 1993 conferenceMarine Technology Society

Jan 19-20     London       Not normally manned facilities      IIR

Jan 20        London       North Sea innovations and economics Institution of Civil Engineers

Jan 20-22     San          National technical meeting          Institute of Navigation

Jan 25        London       Complying with offshore health and safety:IBC Legal Studies & Services
                           meeting the new regulations

Jan 26-28     Houston      Petrosafe '93: Environmental, safety and
                           health for the oil, gas and
                           petrochemical industries

Jan 30,       Aberdeen     Active heave compensation ROVs and  Society for Underwater Technology
   evening                 small modules, forum for discussion

Jan 31 -      Houston,     Energy sources technology conference andAmerican Society of Mechanical
   Feb 3      Texas        offshore operations symposium       Engineers
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February 1993
Feb 1         London       European Documentation Centre, visitInformation for Energy Group

Feb 1-2       Stavanger    Advances and applications for exploration andNorwegian Petroleum Society
                           production in NW Europe, conference
Feb 1-2       Haugesund    GTS '93: 3rd Gas transport symposiumNorwegian Petroleum Society

Feb 1-3       Stavanger    Sequence stratigraphy: advances and Norwegian Petroleum
                           applications for exploration and productionSociety (abstract
                           in North-West Europe, geology conferencedeadline 31.5.92)

Feb 1-4       Houston,     Pipeline pigging and integrity monitoring,Pipes and Pipelines
              Texas        conference                          International / Gulf Publishing

Feb 3         London       New geoscience technology in the marketPSTI for Offshore Supplies Office
                           place: hydrocarbon exploration and evaluation,

Feb 4-5       Stavanger    Jurassic core workshops             Norwegian Petroleum Society

Feb 8-10      Singapore    1st Asia Pacific oil and gas conferenceSPE

Feb 8-11      Tapei,       Enprotech '93: 3rd environmental control andATTC
              Taiwan       protection technology exhibition

Feb 8-11      Sydney,      Case studies in pollution control: CoastalWater Board Sydney
              Australia    Zone Management Workshop '93

Feb 9-10      London       Document image processing in the oil andIIR
                           gas industry, conference

Feb 10-11     Aberdeen     Emergency planning & response - offshoreLangham Oil Conferences
                           operations, conference

Feb 11        London       Carriage of Goods by Sea Act 1992: theIBC Legal Studies and Services
                           practical and legal implications, conference

Feb 11-12     London       The Russian oil industry: foreign investmentRoyal Institute of International
                           opportunities: 2nd Annual Russian OilAffairs

Feb 15-16     Ottawa       45th annual technical conference    Canadian Maritime Industries

Feb 16        London       Oil price information seminar       Information for Energy Group

Feb 16        London       Environmental management systems,   Institute of Petroleum
   evening                 discussion meeting

Feb 16-17     Aberdeen     2nd Topside maintenance, annual     Henry Stewart Conference
                           conference                          Studies

Feb 16-19     Paris        Gastech '93: 15th LNG/LPG           Gastech Ltd

Feb 17-18     London       Installation of major offshore structuresInstitute of Marine
                           and equipment, conference           Engineers
                                                               (synopsis deadline 30.4.92)

Feb 18        London       Cost cutting for North Sea survival,Institute of Petroleum
Feb 18-19     Amsterdam    16th Offshore Pipeline Technology, annualIBC Technical Services

Feb 22-25     Amsterdam    SPE/IADC Annual Drilling Conference Society of Petroleum Engineers
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March 1993
Mar 2-5       New          Oilfield chemistry, international   Society of Petroleum Engineers
              Orleans      symposium

Mar 3         Aberdeen     Intelligent pigs, discussion forum  Society for Underwater Technology

Mar 3-5       Aberdeen     4th offshore loss prevention conferenceBHR Group Ltd
                                                               (synopsis deadline 27.4.92)

Mar 4-5       London       Developments in production separationIBC Technical Services
                           systems, conference

Mar 7-10      San Antonio  SPE/EPA Exploration and production  Society of Petroleum Engineers
                           environmental conference

Mar 8-10      Haugesund    Norwegian underwater symposium      Norwegian Petroleum Society

Mar 8-12      Lbeck-      European Community Wind Energy      WIP-Munich
              Travemnde   conference and exhibition

Mar 9-10      London       Oil and gas distribution in the former SovietBusiness Seminars International
                           Union: pipeline transmission systems,for the Adam Smith Institute
                           international conference

Mar 11        Aberdeen     Advances in underwater welding      Society for Underwater Technology
                           technology, seminar

Mar 11-13     Ravenna      OMC '93: Offshore Mediterranean ConferenceForum Soc coop a rl

Mar 15-17     Fort         20th Undersea Cables and Connectors Marine Technology Society
              Pierce, FL   annual workshop

Mar 16-19     The Hague    10th meeting                        North Sea Task Force

Mar 17        London       Horizontal wells and the use of electricalSociety for Underwater Technology
                           pumps in subsea wells, discussion forum

Mar 18        London       Command training for OIMs, discussionInstitute of Petroleum

Mar 19-22     Cobham,      Marine disaster management          Euromoney Publications

Mar 21-23     Oklahoma     Production operations symposium     Society of Petroleum Engineers

Mar 21-26     Velbert      Natural Gas: the Commercial Challenges,Alphatania Group
              Germany      seminar

Mar 22        London       Transportation of hazardous cargoes by seaIBC Legal Studies & Services

Mar 24        St Andrews   6th Scottish fluid mechanics meetingSt Andrews University

Mar 24        London       The oil UK industry in the 1990s: key legalInstitute of Petroleum
                           and commercial issues

Mar 28-31     Lisbon       Ecotoxicology and environmental chemistry:Coimbra University
                           a global perspective: 1st SETAC worldDept. Zoology

Mar 29-30     London       Offshore water and environment management,Business Seminars International Ltd
                           1993 European seminar

Mar 29 -      Tampa,       13th Oilspill conference: prevention,American Petroleum Institute
   Apr 1      Florida      behavior, control, cleanup          (abstract deadline 15.5.92)

Mar 29 -      Amsterdam    DSNS '93: 2nd Differential SatelliteRAI
   Apr 2                   Navigation Systems, symposium

Mar 31        London       Annual dinner                       Offshore Engineering Society

Mar 31 -      Brighton     IMDEX '93: International Maritime DefenceSpearhead Exhibitions
   Apr 2                   conference and exhibition
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April 1993
Apr 1         London       Competigas '93: competing for gas marketsOverview Conferences

Apr 1-2       Aberdeen     Offshore safety cases, conference   HSE Offshore Safety Division

Apr 1-2       London       Restructuring the energy industries ofDRI / McGraw Hill
                           Eastern Europe and the former Soviet
                           republics, conference

Apr 6-8       Miami        SASMEX '93: Safety at Sea and MarineInternational Trade Publications
                           Electronics, Exhibition and Conference

April 7       Aberdeen     Developments in underwater acoustics, seminarSociety for Underwater Technology

April 7-9     Miami        5th safety, annual seminar          U.S. Marine Safety Association

Apr 13-16     Seattle      3rd Scientific meeting              Oceanography Society

Apr 14        Aberdeen     Appraisal of marine growth on offshoreSUT and MTD
                           structures, seminar

Apr 14        London       Multiphase meters and their subsea  Knighton Enterprises
                           applications, seminar

Apr 14-16     Bath         Acoustic classification and mapping Bath University and
                           of the seadbed, conference          Institute of Acoustics

Apr 18-21     Oslo         4th Oil Field Chemicals symposium   Norwegian Society of Chartered
                                                               Engineers / I.Chem.E.

Apr 20-22     Edinburgh    Envirotech conference and exhibition

Apr 20-23     Moscow       NEFTEGAZ '93: International oil and gasInternational Trade and Exhibitions

Apr 21        Aberdeen     Diverless tie-in technology, update meetingSociety for UT

Apr 22-23     Amsterdam    Quality, offshore exploration and the ECOffshore Conference Services
                           Single Market from 1993

Apr 24-27     Abu Dhabi    4th Pipeline Rehabilitation, European andPipeline Integrity Management
                           Middle Eastern seminar

Apr 26-27     London       Frontier exploration: a window of   Petroleum Economist
                           opportunity for the oil and gas industry,

Apr 26-29     Singapore    Pipeline pigging and integrity monitoring,Pipes and Pipelines
                           conference                          International

Apr 27        London       Current tax issues: the UK North SeaInstitute of Petroleum

Apr 27 -      Jakarta      Marine Indonesia '93                Overseas Exhibition Services
   May 3

Apr 28-29     London       Subsea International '93 conference Society for Underwater

Apr 29        Aberdeen     Managing safety: offshore installationRobert Gordon's University
                           management conference

Apr 29-30     London       Putting your vessel response plans intoIIR Industrial
                           practice, conference
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May 1993
May 3-6       Houston,     25th Offshore Technology Conference Society of Petroleum
              Texas                                            Engineers

May 3-7       LiŠge        25th Ocean Hydrodynamics, colloquiumLiŠge University

May 4-6       Aberdeen     Risk assessment for safety cases, workshopIBC Technical Services

May 4-8       Vancouver    Canadian Coastal Conference         Canadian Costal Sciences and
                                                               Engineering Association

May 5-8       Portsmouth   Maritime Portsmouth: 22nd Annual ConferenceMaritime Information Association

May 9-11      Bath         Hydrocarbon Habitat in Rift Basins conferenceGeological Society Petroleum Group

May 10-11     Bergen,      The oil industry: coping with tighterNorwegian Petroleum Society
              Norway       constraints: 14th Bergen Conference on
                           Oil and Economics

May 11        London       Opportunities for offshore product and serviceLondon Chamber of
                           suppliers in Far East oil and gas market ...Commerce & Industry

May 11-12     Tunis        Mediterranean [gas] markets conferenceOverview Conferences

May 11-13     Laurel, MD   Submarine Technology Symposium '93  Johns Hopkins University

May 13        Aberdeen     Environmental aspects of the North WestNERC

May 14-15     Duisburg     14th Duisburg Marine/Ocean TechnologyDuisburg University

May 17-18     London       The North Sea towards 2000, conferenceCBI Conferences

May 17-19     The Hague    5th Fluid machinery for the oil, petrochemicalInstitution of Mechanical
                           and related industries, European congressEngineers

May 18        London       Application of horizontal wells in oil and gasInstitute of Petroleum

May 19        Rotterdam    North Sea futures: 4th North Sea seminarStichting Werkgroep Noordzee

May 19        London       Improving oil industry cost competitivenessInstitute of Petroleum
                           through the logistics chain

May 19-21     Maidenhead   Economic modelling on PCs for the oil andLangham Oil Conferences
                           gas industry

May 20        Aberdeen     Monitoring and control for maximum benefitInstitute of Measurement and
                           from North Sea oil and gas assets   Control

May 20-21     London       Contracts, claims and disputes in the offshoreIBC Legal Studies and Services
                           supply and construction industry, conference

May 20-21     London       Total Quality Management Offshore '93Offshore Conference
                           conference                          Services

May 24        London       Petroleum legislation development in theEuromoney Publications
                           Russian Federation, workshop

May 25        London       Tax and other structural considerationsEuromoney Publications
                           impacting investment in Russia, workshop

May 24-25     Aberdeen     Optimum offshore maintenance, conferenceIIR Ltd

May 25        London       4th Mike Adye Lecture (by Sir GordonMTD

May 25-26     London       Safe design and fabrication of offshoreIBC Technical Services
                           structures, conference
May 25-26     London       Tensioned buoyant platforms: analysis, designBPP Technical Services
                           and field experience, seminar

May 25-26     Coventry     Update '93: Preparedness not crisis
                           management, environmental issues, conference

May 25-26     Tunis        Mediterranean gas markets, 2nd annualOverview Conferences

May 26-27     Aberdeen     Optimum North Sea drilling strategies,IIR Ltd

May 26-27                  Composites for marine and waterfronts,European Pultrusion
                           conference                          Technology Association

May 26-28     Torremol-    World Aquaculture '93 conference & tradeEuropean Aquaculture Society
              inos, Spain  show
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June 1993
Jun 2-4       Paris        4th European Well Control ConferenceIADC

Jun 3-4       London       Vietnam: business opportunities in the oil andIBC Technical Services

Jun 6-11      Singapore    3rd Offshore and Polar Engineering  ISOPE-93
                           Conference                          (abstract deadline 1.8.92)

Jun 7-8       London       North Sea oil and gas conference    Financial Times Conferences

Jun 7-9       Sandefjord   Engineering solutions to industrial corrosionNational Association of
              Norway       problems, conference                of Corrosion Engineers

Jun 7-9       Calgary,     16th AMOP (Arctic and Marine OilspillEnvironment Canada
                           Program) technical seminar          (abstract deadline 1.2.93)

Jun 7-9       St John's    NOIA Conference '93                 Newfoundland Ocean Industries Assoc.

Jun 7-11      Stavanger    Stavanger '93                       European Association of
                                                               Exploration Geophysicists

Jun 8         London       Current developments in North Sea drillingInstitute of Petroleum
                           operations, conference

Jun 8-9       Aberdeen     Response to incidents offshore,     IBC Technical Services

Jun 8-10      St John's    Offshore Nefoundland '93: 9th onshore-Atlantic Expositions Ltd
                           offshore petroleum conference and exhibition

Jun 8-11      Oslo         Nor-Shipping '93, 14th shipping and maritimeNorwegian Trade Fair
                           offshore conference and exhibition  Foundation

Jun 8-11      Bangkok,     ASCOPE '93: 5th ASEAN Council on
              Thailand     Petroleum  oil and gas conference

Jun 9-11      Manchester   Pipelines, risk assessment and the  Scientific Surveys
                           environment, conference

Jun 10-11     Versailles   Offshore oil and gas taxation, financing andLangham Oil Conferences
                           economics, conference

Jun 14-18     Beijing      PACON '93 conference

Jun 15-17     Cannes       Undersea Defence Technology conferenceReed Exhibitions

Jun 15-17     New          Remote sensing for marine coastal   ERIM
              Orleans      environments

Jun 16-18     Cannes       Multiphase production, 6th conferenceBHR Group

Jun 17-18     Glasgow      5th Integrity of Offshore StructuresGlasgow University
                           symposium                           Dept Naval Arch & Ocean Eng

Jun 17-18     Paris        Oil markets: strategies for coping with newDRI Europe
                           challenges, conference

Jun 20-24     Glasgow      12th Offshore Mechanics and Arctic  The Welding Institute and ASME
                           Engineering conference: OMAE '93

Jun 21-25     Oslo         Polar Oceans, Nansen Centennial Symposium

Jun 22-23     Aberdeen     Environmental awareness for managersRobert Gordon University
                           in the offshore industry

Jun 22-24     Portsmouth   European workboat show              National Boat Shows

Jun 23-24     London       Pipeline management '93: 3rd symposiumInstitution of Water and
                           and exhibition for the pipeline industriesEnvironmental Management
                                                               (abstract deadline 30.4.92)

Jun 23-24     Aberdeen     Preventing oil discharge from drillingIBC Technical Services
                           operations: the options, conference

Jun 24-25     Oslo         Safety at Sea: 2nd international summitNorwegian Petroleum Society

Jun 26 -      St John's,   4th Canadian Marine Geotechnical    C-CORE, Memorial
   Jul 1      Nwfndlnd     Conference                          University of Newfoundland
                                                               (abstract deadline 20.8.92)

Jun 27 -      Aberdeen     13th Environmental Assessment and   CEMP
   Jul 10                  Management international seminar

Jun 28        London       Oil and gas field service and supply in theEuromoney Publications
                           Former Soviet Union, executive briefing

Jun 28-29     Aberdeen     Not normally manned facilities, conferenceIIR Ltd

Jun 28-30     Washington,  AUVS '93: 20th autonomous underwater
              D.C.         vehicles symposium

Jun 28-30     Calgary      Gas technology symposium            Society of Petroleum Engineers
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July 1993
Jul 5-6       London       Partnering and closer working relationships,IIR Ltd

Jul 7-8       London       3rd Maritime communications and control,Institute of Marine Engineers
                           conference                          (synopsis deadline 1.7.92)

Jul 7-8       Aberdeen     Cost cutting in offshore developments,IIR Industrial Ltd

Jul 7-11      Nova         Meeting                             Undersea and Hyperbaric
              Scotia                                           Medical Society

Jul 9         London       Environmental risk assessment, seminarIBC Technical Services

Jul 12-16     London       Advanced management seminar         World Petroleum Congress

Jul 13-16     Seoul,       27th Law of the Sea annual conference:Hawaii University School of Law
              Korea        The role of the oceans in the 21st century

Jul 14        Aberdeen     Spool trees v conventional trees, meetingSociety for Underwater Technology

14-16         Amsterdam    5th Horizontal Well Technology conferenceGulf Publishing

Jul 19-23     New          8th Coastal and ocean management    Coastal Zone '93
              Orleans      symposium                           (Abstract deadline 26.6.92)
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August 1993
1993 Aug 3-5Darwin, AustraliaSEAAOC '93: 2nd South East Asia Australia Offshore ConferenceNorthern Territory Department of Mines and Energy
Aug 9-11      Vancouver    2nd Canadian Marine Dynamics conferenceBritish Columbia University
1993 Aug 9-13Innsbruck6th Structural Safety and Reliability international conferenceICOSSAR
Aug 17-20     Hamburg      POAC '93: 12th Port and Ocean
                           engineering under Arctic Conditions,
1993 Aug 18 18.30AberdeenRig automated drilling in action: site visitOffshore Engineering Society
Aug 24-27     Stavanger    ENS '93: Environment Northern Seas  ENS Secretariat
1993 Aug 25-26Nottingham5th Tubular Structures international symposiumNottingham University
Aug 26-27     Muroran,     Ocean energy developments for overcomingMuroran Institute
              Japan        energy and environmental crises, symposium

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September 1993
1993 Sep 2-3LondonMaritime helicopter conferenceShephard Conferences
1993 Sep 7-8LondonApplied environmental management, seminarBPP Technical Services
1993 Sep 7-10Saint John, New BrunswickThe practical approach to hazardous substances accidents, conferenceMajor Industrial Accidents Council of Canada
Sep 7-10      Aberdeen     Offshore Europe '93: Managing Change in aSpearhead Exhibitions and SPE
                           New Era, conference and exhibition
1993 Sep 8-9BremenMariglobe '93: Maritime technology faces global change, Internationaler KongressK.P.S. Messe- und Ausstellungs GmbH
Sep 8-10      Chicago      3rd Estuarine and Coastal Modelling
1993 Sep 13-15SouthamptonImpact of new technologies on the marine industries, international conferenceSouthampton Institute of Higher Education, Maritime Research Group
Sep 14        London       Subsea umbilicals, meeting          Society for Underwater
   evening                                                     Technology

Sep 14-18     St           NEVA '93: 3rd Shipping conference,  Wessex Institute of Technology
              Petersburg   including seminars on offshore energy,
                           safety at sea, submersibles, etc

Sep 14-19     New York     Centennial Annual meeting and maritime exhibSNAME

Sep 15        Aberdeen     Subsea operating envelopes, meeting Society for Underwater
   evening                                                     Technology
1993 Sep 15-16London Decommissioning and removal of offshore structures, conferenceIBC Technical Services
Sep 15-18     Houston,     Pipeline risk assessment, rehabilitation andPipes and Pipelines
              Texas        repair, conference                  International
1993 Sep 16 eveningLondonKvaerner subsea booster stationInstitution of Mechanical Engineers
Sep 19-21     Cambridge    ITC '94: 4th Ice Technology conferenceWessex Institute of Technology
1993 Sep 19-21HoustonAnnual meetingIADC
1993 Sep 19-24AustriaTrends in subsea production systems, informal discussion meetingSociety of Petroleum Engineers
Sep 19-24     Houston      International Corrosion Congress    SPE / NACE
1993 Sep 20-22Aberdeen2nd European Conference for Artificial Intelligence in the Petroleum IndustryPSTI
Sep 20-24     Oxford       Natural gas: the commercial challenges,Alphatania Partnership

Sep 20-24     Nantes,      Numerical simulation of offshore andWEGEMT
              France       hydrodynamic structures: 19th school
1993 Sep 20-24St Petersburg, Russia1st Exploitation of the Russian Arctic Offshore, international conferenceSt Petersburg State Technical University
Sep 21-22     London       4th Jack-up Platform International ConferenceCity University
1993 Sep 22 18.30AberdeenHigh temperature high pressure condensate field developmentsOffshore Engineering Society
Sep 22-23     London       Safe design and fabrication of offshoreIBC Technical Services

Sep 22-24     Long Beach,  MTS '93: Technology Requirements in theMarine Technology Society
              California   Nineties
1993 Sep 23LondonJack- up site assessment procedures: establishment of an international recommended practice, seminarCity University
1993 Sep 23-24AberdeenPractical application of total quality management in offshore companiesIIR Industrial Conferences
1993 Sep 25-28New OrleansAnnual technical conferenceSociety of Petroleum Engineers
Sep 26-30     Washington   Annual meeting                      Society of Exploration
              D.C.                                             Geophysicists

Sep 26 -      St John's    MARSIM '93 Marine simulation and shipMemorial University of
   Oct 2      Canada       manoeuvrability international conferenceNewfoundland

Sep 27-29     Durham,      8th Unmanned untethered submersible University of New Hampshire
              NH           technology, international symposium (abstract deadline 1.2.93)

Sep 28        London       North Sea fields update             Geological Society Petroleum

Sep 28 -      Redhill      Helitech '93 exhibition             Spearhead Exhibitions
   Oct 1
1993 Sep 29AberdeenDiverlesss operations: installation, construction and intervention, seminarKnighton Enterprises
1993 Sep 29Risley1993 TAGSI Symposium: Risk based assessment of structural failureAEA and MTD
1993 Sep 29-30AberdeenHuman factors in emergency response, seminarBusiness Seminars International
1993 Sep 29 - Oct 1HamburgICMES '93: Marine system design and operation symposiumInstitute of Marine Engineers
1993 Sep 30 - Oct 1CambridgeLife assessment of industrial components and structures, conferenceERA Technology

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October 1993

Oct 3-6       Houston      Annual technical conference and exhibitionSociety of Petroleum Engineers

Oct 4         Reading      Calibration of hydrographic instrumentation,Hydrographic Society

Oct 4-5       Aberdeen     Partnering strategies, conference andIBC Technical Services
1993 Oct 4-6OxfordBasin inversion, international conferenceGraham Jones Consultancy
1993 Oct 4-7LagosWACA '93: West and Central Africa Oil and Gas Expo
Oct 4-8       Beijing      2nd Ocean Pollution international conferenceFlorida Institute of Technology

Oct 6         Aberdeen     Subsea support vessels for the 1990s, seminarSociety for Underwater

Oct 6-7       Aberdeen     3rd Water management offshore conferenceIBC Technical Services

Oct 6-8       San          OSPRE '93: oil spill prevention and response
              Francisco    expo

Oct 7         London       Copyright and the energy informationInformation for Energy Group
   evening                 practitioner, meeting
1993 Oct 8MarseilleWorld Med '93 Colloque RobotiqueGroupe Ecole Sup‚rieure d'Ing‚nieurs de Marseille
1993 Oct 11-13Kristiansand6th Northern European Drilling ConferenceNorwegian Petroleum Society
1993 Oct 11-12LondonOpportunities for trade and investment in the Russian and CIS gas industry, 2nd annual conferenceRoyal Institute of International Affairs
Oct 11-14     Victoria,    Offshore Engineering Society annual meetingIEEE
1993 Oct 11-15Washing-ton, D.C.19th Annual Conference: Preserving the Past, Looking to the FutureInternational Association of Aquatic and Marine Science Libraries and Information Centres
1993 Oct 12-15ParisPollutec '93: pollution control conferencePromosalons
1993 Oct 13LondonOffshore welded construction, technical group meetingThe Welding Institute
Oct 13        Aberdeen     Limitations on satellite development, meetingSociety for Underwater
   evening                                                     Technology

Oct 13-14     Manchester   Engineers and risk issues: annual conferenceSafety and Reliability Society
1993 Oct 14-16Ho Chi Minh CityPetroVietnam oil and gas exhibition
Oct 16-17     Bristol      Underwater Science Group Symposium  Society for Underwater

Oct 18        London       Developments in composites and otherSociety for Underwater
                           materials for offshore use, seminar Technology

Oct 18-21     Victoria,    Oceans '93: Engineering in Harmony with theVictoria University
              B.C.         Ocean
1993 Oct 18-19London6th UKCS Oil and Gas Taxation ConferenceLangham Oil Conferences
1993 Oct 19-21LondonUK Corrosion '93 conferenceIBC Technical Services

Oct 19-22     Pusan,       Kormarine '93 conference            Marine Technology Society
1993 Oct 20-21Brest, FranceTECHNOMER '93: 4th international business convention on science and techniques of the seaTechnomer
1993 Oct 21, 17.30LondonThe current status of horizontal drilling and `horizontal' subsea trees, forum for discussionSociety for Underwater Technology and the Offshore Engineering Society
1993 Oct 26-28Bergen11th North Sea Flow Measurement workshopNorwegian Society of Civil Engineers
1993 Oct 26-28Houston1st Composite Materials for Offshore Operations, international workshopHouston University
1993 Oct 28London Risk 2000: Applying Consistency and Quality into Risk technology Offshore and OnshoreIBC Technical Services and DnV Technica
1993 Oct 28-29AberdeenThe practicalities of cost effective marginal field developmentIIR Industrial
1993 Oct 28-29Stavanger8th Floating production systems: blueprints for the '90s, conferenceOffshore Conference Services

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November 1993
1993 NovAberdeenEnvironmental aspects of the North West ApproachesNatural Environmental Research Council
1993 Nov 1-2LondonAdvances in Reservoir TechnologyIBC Technical Services
1993 Nov 1-2OsloPetroleum tax conferenceNorwegian Petroleum Society
1993 Nov 1-4Edinburgh12th Offshore Search & Rescue, Marine & Aviation Safety and Communications ConferenceLeith International Conferences
1993 Nov 2LondonProcess fugitive emissions, seminarIBC Technical Services
1993 Nov 2 17.30LondonDiesel engine research for underwater applicationsInstitute of Marine Engineers
1993 Nov 2-3LondonOil and gas agreements, conferenceLangham Oil Conferences

Nov 2-4       London       Nav '93: practical navigation: the applicationRoyal Institute of Navigation
                           advanced systems, conference

Nov 2-4       Aberdeen     Subtech '93: A Subsea Partnership,  SUT/AODC
                           conference and exhibition           (abstractdeadline 22.1.93)
1993 Nov 2-6BangkokASCOPE '93: 5th conference and exhibitionAsean Council on Petroleum
1993 Nov 3LondonExploitation - or responsible use - of the oceans ? Lecture by Sir Anthony LaughtonRoyal Society
1993 Nov 3LondonOffshore Welded Construction Technical Group meetingThe Welding Institute
1993 Nov 3-4London2nd Offshore Structural Design Against Extreme Loads, conference and exhibitionERA Technology
Nov 3-4       Brussels     '93 Europe Autumn Gas conference    Overview Conferences
1993 Nov 4-5London6th Oil pollution - claims, liability and environmental concerns, annual conferenceIBC Legal Studies and Services
1993 Nov 4-5New OrleansOffshore applications of dynamic pile measurements and analysis
Nov 7-9       Estes Park,  24th Underwater Mining annual instituteHawaii University

Nov 8-10      Monte Carlo  7th Deep Offshore Technology conferenceDOT

Nov 9-11      Valetta,     Clean Seas '93, conference and exhibitionSpearhead Exhibitions
1993 Nov 9-11Houston, Texas5th Horizontal Well Technology conferenceGulf Publishing
1993 Nov 10LondonBest practices in Improved Oil RecoveryIBC Technical Services and DTI
1993 Nov 10-11LondonExploration software '93, conference and exhibitionThemedia
Nov 10-12     Amsterdam    Pipe protection conference          BHR Group
1993 Nov 11LondonSafety management of ships and marine vehicles, workshopRoyal Institution of Baval Architects
1993 Nov 11, 17.30LondonTroll olje concrete platformOffshore Engineering Society
1993 Nov 14-18Hilton Head, South CarolinaScience and management of estuarine coastal systems
1993 Nov 17 12.30AberdeenUK Energy policyOffshore Engineering Society
1993 Nov 17-18Aberdeen7th Offshore Drilling Technology, annual conferenceIBC Technical Services
1993 Nov 17-18HoustonWell control conference of the AmericasIADC
Nov 18        Edinburgh    3D seismic surveying, seminar       Society for Underwater

Nov 18        London       The information centre of the 1990s: changes,Information for Energy Group
                           challenges and choices, conference
1993 Nov 18-19AmsterdamDredging daysCEDA Secretariat
Nov 18-20     Singapore    Maritime technology challenges in safety and
                           environmental protection
1993 Nov 23, 16.30EdinburghOil exploration: prospects for the upstream oil industry: lecture by Dr C. Gibson-Smith (BP Exploration)Heriot-Watt University
Nov 23-26     Melbourne    Offshore Australia '93: 2nd oil, gas andAustralian Exhibition Services
                           petrochemical exhibition and conference
1993 Nov 24LondonIntroduction to international offshore pil and gas subsea engineering, seminarInstitution of Mechanical Engineers
Nov 24-25     London       API-LRFD: its present r“le in offshore safetySociety for Underwater
                           cases, conference                   Technology
1993 Nov 25-26AberdeenThe practicalities of benchmarking for continuous improvement in the oil and gas industry, conferenceIIR Industrial Conferences
1993 Nov 29-30LondonBusiness process restructuring: realignment of responsibilities in business processes within the offshore industriesIBC Technical Services
1993 Nov 29-30LondonTowed pipeline design and engineeringBPP Technical Training
1993 Nov 30 17.30LondonChanging a safety culture: a holistic approach, Exploration and Production Discussion Group meetingInstitute of Petroleum
1993 Nov 30 - Dec 1LondonPiping engineering and operation, conferenceInstitution of Mechanical Engineers

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December 1993
1993 Dec 1 18.00 AberdeenFlexible flowlines, discussion forumSociety for Underwater Technology
1993 Dec 1-2LondonContract strategy for the design and contruction of submarine pipelinesBPP Technical Training
1993 Dec 1-2London5th Offshore safety cases event: the living documents - where next ?IBC Technical Services
1993 Dec 2-3LondonInspection of structural composites for offshore and aerospace applications, seminarBPP Technical Services
1993 Dec 2-3LondonStrategies for cost reduction in the new era, conferenceInstitute of Petroleum
1993 Dec 3EdinburghThe impacts of the latest developments in environmental law: the essential guide to the legal issues, conferenceIBC Legal Studies and Services
1993 Dec 3LondonControl and guidance of underwater vehicles, colloquiumInstitution of Electrical Engineers
1993 Dec 6LondonLifesaving at seaRINA
1993 Dec 6-7London3rd UK and European Gas Conference: price, supply and demandIBC Financial Focus Ltd

Dec 6-8       Stavanger    Quantification and prediction of petroleumNorwegian Petroleum Society
                           resources, international petroleum resource

Dec 6-9       Shanghai     Shanghai offshore oil and gas expo '93China Promotion Ltd

Dec 7         London       Annual General Meeting              Society for Underwater
1993 Dec 7 eveningLondonAspects of Brent refurbishment from the position of mechanical/electrical facilities engineeringInstitution of Mechanical Engineers
1993 Dec 7-8LondonSubsea '93: Learning from Experience: the first ten yearsThemedia Ltd
1993 Dec 7-8LondonStructural analysis for offshore engineersBPP Technical Training
1993 Dec 7-8AberdeenThe practicalities of successful partnering and closer working relationships, conferenceIIR Industrial Conferences
1993 Dec 8AberdeenAdvances in automation in the oil industry, and accessing the results of research, seminarTechnology Transfer Centre
1993 Dec 8LondonEffective environmental management and reportingIBC Technical Services
1993 Dec 8, 17.30LondonOil and the environment: should it be a burning issue ? Offshore Engineering Society
1993 Dec 8-10New OrleansAssessment and requalification of offshore production structuresMarine Technology Society
1993 Dec 9LondonDevelopment and application of new materials offshore, seminarSociety for Underwater Technology
1993 Dec 9, 18.00EdinburghAdvances in pipeline designInstitute of Petroleum and Pipeline Industries Guild
Dec 9         London       Meeting and AGM                     Information for Energy Group

Dec 9         Aberdeen     Flexible flowlines, meeting         Society for Underwater
   evening                                                     Technology
1993 Dec 9-10London8th Floating production systems, international conferenceIBC Technical Services
1993 Dec 13-14ViennaThe outlook for natural gas in the 1990s and beyond, conferenceFinancial Times Conference Organisation
Dec 13-17     London       Advanced management seminar         World Petroleum Congress
1993 Dec 14, 17.30LondonReception of hyperbaric evacuations and other hyperbaric emergenciesInstitute of Marine Engineers
1993 Dec 15-16LondonSECONS '93: Strategy and economics in the North Sea oil and gas industry, conferenceIIR Ltd Industrial Conferences
1993 Dec 15-17CochinOcean electronics symposium
1993 Dec 20-21BirminghamUnderwater acoustic communicationInstitute of Acoustics

late '93      Marseille    ORIA '93: telerobotics in hostile   IIRIAM
                           environments conference

Dec           London       Subsea production systems, meeting  Society for Underwater
   evening                                                     Technology
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