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January 1994
1994 Jan 5-6LondonResearch eventInstitution of Chemical Engineers (Abstract deadline 26.4.93)
1994 Jan 11, 17.30LondonDeepwater pipelayingInstitute of Marine Engineers
1994 Jan 11, 17.30LondonUK North Sea adaptation of API-LRFDOffshore Engineering Society

Jan 11-14     Abu Dhabi    Abu Dhabi international oil and gas Brussels International
                           exhibition and conference           Trade Fair
1994 Jan 12AberdeenMarine fouling and the cost benefits of accurate prediction, forum for discussionSociety for Underwater Technology
1994 Jan 17-18AberdeenStrategies and technologies for achieving cost-effective drillingIIR Conferences
1994 Jan 19LondonSafety analysis and techniques required in the shipping industry: regulatory requirements: technical and management problems and solutions, seminarInstitute of Marine Engineers
1994 Jan 19-20AberdeenCost-effective offshoreIIR Ltd
1994 Jan 21LondonThe new gas market: competitive opportunities and challengesThe Economist Comferences
1994 Jan 24-25LeedsManaging environmental incidentsUniversity of Leeds
1994 Jan 24-26JakartaHealth, safety and environment in oil and gas exploration and production, international conferenceSociety of Petroleum Engineers
1994 Jan 25, 17.30LondonGeneral simulation of power systems on offshore platformsInstitute of Marine Engineers
1994 Jan 25-26Cambridge, Mass.Commercialization of autonomous underwater vehiclesMIT Marine Industry Collegium Program
Jan 25-27     Naxxar,      MOEX '94: Mediterranean Offshore Oil andSpearhead Exhibitions
              Malta        Gas Exhibition and Conference
1994 Jan 25-27HoustonPetrosafe '94 environmental safety and health conference and exhibition
1994 Jan 26 18.30AberdeenFire engineeringOffshore Engineering Society
1994 Jan 26-27AberdeenOil spill prevention and co-ordinated responses, conferenceBICS International
Jan 31 -      New          2nd Remote Sensing for Marine and CoastalERIM
   Feb 2      Orleans      Environments ... thematic conference(summary deadline 7.6.93)
1994 Jan 31- Feb 1JakartaExplorasia '94: 2nd regional conferenceIBC Technical Services

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February 1994
1994 Feb 1, 17.30LondonHurricane AndrewOffshore Engineering Society
1994 Feb 3-4OsloOPT '94: 17th Offshore pipeline technologyIBC Technical Services

Feb 7-10      San Diego    Underwater intervention '94 conferenceMarine Technology Society
1994 Feb 9RugbyManagement of environmental protectionInstitution of Chemical Engineers
1994 Feb 10, 18.30EdinburghThe expansion of the Forties pipelineInstitute of Petroleum and Institution of Chemical Engineers
1994 Feb 14London2001 a sulphur odyssey: a review of likely sweet crude supply and premia, conferenceInstitute of Petroleum
1994 Feb 14-15AberdeenCost-effective offshore data and telecommunicationsIIR Ltd
1994 Feb 14-16Houston6th Pipeline Pigging and Integrity Monitoring international conferenceGulf Publishing
1994 Feb 15London7th Oil Price Seminar: price formation around the worldInformation for Energy Group
Feb 15-18     Dallas       SPE/IADC Annual Drilling Conference Society of Petroleum Engineers
1994 Feb 15-18Havana, Cuba3rd Marine Science congress
1994 Feb 16LondonThe subsea future: with or without umbilicals ?, seminarKnighton Enterprises
1994 Feb 16-17Aberdeen3rd Topside maintenance , annual conferenceHenry Stewart Conference Studies
1994 Feb 17LondonUpstream atmospheric emissions, conferenceInstitute of Petroleum
Feb 21        London       Offshore '94: design and development forInstitute of Marine Engineers
                           economic hydrocarbon production, conference
1994 Feb 21-25BarcelonaCoastal Dynamics '94Universitat PolitŠcnicade Catalunya
1994 Feb 21-22AberdeenDemanning and not-normally-manned facilitiesIIR Ltd< /td>
1994 Feb 22-23AberdeenCapitalising on new opportunities for cost-effective exploration and development, conferenceIIR Ltd
1994 Feb 23-24AberdeenEmpowering flexible work teams offshore, conferenceIIR Ltd
1994 Feb 23-24LondonPracticalities of benchmarking for continuous improvement in the oil and gas industryIIR Ltd
1994 Feb 25LondonNon- operator status - the risks and the opportunities, conferenceLangham Oil Conferences
1994 Feb 25LondonCoping with realities of operating in the CIS/FSUIIR Ltd
Feb 27 -      Houston,     OMAE '94: 13th Offshore Mechanics andASME
   Mar 3      Texas        Arctic Engineering conference
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March 1994
1994 Mar 1AberdeenIncorporating the human factor into offshore safety cases, conferenceBICS International
1994 Mar 1, 17.30LondonIntegrated approach to offshore safety trainingInstitute of Marine Engineers
1994 Mar 2-4HoustonIssues and solutions in exploration, production and refining: international petroleum environmental conferencePenWell Books
1994 Mar 3-4LondonThe Russian oil industry: trade and investment opportunitiesConference & Meetings Partnership Ltd
1994 Mar 4LondonDecommissioning of offshore installations, conferenceLangham Oil Conferences
Mar 7-9       Kristiansand The 3-D seismic challenge: pitfalls,Norwegian Petroleum Society
                           benefits and opportunities in exploration and
                           production, geophysical seminar
1994 Mar 7-9Edmonton, Alberta7th Cold Regions Engineering Specialty Conference: a global perspectiveCanadian Soc Civil Eng and ASCE
Mar 8-11      Brighton     Oceanology International '94: The GlobalSpearhead Exhibitions
                           Ocean, conference.
1994 Mar 10LondonUpstream tax planning, conferenceLangham Oil Conferences
1994 Mar 12-13BristolUnderwater Science Group symposiumSociety for Underwater Technology
1994 Mar 14 19.30AberdeenRenewable offshore energy: wave, tide and windOffshore Engineering Society
Mar 14-16     Aberdeen     European Production Operations      Society of Petroleum Engineers
                           conference and exhibition

Mar 14-16     Bergen,      8th Underwater Technology Conference:UTC Conference Secretariat
              Norway       subsea production technology: international(abstract deadline 1.9.93)
                           exchange of experience and technology

Mar 14-16     Monterey     Cables and connectors conference    Marine Technology Society

Mar 15-17     Aberdeen     European production operations conferenceSociety of Petroleum Engineers
                                                               (abstract deadline 13.8.93)

Mar 15-17     Aberdeen     2nd European petroleum computer conferenceSociety of Petroleum Engineers
                                                               (abstract deadline 30.7.93)
1994 Mar 15-18Lorient, FranceMARPA: Marine Public Actions, international conference
1994 Mar 15-18CalgaryICETECH '94: 5th Ships and Marine Structures in Arctic Waters, international conferenceSociety of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers
1994 Mar 16LondonApplications of composite materials in the marine industry: technical problems and solutions, seminarInstitute of Marine Engineers
1994 Mar 16LondonProspects for oil and gas; annual dinnerOffshore Engineering Society
1994 Mar 16, eveningAberdeenThe possibilities for screwed and polymer lined pipelinesSociety for Underwater Technology
1994 Mar 16, eveningAberdeenClassic offshore mix-ups and the lessons learnedInstitution of Mechanical Engineers
1994 Mar 17, eveningLondonPolymer lined pipelines for aggressive hydrocarbons serviceSociety for Underwater Technology
1994 Mar 18ParisSimhole drilling, business workshopPSTI
1994 Mar 21-22AberdeenSubsea and topside turbo machineryIndependent Technical Conferences Ltd
1994 Mar 21-23TrondheimEUROGAS '94: European Applied Research Conference on Natural GasNorwegian Petroleum Society
1994 Mar 21-24Ghent, BelgiumExplosion safety and related risk control, exhibitionEuropEx Events
1994 Mar 22-23LondonThe practicalities of benchmarking for continuous improvement in the oil and gas industry, conferenceIIR Ltd
1994 Mar 22-23CalgaryRecent advances in horizontal well applications, conferencePetroleum Society of CIM
Mar 22-25     Lulea,       Polartech '94: development and commercialLulea University
              Sweden       utilization of technologies in polar regions
1994 Mar 23, 18.00London`One Man Band' experiencesInformation for Energy Group
1994 Mar 23-24London3rd European gas grid annual conferenceIBC Technical Services
1994 Mar 23-24BordeauxBordeaux Aquaculture '94European Aquaculture Society (abstract deadline 15.9.93)
1994 Mar 24, eveningLondonThe history of the Rough gas storage operationInstitution of Mechanical Engineers
1994 Mar 27-30DubaiMaritime Ports and Offshore Services '94International Conferences and Exhibitions
1994 Mar 29AberdeenPeriodic inspection of offshore structures, seminarInstitution of Mechanical Engineers

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April 1994
1994 Apr 8-10San DiegoIQ '94: Underwater Education international conferenceNational Association of Underwater Instructors

Apr 10-15     Osaka        4th Offshore and Polar Engineering  ISOPE
                           international conference            (abstract deadline 30.6.93)
1994 Apr 11London4th Marine surveying [of ships] annual seminarIBC Legal Studies & Services
1994 Apr 11, 17.30LondonEnvironmental regulations - the trade-off between cost and benefit, Energy Economics Group meetingInstitute of Petroleum
1994 Apr 11-12AberdeenEffectively managing optimum offshore safety, conferenceIIR Ltd
1994 Apr 11-14AmsterdamPipeline pigging and integrity monitoring, conferenceScientific Surveys
1994 Apr 12, 17.30LondonFailure assessment of offshore structures subjected to blast and fire loadsInstitute of Marine Engineers
1994 Apr 12-14LondonSASMEX '94: 7th Safety at Sea and Marine Electronics exhibition and conferenceInternational Trade Publications
1994 Apr 12-15Melbourne, FloridaMACM '94: 5th Marine Applications of Composite Materials, international conferenceComposites Education Association
1994 Apr 13, 17.30LondonImplementation of the Cullen Report: a review of progressOffshore Engineering Society
1994 Apr 13-14AberdeenDEEPTEC '94: economically developing the northern European deepwater fieldsIIR Ltd
1994 Apr 17-18Beijing, ChinaSOSC '94: Special offshore symposiumISOPE
1994 Apr 17-20Tulsa, Oklahoma9th Improved Oil Recovery symposiumSociety of Petroleum Engineers
1994 Apr 17-20Charleston, SC14th Coastal Society International ConferenceUniversity of Virginia

1994 Apr 17-20Kuju, OitaWorkshop on water waves and floating bodiesKyushu University
1994 Apr 18-22London3rd Differential satellite navigation systems: conferenceJudith Patten PR
1994 Apr 18-22Moscow2nd International Oil and Gas ExhibitionInternational Trade and Exhibitions
1994 Apr 19AberdeenPipeline stability, symposiumZentech International
1994 Apr 19LondonOffshore safety case management, conferenceWaterfront Partnership
1994 Apr 19-23Norfolk, VAU.S. Hydrographic Conference '94NOAA
1994 Apr 20, eveningAberdeenBruce western area development - a novel contracting strategy put into practiceSociety for Underwater Technology
1994 April 20-21LondonEnergy financing, international forumPetroleum Economist
Apr 20-21     London       Subsea control and data acquisition for oilSociety for Underwater
                           and gas production systems, conferenceTechnology
                                                               (abstract deadline 1.7.93)
1994 Apr 20-21AberdeenApplying best practices in partnering to improve performance, conference and workshopIBC Technical Services
1994 Apr 21LondonPractical applications of subsea power generation, forum for discussionSociety for Underwater Technology
1994 Apr 25LondonThe offshore oil and gas supply and construction market: contractual trends seminarIBC Legal Studies and Services
1994 Apr 25-28Rotterdam13th Tug and Salvage World convention and exhibitionTRP Magazines
1994 Apr 25-28Limassol, Cyprus5th Pipeline Rehabilitation, European and Middle Eastern SeminarPipeline Integrity Management (abstract deadline 5.11.93)
1994 Apr 26LondonThe offshore oil and gas supply and construction market: insurance and liabilities seminarIBC Legal Studies and Services
1994 Apr 26Kiev, UkrainePipeline integrity, business workshopPSTI
1994 Apr 27LondonDredged material disposal - problems and solutions, seminarInstitution of Civil Engineers
Apr 27-29     Buenos       LACPEC III: Latin American and CaribbeanSociety of Petroleum Engineers
              Aires        Petroleum Engineering Conference    (abstract deadline 15.6.93)
1994 Apr 27-30IpswichAnnual conferenceMaritime Information Association
1994 Apr 28Aberdeen3rd Offshore Installation Management ConferenceRobert Gordon University
1994 Apr 28LondonSimulation techniques for the design and operation of marine systems: present and future applications, seminarInstitute of Marine Engineers
1994 Apr 28-29Gdynia, PolandEURASLIC VEuropean Association of Aquatic Science Libraries and Information Centres
1994 Apr 29DelftMarginal gas fields Netherlands offshoreDOT

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May 1994
1994 May 2-5 Houston, Texas 26th Offshore Technology Conference Society of Petroleum Engineers (abstract deadline 15.9.93)
1994 May 2-6 Toulouse, France 3rd French Acoustics Conference Université Toulouse-Le Mirail
1994 May 3, 17.30 London General simulation of power systems on offshore platforms Institute of Marine Engineers
1994 May 4-5 London The North Sea Conference 1994 CBI Conferences
1994 May 5 Aberdeen New frontiers: 1994 Mike Adye Lecture [by John Jennings] MTD Ltd
1994 May 5-6 Amsterdam 10th Offshore oil and gas - taxation, financing and economics annual conference Langham Oil Conferences
1994 May 5-6 Istanbul Mediterranean gas markets, conference Overview Conferences
1994 May 8-13 Miami 3rd Marine Debris International Conference NOAA
1994 May 10, 17.30 London Development of a robotic underwater manipulator Institute of Marine Engineers
1994 May 10-11 Aberdeen Information for offshore engineers: how to obtain data: how to make best use of data IBC Technical Services
1994 May 10-13 Singapore Disaster at sea: preparing for and managing oil spills Pacific Rim Marine Focus
1994 May 11-12 London Structural materials in marine environments, conference Institute of Materials (abstract deadline 28.6.93)
1994 May 12-13 Aberdeen ASPECT '94: 2nd Advances in Subsea Pipeline Engineering and Technology, Conference Society for Underwater Technology (abstract deadline 24.7.93)
1994 May 16-17 London OILSOFT '94: Oil and gas software development, European conference and exhibition Braithwaite Group
1994 May 17, 17.30 London Predicting natural ventilation in offshore modules using computational fluid dynamics Institute of Marine Engineers
1994 May 18, 12.30 Aberdeen Exporting North Sea expertise and technology Offshore Engineering Society
1994 May 19 Aberdeen Managing the environmental impacts of decommissioning and abandonment offshore, conference BICS International Ltd
1994 May 23-24 London Frontier exploration: a window of opportunity for the oil and gas industry, conference Petroleum Economist
1994 May 24-26 Edinburgh 2nd Pipeline systems, conference BHR Group
1994 May 24-25 Alesund Standby vessels in the offshore services, conference Norwegian Petroleum Society
1994 May 24-27 Delft, Netherlands IMDC '94: 5th International Marine Design Conference Delft University of Technology
1994 May 24-28 Baku, Azerbaijan Caspian oil and gas conference and exhibition Spearhead Exhibitions
1994 May 25-27 Trondheim, Norway Hydroelasticity in marine technology, international conference Spearhead Exhibitions
1994 May 26-27 London IMAS '94: 8th Fire safety on ships conference: developments into the 21st century Institute of Marine Engineers (synopsis deadline 30.6.93)
1994 May 25-27 Genoa Floating production systems: an operator's solution ! OCS
1994 May 29 - Jun 1 Stavanger 14th World Petroleum Congress World Petroleum Congress
1994 May 30-31 Kuala Lumpur Oil Spill Response '94: 2nd conference IBC Technical Services
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June 1994
1994 Jun 1 Kuala Lumpur Managing oil spills, workshop IBC Technical Services
1994 Jun 2 London Annual subsea engineering dinner Society for Underwater Technology
1994 Jun 7-8 Bad Homburg Heavy oil technologies in a wider Europe, Thermie symposium GOPA Consultants for the European Community
1994 Jun 7-10 Røros, Norway ECMOR IV: mathematics of oil recovery: 4th European conference IKU
1994 Jun 8-9 London Oil and gas economics, finance and management conference Society of Petroleum Engineers
1994 Jun 8-10 Stavanger Well control conference for Europe International Association of Drilling Contractors
1994 Jun 8-10 Vancouver 17th Arctic and Marine Oilspill Program (AMOP) technical seminar Environment Canada
1994 Jun 9 Aberdeen Introduction to international offshore oil and gas subsea engineering, seminar Institution of Mechanical Engineers
1994 Jun 12-15 Calgary 45th Annual Technical Meeting Petroleum Society of CIM
1994 Jun 13-14 London North Sea Oil and Gas Financial Times
1994 Jun 13-16 Lillehammer New technology for concrete structures offshore Vision EUREKA
1994 Jun 13-17 East Kilbride FLOMEKO '94: Flow measurement in the mid 90s National Engineering Laboratory
1994 Jun 14 Aberdeen SI 1029 pipeline emergency shutdown valves: developments in valves and associated systems, conference IBC Technical Services
1994 Jun 14-16 London Oil and gas acquisitions and disposals, conference Langham Oil Conferences
1994 Jun 15-16 Aberdeen Preventing oil discharge from drilling operations - the options, conference IBC Technical Services
1994 Jun 16 Mold, Clwyd The future for the energy industry in the UK and Europe, conference West Cost Energy
1994 Jun 20-21 St John's, Newfoundland NOIA '94 conference Newfoundland Ocean Industries Association
1994 Jun 21-23 Portsmouth European Workboat Show '94, exhibition and seminars National Boat Shows Ltd
1994 Jun 21-23 St John's, Newfoundland Offshore Newfoundland '94: 10th onshore-offshore petroleum exhibition and conference Atlantic Expositions Ltd
1994 Jun 22-23 Aberdeen Floating production systems IIR Ltd
1994 Jun 26 - Jul 9 Aberdeen 15th Environmental Assessment and Management international seminar Centre for Environmental Management and Planning
1994 June 27 - Jul 1 Lerici, Italy Full field inversion methods in ocean and seismic acoustics NATO SCALANT Institute
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July 1994
1994 Jul 4-8 Denmark 2nd Underwater Acoustics, European Conference  
1994 Jul 4-8 Townsville, Australia PACON '94 conference James Cook University
1994 Jul 5-6 Aberdeen Offshore emissions and discharges: the next ten years, conference BICS International
1994 Jul 5-6 Aberdeen TQM in a low cost culture IIR Ltd
1994 Jul 5-7 London UDT '94: Undersea Defence Technology Nexus Business Communications
1994 Jul 6-7 London Successfully developing and managing mature oil and gas fields to optimise asset economics and extend field life, conference IIR Ltd
1994 Jul 11-14 Honolulu 28th annual Law of the Sea conference: Ocean governance: strategies and approaches for the 21st century University of Hawaii Law of the Sea Institute
1994 Jul 11-15 Wallingford INTERCOH '94: 4th Nearshore and Estuarine Cohesive Sediment Transport Conference Hydraulics Research Station
1994 Jul 12-15 Cambridge, Massachusetts BOSS '94: Behavior of Offshore Structures, international conference MIT
1994 Jul 13-14 Aberdeen Offshore drilling safety BICS International
1994 Jul 18-19 Aberdeen How to live with a low oil price, conference Petroleum Economist
1994 Jul 19-20 Cambridge, Massachusetts AUV '94: Autonomous Underwater Vehicle technology symposium Institution of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Oceanic Engineering Society
1994 Jul 19-21 Cambridge Electronic engineering in oceanography IEE
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August 1994
1994 Aug 8-11 Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina 49th Sea Horse Institute Conference LaQue Center for Corrosion Technology
1994 Aug 21-22 Stavanger The oil industry and the challenge of records management International Council of Archives and NDNO
1994 Aug 21-27 Vancouver, B.C. Waves, modelling and scale effects, symposium British Columbia University
1994 Aug 23-26 Stavanger Offshore Northern Seas, conference ONS Foundation
1994 Aug 29 - Sep 1 Delft EUROCK '94: 2nd Rock mechanics in petroleum engineering, meeting Society of Petroleum Engineers (abstract deadline 15.10.93)
1994 Aug 31 - Sep 2 Manadon, Plymouth INEC '94: 2nd Cost Effective Maritime Defence conference Institute of Marine Engineers (synopsis deadline 30.9.93)
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September 1994
1994 Sep 7-9 Southampton MCMC '94: 3rd Manoeuvring and Control of Marine Craft Conference Maritime Research Centre
1994 Sep 7-9 Washington, D.C. MTS '94: Challenges and opportunities in the marine environment, conference and exhibition Marine Technology Society (abstract deadline 4.1.94)
1994 Sep 9 Southampton Marine markets foresight seminar MTD Ltd
1994 Sep 10-13 Dubai, U.A.E. Offshore Arabia '94 and MEMOSS '94: Middle East Maritime and Offshore Services Hilal Gulf Exhibitions
1994 Sep 12-13 Aberdeen Cost effective marginal field development, forum IIR Ltd
1994 Sep 12-15 Strasbourg, France 1st Airborne Remote Sensing conference and exhibition Environmental research Institute of Michigan (abstract deadline 14.2.94)
1994 Sep 12-15 Brest IEEE Offshore Engineering Society annual meeting Institution of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
1994 Sep 12-15 Houston 4th Pipeline risk assessment, rehabilitation and repair, conference Scientific Surveys
1994 Sep 12-16 St John's, Newfoundland ISSC '94: 12th International Ship and offshore Structures Congress Institute of Marine Dynamics
1994 Sep 13-15 Aberdeen HYDRO '94: 9th biennial symposium Hydrographic Society (abstract deadline 3.12.93)
1994 Sep 13-15 Southampton CADMO '94: computer-aided design, manufacture and operation in the marine and offshore industries, conference Wessex Institute of Technology
1994 Sep 13-16 Brest, France OCEANS '94 / OSATES '94: Ocean engineering for today's technology and tomorrow's preservation, joint conference Institution of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Oceanic Engineering Society and Société des Electriciens et Electroniciens (abstract deadline 28.1.94)
1994 Sep 14, evening London Armada topsides saving through compact heat exchangers, meeting Offshore Engineering Society
1994 Sep 14, evening Aberdeen Subsea wax control: theoretical and practical considerations, meeting Society for Underwater Technology
1994 Sep 14-15 Oslo Corrosion and materials offshore, conference NITO / NKF
1994 Sep 15 Aberdeen Current and future applications of composites and adhesives for the offshore industry, seminar Welding & Joining Society
1994 Sep 15-16 Dundee Environmental regulation of oil and gas industries, conference Dundee University
1994 Sep 19 London Strategic management in oil and gas, conference IBC Technical Services
1994 Sep 19-20 London Strategic management in oil and gas, conference IBC Technical Services
1994 Sep 19-21 Manchester Valves and actuators applications and developments, international conference Independent Technical Conferences Ltd
1994 Sep 19-23 Delft 1st Hydroinformatics international conference IHE
1994 Sep 19-23 Hannover INSMAP '94 Marine Technology Society
1994 Sep 20-23 Halifax, N.S. Coastal Zone Canada '94: cooperation in the coastal zone Bedford Institute of Oceanography (abstract deadline 30.11.93)
1994 Sep 21, evening Aberdeen High temperature / high pressure condensate field development, meeting Offshore Engineering Society
1994 Sep 22-23 London UK and International Oil and Gas Taxation IIR Ltd
1994 Sep 25-28 Texel, Holland Gas in marine sediments Netherlands Institute for Sea Research
1994 Sep 25-28 St Petersburg, Russia Developing new reservoirs in Europe EAEG/EAPG/EAGO
1994 Sep 25-28 New Orleans Annual technical conference and exhibition Society of Petroleum Engineers
1994 Sep 27 London Pipeline technology in the 1990s Knighton Enterprises Ltd (abstract deadline 1.7.94)
1994 Sep 27-28 Aberdeen 3rd Human Factors in Offshore Safety European seminar: their importance in safety case implementation Business Seminars International
1994 Sep 27 - Oct 1 Acapulco Annual convention International Pipeline & Offshore Contractors Association
1994 Sep 28-29 London Creating value through improved strategic decision making in upstream oil and gas IBC Legal Studies and Services
1994 Sep 28-29 Aberdeen Instrumentation and offshore systems, exhibition Trident Exhibitions
1994 Sep 29 London Requalification and decommissioning of ageing offshore installations, seminar Institution of Mechanical Engineers
1994 Sep 29 London Alternative energy, joint IFEG and Energy Economics Group meeting Institute of Petroleum
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October 1994
1994 Oct 1-9 Rome NAV '94: Ship and Marine Research conference and `NAVEXPO', ATENA di Roma
1994 Oct 2-4 Barton Creek, TX Fall meeting National Ocean Industries Association
1994 Oct 3-4 Aberdeen 7th UK Oil and Gas taxation annual conference Langham Oil Conferences
1994 Oct 4-6 Aberdeen IOCE '94: International Offshore Contracting and Subsea Engineering exhibition and conference, incorporating Subsea International Spearhead Exhibitions
1994 Oct 4-6 Kristiansand 7th Northern European Drilling Conference Norwegian Petroleum Society
1994 Oct 4-6 Jakarta 23rd Annual Convention Indonesian Petroleum Association
1994 Oct 5-7 Rome NAV '94: Ship and Marine Research International Conference CETENA
1994 Oct 6 London Condition monitoring for marine engineering, seminar Institute of Marine Engineers
1994 Oct 6-8 Perth Petroleum Technology Australia  
1994 Oct 6-9 Piacenza, Italy Geofluid '94, exhibition Piacenza Fiere
1994 Oct 9-13 Honolulu, Hawaii Building Global Connections: 20th Annual Conference International Association of Aquatic and Marine Science Libraries and Information Centres
1994 Oct 10 Aberdeen Developments West of Shetland Smith Rea Energy Analysts Ltd / Robert Gordon University
1994 Oct 10-13 Veracruz, Mexico Petroleum Conference and Exhibition of Mexico Society of Petroleum Engineers (abstract deadline 18.3.94)
1994 Oct 10-14 Thessaloniki, Greece EWEC '94: European Wind Energy Association conference and exhibition Triaena Congress
1994 Oct 10-15 Moscow, Russia Neftegaz '94: equipment for the oil and gas industry  
1994 Oct 11, evening London Cost competitiveness in the North Sea: President's Day: technical meeting IMar E
1994 Oct 11, evening Grangemouth A case study in offshore data collection and analysis, talk by J. Tvieta Institute of Petroleum
1994 Oct 11-12 London Marine corrosion prevention: a reappraisal for the next decade RINA
1994 Oct 11-12 Aberdeen Successfully managing change in the oil and gas industry IIR Ltd
1994 Oct 11-12 Stavanger 5th Reservoir Management conference: a key to cost effective development and production, conference Norwegian Petroleum Society
1994 Oct 12 London Exploration, appraisal and farm-ins, conference Langham Oil Conferences
1994 Oct 12, evening London Ringing response of offshore platforms, meeting Offshore Engineering Society
1994 Oct 12, evening Aberdeen The issues of offshore field abandonment, presentations and discussion Society for Underwater Technology
1994 Oct 12-13 Altrincham, Cheshire SARASS '94: Risk Management and Critical Protective Systems, annual conference Safety and Reliability Society
1994 Oct 16-18 Varna, Bulgaria Petroleum geology and hydrocarbon potential of the Black sea area, symposium  
1994 Oct 16-19 Phoenix, Arizona Deep injection well design, installation and operation American Society for Testing and Materials
1994 Oct 16-19 Abu Dhabi ADIPEC '94: Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference  
1994 Oct 16-20 Rio de Janeiro Arpel '94: 5th Brazilian Petroleum Congress and Rio Oil and Gas Expo '94 IBP
1994 Oct 17 London Seismic data management and storage, seminar Themedia Ltd
1994 Oct 17-18 London 15th Oil and Money annual conference International Herald Tribune
1994 Oct 17-18 Cape Town, South Africa Africa Oil '94 AIC Conferences Ltd
1994 Oct 17-19 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Pipetech Asia '94: design, construction, monitoring and maintenance IBC Technical Services
1994 Oct 17-20 Houston, TX Pipeline corrosion conference and exhibition Gulf Publishing Company
1994 Oct 17-20 Dubai, United Arab Emirates MEMOSS '94: 3rd Middle Eastern Maritime and Offshore Services Show Glahé International Inc
1994 Oct 17-21 Southampton ITS '94: International Towage and Salvage conference and exhibition ABR Company Ltd
1994 Oct 18, afternoon Aberdeen Safety offshore, seminar Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers
1994 Oct 18-19 London Update on sour service: materials, maintenance and inspection in the oil and gas industry, conference IBC Technical Services
1994 Oct 19 London Environmental management implications for the oil industry Institute of Petroleum
1994 Oct 19, evening Aberdeen Progress on the CRINE initiative Offshore Engineering Society
1994 Oct 21-24 Verona, Italy Acquacoltura '94 VeraFiere
1994 Oct 23-27 Los Angeles SEG '94: 64th annual international meeting Society of Exploration Geophysicists
1994 Oct 24-25 London Advances in environmental impact assessment, conference IBC Technical Services
1994 Oct 24-25 Portsmouth Management techniques in the coastal zone, conference Portsmouth University Department of Economics
1994 Oct 24-26 Houston, TX 6th Horizontal Well Technology: multilateral, underbalanced drilling and emerging technologies, annual conference  
1994 Oct 24-27 Edinburgh 13th Offshore Search and Rescue conference and exhibition Leith International Conferences (abstract deadline 3.6.94)
1994 Oct 24-27 Peebles 12th North Sea Flow Measurement workshop National Engineering Laboratory
1994 Oct 25-26 Aberdeen Cut costs and maximise efficiency by adopting proven partnering and contracting strategies, conference IIR Ltd
1994 Oct 25-27 London EUROPEC '94: European Petroleum Conference Society of Petroleum Engineers
1994 Oct 25-27 Aberdeen 9th Offshore Information Conference Heriot-Watt University
1994 Oct 25-28 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia GASTECH '94: 16th LNG/LPG conference and exhibition Gastech RAI
1994 Oct 26 Aberdeen Mechanical engineering careers in the offshore oil and gas industry, symposium Institution of Mechanical Engineers
1994 Oct 26 Stoneleigh Borehole control by survey and deviation techniques British Drilling Association (Operations) Ltd
1994 Oct 26-28 Bangkok Oil and Gas Thailand '94, 3rd oil and gas exploration and production exhibition Offshore Engineering Society
1994 Oct 26-29 Kobe, Japan Techno-ocean '94 Marine Technology Society
1994 Oct 27 Aberdeen Profiting from partnering, workshop IIR Ltd
1994 Oct 27-28 Perth, Australia Australia '94: Floating production systems / marginal field and deepwater solutions conference OCS (abstract deadline 31.8.94)
1994 Oct 30 - Nov 3 Wuxi, China ICHD '94: International Conference on Hydrodynamics CSNAME
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November 1994
1994 Nov 1, evening London Ships and offshore cabling: where to now, technical meeting Institute of Marine Engineers
1994 Nov 1-4 Orlando, Florida Clean Gulf '94: government and industry, forming a partnership in spill prevention, preparedness and response  
1994 Nov 2-3 London 7th annual Oil Pollution Claims, Liability and Environmental Concerns conference IBC Legal Studies and Services Ltd
1994 Nov 3 London Life after re-engineering: key challenges of managing our human resources in the oil and gas industry, conference and workshop Institute of Petroleum
1994 Nov 3-4 Oslo Petroleum tax conference Norwegian Petroleum Society
1994 Nov 4 London Oil spill response, a lesson in minimising chaos and costs, workshop IBC Legal Studies and Services Ltd
1994 Nov 5 London Offshore Steering Committee meeting International Transport Workers' Federation
1994 Nov 6-11 Angra dos Reis, Brazil The role of subsea completions in deepwater and marginal field development, forum Society of Petroleum Engineers
1994 Nov 7-8 London 4th Advances in Reservoir Technology, annual conference IBC Technical Services
1994 Nov 7-10 Melbourne, Australia Asia Pacific oil and gas conference Society of Petroleum Engineers (abstract deadline 4.2.94)
1994 Nov 7-12 Lisbon, Portugal Towards sustainable use of the oceans and coastal zones, conference IOC
1994 Nov 8, 14.00 Plymouth Dredging, seminar Central Dredging Association and Institution of Civil Engineers
1994 Nov 8-9 Stavanger New trends in geoscience computing, conference Norwegian Petroleum Society (abstract deadline 15.4.94)
1994 Nov 8-10 Charleston, West Virginia Eastern Regional Conference and Exhibition Society of Petroleum Engineers (abstract deadline 2.5.94)
1994 Nov 9-10 London Unitisation of oil and gas fields and oil and gas transportation agreements, conference Langham Oil Conferences
1994 Nov 10 London Beyond the bookshelf: new technology for information workers in the energy industries, autumn conference IFEG (papers called for)
1994 Nov 10 Aberdeen Offshore applications of the Global Positioning System, seminar Society for Underwater Technology
1994 Nov 11, evening London The rôle of the Marine Safety Agency, technical meeting Institute of Marine Engineers
1994 Nov 11-13 Los Angeles Annual Meeting American Petroleum Institute
1994 Nov 14, 14.00 London Coastal process measurements: what should you be doing ? Institution of Civil Engineers
1994 Nov 14-19 Lisbon Oceanos '94: towards sustainable use of oceans and coastal zones: 2nd Oceanography international conference UNESCO IOC
1994 Nov 15, evening London MASS: a novel method for enhanced surveys, technical meeting Institute of Marine Engineers
1994 Nov 15-16 London 3rd Offshore Structural Design international conference and exhibition: hazards, safety and engineering: are you ready for the new era ? ERA Technology
1994 Nov 15-16 Buena Vista, Florida Dredging '94, specialty conference ASCE
1994 Nov 15-17 Amsterdam Holland Offshore '94 Congress and Exhibition RAI
1994 Nov 15-19 Bombay Chemtech Offshore and Energy '94, trade fair  
1994 Nov 16, evening Aberdeen Floating production: review and critical features, meeting Society for Underwater Technology
1994 Nov 16-18 London PETEX '94: Techniques for cost effective exploration and production, conference and exhibition Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain
1994 Nov 16-19 New Orleans Annual meeting SNAME
1994 Nov 17 London Composite materials for offshore use, seminar Institution of Mechanical Engineers
1994 Nov 22 London Political risk: outlook for the oil industry in 1995, conference Institute of Petroleum
1994 Nov 22 Calgary 4th Horizontal wells multifaceted technology conference SPE and Petroleum Society of CIM
1994 Nov 22-23 Aberdeen 8th Offshore drilling technology, conference IBC Technical Services
1994 Nov 23, 19.30 Aberdeen Jackup stability AACE / OES
1994 Nov 23-24 Aberdeen Capitalise on new technology for successful and cost effective offshore pipeline design, construction and operation, conference IIR Ltd
1994 Nov 24 London Recent research in offshore geotechnics and geophysics: a review of projects funded by the Marine Technology Directorate Ltd SUT
1994 Nov 24 Aberdeen CRINE - turning vision into reality Aberdeen Chamber of CommercePet Rev Oct 1994 p.485
1994 Nov 24 Aberdeen Well completions technology, conference IBC Technical Services
1994 Nov 28-29 London SECONS '94: 3rd Strategy and Economics in the North Sea oil and gas industry IIR Ltd
1994 Nov 28-29 Aberdeen Deepwater pipelines: improving the state of the art and extending the limits of your subsea projects in increasingly hostile environments and deeper waters, conference EuroForum
1994 Nov 28 - Dec 1 Buenos Aires COSU '9: Coastal Ocean Space Utilization for sustainable development Centro de Ingeniería Oceánica
1994 Nov 30, 12.30 Aberdeen Progress on safety cases, meeting Offshore Engineering Society
1994 Nov 30, evening London Benefits of pileless jacket foundations, evening meeting Offshore Engineering Society and British Geological Society
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December 1994
1994 :Dec 1-2 London Safer ships, cleaner seas: an in-depth consideration of the Donaldson Report, 4th international maritime conference IBC Legal Studies and Services
1994 :Dec 1-2 Aberdeen Cost management and business process re-engineering for the upstream oil and gas industry EuroForumBMT Oct 1994
1994 :Dec 1-2 Aberdeen 6th Offshore Safety Cases annual conference: problem areas and lessons learned IBC Technical Services
1994 :Dec 1-2 Singapore Well control conference for South East Asia IADC
1994 :Dec 5-6 Aberdeen Achieve continuous performance improvement, efficiency and cost reduction by successfully implementing benchmarking in the oil and gas industry, conference IIR Ltd
1994 :Dec 5-6 Marseille ORIA '94: From Telepresence towards Virtual Reality, 5th international colloquium IIRIAM (abstract deadline 30.7.94)
1994 :Dec 6-7 London Subsea '94: subsea engineering: the continuing challenges, conference Themedia Ltd
1994 :Dec 6-7 Houston, TX 15th oil and gas symposium Arthur Andersen
1994 :Dec 6-9 Singapore 10th Offshore South-East Asia conference and exhibition Singapore Exhibition Services
1994 :Dec 6-10 Shanghai China Portex '94: 4th Port & waterway construction, shipbuilding, marine and offshore technology exhibition Hamburg Messe und CongressBMT Oct 1994
1994 :Dec 7 London Annual General Meeting Information for Energy Group
1994 :Dec 7-8 Aberdeen Reduce cost by examining the latest technological applications and advancements in composite materials for the offshore industry, conference IIR Ltd
1994 :Dec 7-9 New Orleans Underwater welding of marine structures Colorado School of Mines
1994 :Dec 8 London Changes in inspection for re-certification of subsea structures, seminar Society for Underwater Technology
1994 :Dec 8-9 London 9th annual Floating Production Systems conference IBC Technical Services
1994 :Dec 8-9 London Oil and gas agreements, conference Langham Oil Conferences
1994 :Dec 14, 18.00 Aberdeen Advances in diving technology including AODC presentation of Design (Diving Equipment Systems Inspection Guidance Note) Society for Underwater Technology

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