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January 1996
1996 Jan 10, evening Aberdeen Remote intervention, meeting Society for Underwater Technology
1996 Jan 15-16 Aberdeen Economically Exploring and Developing the Atlantic Frontier, Forum Euroforum
1996 Jan 15-17 New Orleans Underwater Intervention '96: Man and machine underwater Sonsub International Management, Inc.
1996 Jan 16 London Mobil's Lancelot and Excalibur platforms: conventional versus EPIC contract strategy Offshore Engineering Society
1996 Jan 24-25 London Marine environmental management, conference Marine Environmental Management & Training
1996 Jan 25-69 Gothenburg, Sweden 2nd Nordic Petrophysics and Reservoir Modelling Symposium: Fractured Reservoirs Chalmers University of Technology
1996 Jan 26 London The future for a European gas company, conference The Economist Conferences
1996 Jan 29 London North Sea Field Update Geological Society Petroleum Group
1996 Jan 29-30 Aberdeen Deeptec '96: 3rd Forum of Deepwater Technology: Overcoming the key technical challenges of economically developing deepwater fields IIR Ltd
1996 Jan 29-31 Trondheim Hydrocarbon seals: importance for exploration and productions, conference Norwegian Petroleum Society (abstract deadline 15.5.95)
1996 Jan 30-31 Aberdeen Improving risk management offshore: using QRA to support the management process IBC Technical Services
1996 Jan 31 Aberdeen Advances in deepwater riser design, technical briefing IIR Ltd
1996 Jan 31 - Feb 1 London CRINE '96: 3rd CRINE Conference: Learning to survive Conference Associates
1996 Jan 31 - Feb 1 Aberdeen Safety and environmental management in abandonment: examining the critical safety and environmental issues and regulatory requirements in abandonment of offshore structures, forum EuroForum
1996 Jan 31, 18.30 Aberdeen Funding for innovation in the oil and gas sector Offshore Engineering Society
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February 1996
1996 Feb 7 London Risk management in a competitive environment, symposium Institute of Measurement and Control (abstract deadline 14.7.95)
1996 Feb 12, 17.30 Glasgow The development of safety legislation [lecture by Lord Cullen] Royal Society of Edinburgh and The Royal Academy of Engineering
1996 Feb 12-15 Houston Pipeline pigging conference: commissioning, operation and fitness-for-purpose Scientific Surveys and Gulf Publishing
1996 Feb 12-16 San Diego, CA Ocean sciences '96 Marine Technology Society
1996 Feb 14 London A risk-based approach to assessing safety and environmental hazards: the principle behind COMAH INC and DnV
1996 Feb 14, evening Aberdeen Horizontal trees - an update Society for Underwater Technology
1996 Feb 14-15 Aberdeen International ROV Forum '96 The Conference Partnership Ltd
1996 Feb 14-16 Lafayette, LA 12th Formation Damage Control Symposium Society of Petroleum Engineers (abstract deadline 21.7.95)
1996 Feb 14-16 Houston, TX 8th Pipeline Pigging conference and exhibition Gulf Publishing
1996 Feb 15 Sugarland, TX Meeting Drilling Engineering Association
1996 Feb 15-16 Amsterdam OPT '96: 19th Offshore Pipeline Technology conference IBC Technical Services
1996 Feb 15-18 Singapore Pipeline pigging conference: commissioning, operation and fitness-for-purpose Scientific Surveys and Gulf Publishing
1996 Feb 19 London Oil and gas in the global economy: the outlook to the millennium, conference Institute of Petroleum
1996 Feb 20 London 9th Oil Price Seminar: managing the long-term risk Institute of Petroleum
1996 Feb 21 London Offshore and onshore energy assurance IBC Technical Services
1996 Feb 20-22 London Tectonic, magmatic and depositional processes at passive continental margins Geological Society Petroleum Group
1996 Feb 21 London Offshore and onshore energy insurance: a risk management perspective IBC Technical Services
1996 Feb 21, evening London BP Harding, meeting Offshore Engineering Society
1996 Feb 22 London Minimising the impact of decommissioning, conference Institute of Petroleum
1996 Feb 23-27 London 1st Marine Simulation towards Safer Seas and Cleaner Oceans, conference Southampton Institute of Higher Education
1996 Feb 26-27 London DWT '96: Worldwide Deep Water Technologies IBC Technical Services
1996 Feb 26-27 Aberdeen Successfully building collaborative, long-term supplier relationships to enable strategic procurement in the offshore industry, conference IIR Ltd
1996 Feb 27 London Non-operatorship - the issues, conference Langham Oil Conferences
1996 Feb 27 Aberdeen Offshore safety legislation: the integrated approach, seminar Det norske Veritas
1996 Feb 28-29 Aberdeen Operation and decommissioning of offshore facilities Institute of Marine Engineers and RINA Joint Offshore Group
1996 Feb 29, 18.30 Aberdeen Implementation of new wave load recipes and reliability-based substructure design Offshore Engineering Society
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March 1996
1996 Mar 5, 17.30 London The Future of the Norwegian Shelf, discussion group meeting Institute of Petroleum
1996 Mar 5-7 Villahermosa, Mexico International Petroleum Conference and Exhibition of Mexico Society of Petroleum Engineers
1996 Mar 5-8 Brighton Oceanology International '96: the global ocean, conference Spearhead Exhibitions
1996 Mar 7-8 London Winning and working offshore alliance contracts, seminar IBC Technical Services
1996 Mar 11-12 Trondheim Haltenbankenkonferansen: meeting 2031 Norwegian Petroleum Society
1996 Mar 11-13 Kristiansand Geophysics for lithology prediction: biennial Geophysical Seminar: meeting 7140 Norwegian Petroleum Society (abstract deadline 15.9.95)
1996 Mar 12 London Microbes in ships: effects on operations and safety, seminar Institute of Marine Engineers
1996 Mar 12-15 New Orleans, LA Drilling conference Society of Petroleum Engineers / International Association of Drilling Contractors (abstract deadline 26.7.95)
1996 Mar 13 Middlesbrough Developments in CRINE, Offshore/Structural Technical Group meeting Welding & Joining Society
1996 Mar 13, evening Aberdeen Novel inspection techniques Society for Underwater Technology
1996 Mar 14 London Renewable Energy '96, conference Icom Group Conferences
1996 Mar 14 Trondheim Resolving the environmental issues associated with cuttings and drilling Society of Petroleum Engineers
1996 Mar 14-15 Stavanger Norwegian offshore technology workshop KAPOF Programme
1996 Mar 18-19 London Benefit from the latest innovations in offshore platform design and construction, conference EuroForum
1996 Mar 18-19 London ART '96: 5th Advances in Reservoir Technology annual conference IBC Technical Services
1996 Mar 19 Bergen Multilateral wells, seminar Society of Petroleum Engineers, Bergen Section
1996 Mar 19 Houston, TX Annual meeting International Association of Geophysical Contractors
1996 Mar 19-21 Cocoa Beach, Florida MACM '96: 6th Marine Applications of Composite Materials, conference Composites Education Association
1996 Mar 20-22 Bergen, Norway 9th Underwater Technology Conference: subsea production technology: increased profits through subsea solutions: meeting 9057 Norwegian Petroleum Society (abstract deadline 20.9.95)
1996 Mar 21-22 London Upstream energy risk and insurance conference Langham Oil Conferences
1996 Mar 21-22 Bangkok Asia pipeline projects '96, conference Centre for Management Technology
1996 Mar 22-24 Bristol 3rd Underwater Science Symposium: Underwater research and discovery Society for Underwater Technology
1996 Mar 24-29 Denver, CO Corrosion '96 NACE
1996 Mar 25-26 London Implementing and operating marine safety management systems to meet and exceed the ISM Code IIR Ltd
1996 Mar 25-26 Plymouth GMDSS '96: 4th Global Maritime Distress and Safety System Conference: Time to act - 34 months to go Plymouth College of Further Education
1996 Mar 26, evening Aberdeen Developments in the Caspian Sea Offshore Engineering Society
1996 Mar 26-27 Stavanger European reservoir modelling conference Norwegian Petroleum Society
1996 Mar 26-28 Aberdeen Occupational health offshore, conference Health and Safety Executive (abstract deadline 31.7.95)
1996 Mar 26-29 San Diego, CA Cables and connectors, conference Marine Technology Society
1996 Mar 27-28 London Managing business processes to ensure continuous improvement in the oil and gas industry, conference IIR Ltd
1996 Mar 27-28 London 3rd Floating Production Systems annual conference, days 1-2: technical solutions and operational experience IIR Ltd
1996 Mar 28-29 London 5th Trade and Investment Opportunities in the Russian Oil Industry, conference Royal Institute of International Affairs
1996 Mar 29 London 3rd Floating Production Systems annual conference, day 3: financial and strategic forum IIR Ltd
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April 1996
1996 Apr 15-16 London Offshore safety legislation, conference IBC Technical Services
1996 Apr 15-16 Oslo Pricing access in oil and gas transportation, storage and processing, international summit SMi Ltd
1996 Apr 15-17 New Orleans, LA Offshore lease abandonment and platform disposal, workshop Minerals Management Service and Louisiana State University
1996 Apr 16-17 London Violent surface motion, conference The Royal Society
1996 Apr 16 Aberdeen 5th Offshore Installation Management Conference: maximising performance Robert Gordon University
1996 Apr 16 Warwick Applied geoscience: advances in subsurface prediction - geological and geophysical imaging Geological Society Petroleum Group
1996 Apr 16-17 Stavanger European Production Operations conference and Exhibition Norwegian Petroleum Society
1996 Apr 16-17 Stavanger European 3-D Reservoir Modelling Conference and Exhibition Norwegian Petroleum Society and Society of Petroleum Engineers
1996 Apr 17,
London Steel and concrete monopods, meeting Offshore Engineering Society
1996 Apr 17-18 Aberdeen Climate change offshore N.E. Europe Society for Underwater Technology
1996 Apr 17-18 Warwick Applied geoscience: habitat of oil and gas in the former USSR Geological Society Petroleum Group
1996 Apr 18 London Seismic '96: adapting to new seismic acquisition technology, 5th annual seismic conference Themedia Ltd
1996 Apr 18,
London Formal safety assessment: the safety case approach Institute of Marine Engineers
1996 Apr 18-19 Bergen Petroleumsøkonomi, seminar Norwegian Petroleum Society
1996 Apr 21-24 Tulsa, OK 10th Improved Oil Recovery Symposium Society of Petroleum Engineers (abstract deadline 1.9.95)
1996 Apr 22-24 Kings Langley, Hertfordshire 8th European Gas Contracts Negotiating Workshop Langham Oil Conferences Ltd
1996 Apr 22-26 Cranfield Risk, reliability and safety of subsea systems Cranfield University
1996 Apr 22-26 Madrid 14th Occupational Safety and Health World Congress  
1996 Apr 23 London Underwater engineering and education: focusing on novel ROV designs  
1996 Apr 23-24 Edinburgh Oil and Gas Technologies, EUREKA brokerage event Petroleum Science.&Technology Institute
1996 Apr 23-24 Aberdeen 3rd Production Separation Systems, conference IBC Technical Services
1996 Apr 23-24 Aberdeen Subsea technology, conference IIR Ltd
1996 Apr 23-26 Port-of-Spain, Trinidad Latin American / Caribbean petroleum engineering conference SPE
1996 Apr 24-25 Stavanger FPSO-Norge '96: Prospects for Operators and Contractors OCS Technology Group (abstract deadline 15.1.96)
1996 Apr 25-26 London Subsea Control and Data Acquisition: looking behind the technology, biennial conference Institute of Measurement and Control (abstract deadline 30.6.95)
1996 Apr 25-26 Valletta, Malta EURASLIC VI meeting European Association of Aquatics Sciences Libraries and Information Centres
1996 Apr 26-28 Bristol MIA Conference Marine Information Association
1996 Apr 28 -
  May 1
Calgary Gas technology symposium Society of Petroleum Engineers (abstract deadline 20.10.95)
1996 Apr 29-30 London Investigating new technical and strategic advances to achieve optimum offshore safety EuroForum
1996 Apr 29-30 Aberdeen AIM '96: Examining new techniques and facilities management approaches for increasing production and reducing costs to achieve best practice asset integrity management: 5th annual offshore maintenance event IIR LTD
1996 Apr 30 -
  May 2
Brighton SASMEX '96: Safety at Sea and Marine Electronics, exhibition and conference Safety at Sea
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May 1996
1996 May 1 London Autonomous underwater vehicle and their systems: recent developments and future prospects, colloquium Society for Underwater Technology, IEE
1996 May 1,
Aberdeen Decommissioning in the North Sea, presentation by E. Faulds Offshore Engineering Society
1996 May 1-2 Brighton SASMEX '96: electronic chart technology conference; Safety At Sea and Marine Electronics exhibition International Trade Publications Ltd
1996 May 6-8 Bergen Bergenskonferansen om olje og ūkonomi Norwegian Petroleum Society
1996 May 6-9 Houston, TX 28th Offshore Technology Conference Society of Petroleum Engineers (abstract deadline 15.9.95)
1996 May 6-10 The Hague EGS General assembly European Geophysical Society
1996 May 6-11 [part] Oslo Corrosion and materials offshore, conference Norwegian Society of Engineers (NITO)
1996 May 8-10 Portland, Maine Open ocean aquaculture University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension
1996 May 9,
London Performance contracting: beyond alliancing: the upstream service industry in the next millennium Institute of Petroleum
1996 May 9-10 London The North Sea annual conference: a province of excellence - facing up to new challenges Petroleum Economist and Lloyd's List
1996 May 9-10 Oslo Corrosion and materials offshore, conference Norwegian Society of Engineers
1996 May 9-11 Duisburg 17th Duisburg colloquium in marine/ocean technology: the ship as a link in the transport chain Institute of Ship Technology, Mercator University
1996 May 13-14 The Hague 6th Fluid machinery for the oil, petrochemical and related industries, European Congress Institution of Mechanical Engineers (abstract deadline 28.4.95)
1996 May 14-15 London International Oil Technology Forum International Quality and Productivity Centre Ltd
1996 May 14-15 Aberdeen Implementing Lord Cullen's R&D recommendations Health.&Safety Executive
1996 May 14-15 Aberdeen Risk and reliability and limit states in pipeline design and operations, conference IBC Technical Services
1996 May 14-15 Oslo 3rd International Summit - Safety at sea: meeting 7144 Norwegian Petroleum Society
1996 May 16 London Managing contracts and risk in the offshore oil and gas industry: cases, contracts, clauses and trends, seminar IBC Technical Services
1996 May 17 London Managing contracts and risk in the offshore oil and gas industry: insurance and liability, seminar IBC Technical Services
1996 May 19-22 Al-Ain, United Arab Emirates 30th Law of the Sea Institute annual conference: A return to abundant seas: management of fisheries and the ocean environment University of Hawaii Law of the Sea Institute
1996 May 21 Aberdeen The new pipeline regulations: the future of pipeline safety, conference Pipeline Industries Guild
1996 May 21 Loughborough Purging and venting operations for gases in transmission, distribution and storage, technical seminar Institution of Gas Engineers
1996 May 22-23 Aberdeen Reduce capex and opex by adopting a minimum facilities approach to offshore development IIR Ltd
1996 Mar 22-24 Anchorage, Alaska 66th annual Western Regional Meeting Society of Petroleum Engineers
1996 May 26 -
  Jun 1
Los Angeles ISOPE '96: 6th Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference International Society of Offshore and Polar Engineers (abstract deadline 15.7.95)
1996 May 31 -
  Jun 1
Los Angeles IDOTS '96: International Deep-Ocean Technology Symposium International Society of Offshore and Polar Engineers
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June 1996
1996 Jun 2-5 Dallas 11th Petroleum Computer Conference Society of Petroleum Engineers (abstract deadline 16.11.95)
1996 Jun 2-6 Toulouse, France NGH '96: 2nd Natural Gas Hydrates Conference PROGEP
1996 Jun 3-4 Houston, TX Logistics management in the oil and gas industry Institute for International Research
1996 Jun 3-5 Trondheim Eurogas '96: meeting 2032 Norwegian Petroleum Society
1996 Jun 3-5 Halifax, Nova Scotia Canadian Hydrographic Conference Canadian Hydrographic Society
1996 Jun 3-7 Amsterdam EAGE '96 Conference and technical exhibition European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers
1996 Jun 4-7 Baku, Azerbaijan Caspian Oil & Gas '96: 3rd International Caspian Oil and Gas Exhibition and Conference Spearhead Exhibitions
1996 Jun 5 Aberdeen The training of engineering personnel for the offshore oil and gas industry Robert Gordon University
1996 Jun 6-7 London 2nd Salvage Seminar: salvage and the marine environment Lloyd's of London Press Ltd
1996 Jun 6-7 Stavanger 10th Oil and Gas Information Conference FoP and Heriot-Watt University
1996 Jun 6-7 Copenhagen European Contracts Forum 1996 International Association of Drilling Contractors
1996 Jun 9-12 New Orleans 3rd Health, safety and environment in oil and gas exploration and production, conference Society of Petroleum Engineers (abstract deadline 2.10.95)
1996 Jun 9-14 Calgary IPC '96: International Pipeline Conference American Society of Mechanical Engineers
1996 Jun 10-11 Aberdeen Anchoring and mooring, conference IBC Technical Services
1996 Jun 10-12 Calgary 47th Annual Technical Meeting Petroleum Society of the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum
1996 Jun 10-12 Johannesburg, South Africa Sub-Saharan Oil and Minerals Conference Europe Energy Environment Conferences Ltd
1996 Jun 10-14 Johannesburg, South Africa Offshore Africa '96, exhibition Europe Energy Environment Conferences Ltd
1996 Jun 11-12 London Reservoir modelling of turbidite systems Geological Society Petroleum Group
1996 Jun 11-12 Kristiansand Fetutbyggings-Konferansen '96: Kostnadseffektiv utbygging - nye gjennomføringsmodeller NPS
1996 Jun 11-13 Maracaibo, Venezuela Latin American Petroleum Show International Exhibitions Inc
1996 Jun 12,
Aberdeen Standardisation of subsea intervention, meeting Society for Underwater Technology
1996 Jun 12-13 Aberdeen Advances in riser technologies, conference IBC Technical Services
1996 Jun 13-14 London Successful strategies for value creation in the oil and gas industry, forum EuroForum
1996 Jun 13-14 Trondheim, Norway 7th ICMES Conference: Safe and efficient ships: new approaches for design, operations and maintenance Institute of Marine Engineers
1996 Jun 16-17 Essen Natural gas prospects: energy outlook conference DRI Europe / McGraw Hill
1996 Jun 16-19 New Orleans, LA Annual Well Logging Symposium Society of Professional Well Log Analysts
1996 Jun 16-19 Calgary 1996 Conference Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists
1996 Jun 16-19 Darwin 1996 Conference and Exhibition Australian Petroleum and Exploration Association
1996 Jun 16-20 Florence, Italy OMAE '96: 15th offshore mechanics and arctic engineering conference American Society of Mechanical Engineers
1996 Jun 17,
London OSSIG: axial pile behaviour, post-OTC briefing meeting Society for Underwater Technology and Offshore Engineering Society
1996 Jun 17-18 Aberdeen Geology of the Statfjord formation, conference Geological Society Petroleum Group
1996 Jun 17-18 St John's, Newfoundland NOIA '96: East Coast Canada Oil and Gas, 12th Annual International Petroleum Conference Atlantic Expositions Ltd
1996 Jun 17-22 Honolulu, HI PACON '96: Pacific Congress on Marine Science and Technology Marine Technology Society
1996 Jun 18-19 London HP/HT '96: Going into production: safely and economically releasing the potential of HP/HT wells: the latest advances in compatible technologies and co-operation in R&D, plus a complete update on safety IIR Ltd
1996 Jun 18-19 Aberdeen 4th Prevention of oil discharge from drilling operations, event IBC Technical Services
1996 Jun 18-19 Stavanger Offshore drift- og vedelikehold '96: meeting 9059 Norwegian Petroleum Society
1996 Jun 18-19 Moscow 5th Moscow International Oil and Gas Projects Conference International Trade and Exhibitions Ltd
1996 Jun 18-20 Port Solent European workboat exhibition National Boat Shows Ltd
1996 Jun 18-20 St John's, Newfoundland Offshore Newfoundland Conference '96: Hibernia, Terra Nova, Western Newfoundland, 12th International Onshore-Offshore Petroleum Exhibition and Conference Atlantic Expositions Ltd
1996 Jun 19 Norwich Geo-hazards: highlights of OTC Society for Underwater Technology
1996 Jun 19-20 Aberdeen MTD-Tech '96: World congress on offshore oil and gas research and development OCS Technology Group (papers called for)
1996 Jun 20-21 London Decommissioning offshore structures: projects and policy, conference IBC Technical Services
1996 Jun 20-22 St John's, Newfoundland, Canada Offshore Newfoundland '96: 12th offshore-onshore petroleum exhibition  
1996 Jun 23-29 Bergen and Trondheim ITTC '96: 21st International Towing Tank Conference Marintech
1996 Jun 24 Aberdeen Overcoming the technical challenges in multiphase flow production, technical briefing EuroForum
1996 Jun 24-25 London Oil and Gas Acquisitions and Disposals Conference '96 Langham Oil Conferences
1996 Jun 24-26 London Third Millennium Petroleum: International exploration and production business opportunities and investment strategies in oil and gas Petroconsultants S.A. and Global Pacific & Partners Pty Ltd
1996 Jun 24-27 San Francisco 2nd Airborne Remote Sensing conference and exhibition ERIM
1996 Jun 25 London High integrity pressure prevention systems (HIPPS) Society for Underwater Technology
1996 Jun 25 Aberdeen Critically examining the latest advances in subsea technology, technical briefing EuroForum
1996 Jun 26 Aberdeen Exploiting recent developments in underwater operations, technical briefing EuroForum
1996 Jun 31 -
 Jul 1
Los Angeles, CA Deep-ocean technology, symposium ISOPE
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July 1996
1996 Jul 2-4 London UDT '96: Undersea Defence Technology conference and exhibition Nexus Information Technology
1996 Jul 2-5 Tianjin, China China Offshore Expo '96 Enterprise Associates International
1996 Jul 3 Aberdeen Subsea tree technology: update, day seminar Society for Underwater Technology
1996 Jul 3-4 London Analysing operational experience, technical, economic and financial factors that will determine the future role of floating production systems IIR Ltd
1996 Jul 5 London Floating production systems, conference IIR Ltd
1996 Jul 10 Aberdeen Novel approaches to underwater environmental monitoring and reclamation, meeting Society for Underwater Technology
1996 Jul 18 Durham Geographical and technical considerations in maritime boundary delimitations Durham University
1996 Jul 18,
Aberdeen Near seabed geophysics and geotechnics: what can they do for your next subsea pipeline project?, seminar Society for Underwater Technology
1996 Jul 18-19 Durham Boundaries and energy: problems and prospects: 4th conference of the International Boundaries Research Unit
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August 1996
1996 Aug 1-2 Rio de Janeiro Well control conference for the Americas IADC
1996 Aug 4-9 St Andrews-by-the-Sea, New Brunswick, Canada 3rd Performance of Concrete in the Marine Environment ACI and CANMET
1996 Aug 5-8 Wrightsville Beach, NC 50th U.S. Sea Horse Institute meeting LaQue Centre for Corrosion Technology
1996 Aug 7-9 Rio de Janeiro Coastal Pollution '96: environmental problems in coastal regions, conference Wessex Institute of Technology
1996 Aug 12-17 Rimouski, Québec, Canada Coastal Zone Canada '96 Groupe de Recherche en Environment Cotier, Université de Québec
1996 Aug 27-30 Stavanger ONS '96: 12th Offshore Northern Seas conference: meeting 8087 ONS Foundation
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September 1996
1996 Sep 1-5 Budapest Aquaculture development in Eastern Europe European Aquaculture Society
1996 Sep 3-6 Leoben, Austria 5th European Mathematics of Oil Recovery conference Institute of Reservoir Engineering
1996 Sep 4,
Edinburgh HSE Pipeline regulations Institute of Petroleum and Pipeline Industries Guild
1996 Sep 4-8 Milan, Italy Hyperbaric and underwater medicine, international joint 22nd meeting of European Undersea Biomedical Society and 12th International Congress on Hyperbaric Medicine Studio "G"
1996 Sep 8-11 Caracas, Venezuela International Congress and Exposition American Association of Petroleum Geologists and S.V.G.
1996 Sep 9-10 Aberdeen Cost-effective solutions to offshore installation abandonment in practice, conference ICM Marketing Ltd
1996 Sep 9-11 Bergen Norsk Oljevirksomhet Norwegian Petroleum Society
1996 Sep 9-11 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia APDT '96: Asia Pacific Drilling Technology Society of Petroleum Engineers (abstract deadline 15.2.96)
1996 Sep 9-13 Seattle ITS '96: International Towage and Salvage Convention Allan Brunton-Reed
1996 Sep 10-11 London OPMS '96: Offshore project management exhibition and congress OCS Technology Group
1996 Sep 11,
Aberdeen Subsea well intervention, meeting Society for Underwater Technology
1996 Sep 11-12 Aberdeen Instrumentation and offshore exhibitions, exhibition Trident Exhibitions Ltd
1996 Sep 12-15 Houston Pipeline reliability conference: risk assessment, rehabilitation and repair Pipes & Pipelines International and Gulf Publishing
1996 Sep 14-15 London Animal and sediment interactions in the marine environment Geological Society Marine Studies Group and PORCUPINE
1996 Sep 16-17 Aberdeen Controlling hydrates, waxes and asphaltenes, conference IBC Technical Services
1996 Sep 16-17 London Latest developments for the optimisation of gas processing efficiency, forum IIR Ltd
1996 Sep 16-17 Houston, TX Advances in subsea and deepwater technology, 2nd annual national forum Institute for International Research
1996 Sep 16-19 Aberdeen Decommissioning of offshore oil and gas installations Institute of Marine Engineers
1996 Sep 17 London Oil spill response workshop: the Sea Empress, a case study Institute of Petroleum
1996 Sep 17-19 Stavanger World Aquaculture Conference  
1996 Sep 18,
London Extending the commercial life of mature fields, discussion group Institute of Petroleum
1996 Sep 18-19 Aberdeen Operation and decommissioning of offshore facilities Institute of Marine Engineers and Royal Institution of Naval Architects
1996 Sep 18-19 Aberdeen Capitalising on low-cost, fast-track field development, conference IIR Ltd
1996 Sep 18-20 Como, Italy 6th Envirosoft conference: Development and application of computer techniques to environmental studies Wessex Institute of Technology
1996 Sep 18-20 Bombay Offshore Review Symposium '96 Oil Asia Journal
1996 Sep 19-20 Aberdeen Knowledge working in the oil and gas industry: using I.T. to improve efficiency and cut costs IBC Technical Services
1996 Sep 19-20 Stavanger Seminar i Petroleumsøonomi Norwegian Petroleum Society
1996 Sep 22-24 Istanbul, Turkey 2nd Petroleum Geology and Hydrocarbon Potential of the Black Sea Area Symposium  
1996 Sep 23-25 Leeds Faulting, fault sealing and fluid flow in hydrocarbon reservoirs Geological Society Petroleum Group
1996 Sep 23-25 Kristiansand 9th Kristiansand Konferansen om Boring og Brønnteknologi Norwegian Petroleum Society
1996 Sep 23-25 St John's, Newfoundland 49th Canadian Geotechnical Conference Memorial University
1996 Sep 23-26 Fort Lauderdale, FL Oceans '96 conference Institution of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and Marine Technology Society
1996 Sep 24-25 Aberdeen Assessing changing intervention practices and technologies for cost-effective lifecycle well management, conference IIR Ltd
1996 Sep 24-25 Manchester BATNEEC III symposium Institution of Chemical Engineers
1996 Sep 24-26 Rotterdam Hydro '96: 10th biennial symposium Hydrographic Society
1996 Sep 24-26 St Petersburg Polartech '96: development and commercial utilization of technologies in polar regions, conference Krylov Shipbuilding Research Institute
1996 Sep 24-27 Singapore OSEA '96: 11th Offshore South East Asia conference and exhibition Singapore Exhibition Services Pte Ltd
1996 Sep 25 London Brent Spar and after, conference Greenpeace
1996 Sep 25-26 London Performance indicators for cost reduction in the offshore industry, conference IIR Ltd
1996 Sep 26 London Upstream Safety, conference: people and changes, costs and challenges Institute of Petroleum
1996 Sep 27 London Performance indicators for cost reduction in the offshore industry, workshop IIR Ltd and Kaiser Associates
1996 Sep 30 Houston, TX Côte d'Ivoire deep water exploration opportunities, conference First Conferences
1996 Sep 30 -
 Oct 2
London Offshore pipelines '96: implementing and evaluating calculated risk taking for pipeline projects to minimise over-design and to achieve cost-effective exploitation of marginal fields, conference IIR Ltd
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October 1996
1996 Oct 1,
Gosport, Hampshire Composite materials for the marine industry, workshop The Welding Institute
1996 Oct 2,
London Cost-effective use of the Internet for energy information Information for Energy Group
1996 Oct 2 London HP/HT technology for offshore pipelines, seminar IIR Energy Conferences
1996 Oct 2-5 New York SNAME Annual Meeting Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers
1996 Oct 3-6 Aberdeen Offshore Construction and Engineering, international conference Spearhead Exhibitions
1996 Oct 6-9 Denver 71st Annual technical conference and exhibition: networking, solutions, technology Society of Petroleum Engineers
1996 Oct 7-8 Aberdeen Safety '96: practical techniques for implementing the latest offshore safety legislation, conference IIR Ltd
1996 Oct 8 3rd Atlantic margin conference Offshore Management Centre  
1996 Oct 8 London The North Sea platform supply vessel Institute of Marine Engineers
1996 Oct 8-10 Abu Dhabi Middle East regional meeting IADC
1996 Oct 9,
London Drilling Offshore Engineering Society
1996 Oct 9 Aberdeen Managing the human factors in offshore safety, workshop IIR Ltd
1996 Oct 9,
Aberdeen Subsea HP/HT developments: are we ready to go ? Society for Underwater Technology
1996 Oct 9-10 Swindon SARSS '96: Managing risk in a changing organisational climate, conference Safety and Reliability Society (abstract deadline 26.2.96)
1996 Oct 13-14 London Achieving safety at sea: practical strategies for implementing the ISM Code, conference IBC
1996 Oct 13-16 Abu Dhabi 7th Abu Dhabi petroleum exhibition and conference Society of Petroleum Engineers
1996 Oct 13-17 Rio de Janeiro Rio Oil and Gas Expo '96, exhibition and conference Instituto Brasiliero de Petroleo
1996 Oct 14-15 London Achieving safety at sea: practical strategies for implementing the ISM Code, conference IBC UK Conferences Ltd
1996 Oct 16,
Aberdeen Coiled tubing Offshore Engineering Society
1996 Oct 16-17 Bergen Offshore Drift og Vedlikehold Norwegian Petroleum Society
1996 Oct 16-19 Abu Dhabi 7th Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference International Exhibitions Inc
1996 Oct 20-23 Woodlands, TX Compartmentalized reservoirs: detection, characterization and management AAPG and EAGE
1996 Oct 21-22 Aberdeen Meeting environmental standards for the offshore industry, conference IBC Technical Services
1996 Oct 21-23 Kuala Lumpur 2nd Oil and Gas Fabrication '96: 2nd Oil and Gas Fabrication conference: finding opportunities and challenges everywhere IBC Asia Ltd
1996 Oct 21-24 Aberdeen 15th Offshore Search and Rescue, Marine/Aviation Safety and Communications Conference Leith International Conferences (abstract deadline 7.6.95)
1996 Oct 21-25 London Accidental loadings on marine structures: risk and response WEGEMT
1996 Oct 22-24 Milan EUROPEC '9C: European Petroleum Conference Society of Petroleum Engineers (abstract deadline 22.3.96)
1996 Oct 23-24 Oslo FPSO world congress and technology exhibition '96 OCS Technology Group (papers called for)
1996 Oct 23-25 Kobe, Japan Techno-Ocean '96 conference Kobe International Association
1996 Oct 24-25 Aberdeen Cost-effective and efficient power generation offshore: achieve design optimisation by maximising fuel economy and system reliability IIR Ltd
1996 Oct 28-29 Aberdeen Alliancing in the oil and gas industry: its effect on the supply chain, seminar and workshop IBC Technical Services
1996 Oct 28-29 London Oilfield engineering with polymers: cost effective technology, conference Interscience Communications (abstract deadline 31.3.96)
1996 Oct 28-31 Peebles 14th North Sea flow measurement workshop National Engineering Laboratory
1996 Oct 28-31 Adelaide 6th Asia Pacific Oil and Gas Conference Society of Petroleum Engineers (abstract deadline 16.2.96)
1996 Oct 28 - Nov 2 Bombay Offshore & Energy '96, exhibition and conference Chemtech
1996 Oct 29-30 London Exploration and exploitation of non-living deep-sea marine resources Geological Society Marine Studies Group
1996 Oct 29-30 London Tanker Industry Convention Seatrade
1996 Oct 29-31 Aberdeen IOCE '96: International Offshore Contracting and subsea engineering exhibition and conference Spearhead Exhibitions
1996 Oct 29 - Nov 2 St Petersburg Offshore Russia, exhibition and symposium The Russia House
1996 Oct 30 London Mechanical engineering careers in the offshore industry, symposium Institution of Mechanical Engineers
1996 Oct 30, 18.30 Aberdeen Shell Expro's first application of coiled tubing drilling Offshore Engineering Society
1996 Oct 30-31 Aberdeen 5th annual Partnering Forum: Partnering and alliancing '96 IIR Ltd
1996 Oct 30-31 London Towards 2000 - metres or millennium ?
Deepwater site investigation, conference
Society for Underwater Technology
1996 Oct 31 - Nov 1 Houston, TX Station keeping, workshop and seminar  
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November 1996
1996 Nov 4-7 Lake Buena Vista, FL Eco-inforama '96: Global networks for environmental information, conference ERIM (abstract deadline 1.4.96)
1996 Nov 5-6 London Ship repair and conversion conference Shiprepair & Conversion Secretariat
1996 Nov 5-6 Stavanger 6th Reservoir Management Conference Norwegian Petroleum Society
1996 Nov 5-7 Libreville, Gabon Offshore West Africa '96: conference and exhibition  
1996 Nov 7-8 Bergen Petroleum Tax Conference Norwegian Petroleum Society
1996 Nov 11-12 London SECONS '96: 5th annual Strategy and Economics in the North Sea Oil and Gas Industry, conference IIR Ltd
1996 Nov 12,
London Business development and asset management Institute of Petroleum
1996 Nov 12-13 Oslo NPF/OLD Presseseminar '96 Norwegian Petroleum Society
1996 Nov 12-13 Bakersfield, CA PACOS '96: Pacific coast oil show and conference Petro-Tech
1996 Nov 12-14 Amsterdam Holland Offshore '96, conference and exhibition RAI
1996 Nov 12-15 Kuala Lumpur Economics of platform decommissioning, conference IBC Asia Ltd
1996 Nov 13,
Aberdeen Flowline/riser connections and remote system challenges, meeting Society for Underwater Technology
1996 Nov 13-15 London Oil and gas industry export conference IBC Technical Services
1996 Nov 14 London New technology for the upstream oil industry towards the millennium, conference Information for Energy Group
1996 Nov 18-19 London Oil pollution, maritime forum IBC UK Conferences Ltd
1996 Nov 18-20 Aberdeen 10th Offshore drilling technology annual forum, workshop and exhibition IBC Technical Services
1996 Nov 18-20 Copenhagen Scientific Conference on the North Atlantic International Oceanographic Commission
1996 Nov 18-20 Arlington, VA Human and organizational error in marine structures: a quest for quality in design, construction and maintenance, symposium Society of Naval Architects & Marine Engineers and Ship Structures Committee
1996 Nov 18-20 Calgary 2nd Horizontal Well Technology Conference Society of Petroleum Engineers
1996 Nov 18-22 Houston Pipeline reliability conference Pipes & Pipelines International
1996 Nov 19 London Floating production and storage installations, seminar Institute of Marine Engineers
1996 Nov 19,
Stockport Liverpool Bay oil and gas Institute of Petroleum
1996 Nov 19-20 London Escape, evacuation and rescue Royal Institution of Naval Architects
1996 Nov 19-20 Aberdeen Advances in artificial lift technology IBC Technical Services
1996 Nov 20 Aberdeen Robotics, exhibition and meeting Society for Underwater Technology
1996 Nov 19-20 London Effective exploration in difficult terrain Geological Society Petroleum Group
1996 Nov 20,
Aberdeen Safety and the environment in the new era Offshore Engineering Society
1996 Nov 21-22 London 9th Oil and Gas Agreements Conference Langham Oil Conferences
1996 Nov 25-26 London Selecting and managing a cost-effective total package for offshore telecoms and IT IIR Ltd
1996 Nov 26 Aberdeen Mooring and riser systems: new materials and design solutions IIR Ltd
1996 Nov 26-28 Edinburgh 5th European Union Hydrocarbons Symposium: The strategic importance of oil and gas technology Petroleum Science & Technology Institute
1996 Nov 27 Cranfield, Bedford Underwater welding, Offshore/Structural Technical Group Meeting Welding & Joining Society
1996 Nov 27-28 London Safesea Management '96: Creating and maintaining an effective disaster management plan IIR Ltd
1996 Nov 27-28 Aberdeen ASPECT '96: Advances in Subsea Pipeline Engineering and Technology, conference Society for Underwater Technology and Pipeline Industries Guild
1996 Nov 28-29 Aberdeen Financing, contracting, building and operating FPSOs ICM Marketing Ltd
1996 Nov 28-29 Kuala Lumpur 2nd Floating Production Systems annual conference IBC Asia Ltd
1996 Nov 28-29 Singapore 1st Insuring Offshore Marine Structures Pan-Asia Summit IBC Asia Ltd
1996 Nov-Dec Australia FPSO Congress and Exhibition OCS Technology Group
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December 1996
1996 Dec 2-3 London Advances in using ROVs offshore IBC Technical Services
1996 Dec 2-4 Kuala Lumpur 2nd Pipetech Asia Conference: prospects and challenges in pipeline investments, designs and operations IBC Asia Ltd
1996 Dec 3-4 Aberdeen 1st Best Practices in Benchmarking, European oil and gas industry conference Robert Gordon University
1996 Dec 3-5 London PETEX '96: Surfing the wave: using technology in the 90s Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain
1996 Dec 3-6 Vienna Gastech '96: 17th LNG, Natural Gas, LPG international conference RAI London
1996 Dec 4 Aberdeen ROV technologies, technical forum IBC Technical Services
1996 Dec 4-5 London Offshore structures: hazard and integrity management, conference ERA Technology Ltd
1996 Dec 8-11 Houston, TX Stratigraphic analysis utilizing advanced geophysical wireline and borehole technology for petroleum exploration and production G.C.S.S.E.P.M. Foundation
1996 Dec 9-10 London 3rd annual decommissioning conference: Proactively decommissioning offshore structures, conference and workshop IIR Ltd
1996 Dec 9-11 London 11th Floating production systems annual conference IBC Technical Services
1996 Dec 11,
Aberdeen Marginal field - minimal cost, meeting Society for Underwater Technology
1996 Dec 12-13 London Subsea '96: 13th annual conference: Subsea production and its interfaces Themedia Ltd (abstract deadline 14.6.96)
1996 Dec 12-13 Aberdeen Latest advances in offshore processing, conference IBC Technical Services
1996 Dec 16-17 London Upstream standardisation workshop Institute of Petroleum
1996 Dec 16-17 London Effective R&D strategies for the offshore industry IIR Ltd
1996 Dec 16-18 New Orleans, LA Human factors in offshore operations: design, construction, drilling, workovers, production and organizational issues Primatech Inc
1996 Dec 17-20 Madras Ocean engineering, conference Ocean Engineering Centre

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