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1999 Jan 5-7 Plymouth Hydro '99: 11th biennial conference Hydrographic Society
1999 Jan 12 Aberdeen Risk based design, technical meeting Steel Construction Institute
1999 Jan 12-13 London New technologies for offshore oil and gas in West Africa, conference IQPC Ltd
1999 Jan 13 London Risk based design, technical meeting Steel Construction Institute
1999 Jan 14 Houston The latest in deepwater facility selection, applied technology workshop Society of Petroleum Engineers
1999 Jan 14-15 London OAR '99: Offshore abandonment and removal, conference Spearhead Exhibitions
1999 Jan 14-15 London Opportunities for oil and gas development in the South Atlantic, conference Spearhead Exhibitions
1999 Jan 18-19 London E & P data management, conference SMi Ltd
1999 Jan 18-20 New Orleans Underwater intervention '99 Association of Diving Contractors Inc
1999 Jan 19-20 Sandefjord Oljeindustripolitisk, seminar Norwegian Petroleum Society
1999 Jan 20,
London Offshore technology developments to meet environmental challenges, meeting Offshore Engineering Society
1999 Jan 21-22 London Economics of marginal fields, conference SMi Ltd
1999 Jan 26-27 Aberdeen Deeptec '99: 6th Deepwater technology forum: Optimising the cost efficiency of deep water field developments IIR Ltd
1999 Jan 26-27 Aberdeen 5th Advances in Solving Oilfield Scaling, conference IBC Conferences Ltd
1999 Jan 28-29 London Electronic commerce for oil and gas First Conferences
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1999 Feb 2-3 Oslo 3rd New trends in geoscience computing: the shared earth, conference Norwegian Petroleum Society (abstract deadline 15.08.98)
1999 Feb 3,
London Offshore soil-structure interaction, meeting Offshore Engineering Society
1999 Feb 9-11 Galveston, Texas Corrosion control for marine structures and pipelines, workshop Colorado School of Mines
1999 Feb 14-17 Houston, TX 15th Reservoir Simulation Symposium Society of Petroleum Engineers
1999 Feb 15 London Financing the international petroleum industry, conference Institute of Petroleum
1999 Feb 16-19 Houston, TX Oilfield chemistry, symposium Society of Petroleum Engineers (abstract deadline 1.4.98)
1999 Feb 17 London 12th Oil Price Seminar: crude oil pricing in deregulated markets in Asia Institute of Petroleum
1999 Feb 18 London The Caspian Region: the major oil and gas play for the next decade, conference Institute of Petroleum
1999 Feb 22-23 Aberdeen 5th Multiphase Metering: field applications and new technologies, conference IBC Conferences Ltd
1999 Feb 22-23 London Best practice compliance with environmental regulations for offshore drilling, conference IIR Ltd
1999 Feb 22-23 Bahrain MEOS '99: 11th Middle East Oil Conference and Exhibition Society of Petroleum Engineers
1999 Feb 24,
London Deepwater technology: compliant towers vs TLP, meeting Offshore Engineering Society
1999 Feb 24-25 Aberdeen 2nd Production Separation Systems annual forum IIR Ltd
1999 Feb 25-26 Amsterdam OPT '99: 22nd Offshore Pipeline Technology annual conference IBC Conferences Ltd
1999 Feb 25-26 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Cutting well co$t$, conference IBC Conferences Ltd
1999 Feb 28 -
 Mar 3
Phuket, Thailand Slimhole wells: challenges and opportunities for cost-effective production, applied technology workshop Society of Petroleum Engineers (abstract deadline 26.6.98)
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1999 Mar 1-3 Austin, TX Exploration and production environmental conference Society of Petroleum Engineers (abstract deadline 26.6.98)
1999 Mar 1-3 Singapore Asian Upstream '99: exploration and production business strategy and oil & gas opportunities, conference Global Pacific & Partners
1999 Mar 1-3 Vancouver, BC Applied geologic remote sensing: practical solutions for real-world problems  
1999 Mar 2-3 London Angola oil and gas conference IBC Global Conferences Ltd
1999 Mar 4-5 Aberdeen Reusing or recycling offshore facilities ? Institute of Petroleum
1999 Mar 17 Aberdeen Design analysis for blast, meeting Offshore Engineering Society and Aberdeen Asssociation of Civil Engineers
1999 Mar 8-10 Haugesund NUS '99: Norsk Unvervannsymposium Norwegian Petroleum Society
1999 Mar 8-11 Seattle 16th biennial Oil Spill Conference: beyond 2000: balancing perspectives American Petroleum Institute (abstract deadline 30.4.98)
1999 Mar 9-11 Amsterdam 16th SPE/IADC Drilling Conference Society of Petroleum Engineers
1999 Mar 10 Aberdeen North Sea Oil '99: Rising to the challenge Crine Network
1999 Mar 10, evening Aberdeen Seismic technologuy Society for Underwater Technology
1999 Mar 10-11 London 3rd Reserve Acquiaitions in Oil and Gas, conference SMi Ltd
1999 Mar 17 London Economic, safety and environmental solutions to decommissioning in the North Sea, conference EuroForum
1999 Mar 17, evening London Novel means of susbeas wellhead control. Society for Underwater Technology
1999 Mar 17-19 Bakersfield, CA 5th Thermal Operations and Heavy Oil Symposium Society of Petroleum Engineers (abstract deadline 4.9.98)
1999 Mar 20-23 Dallas, TX Hydrocarbon economics and evaluation symposium Society of Petroleum Engineers (abstract deadline 7.8.98)
1999 Mar 22-23 London Strategic portfolio management for upstream oil and gas, symposium EuroForum
1999 Mar 22-25 New Orleans, LA Deepwater pipeline technology conference and exhibition Clarion Technical Conferences
1999 Mar 23-24 Stavanger 5th Latest Advances in Oilfield Scaling Conference IBC Conferences Ltd
1999 Mar 23-25 Abidjan, Ivory Coast OWA '99: 3rd Offshore West Africa, annual conference  
1999 Mar 24-25 Dallas, TX Probabilistic assessment of reserves, applied technology workshop Society of Petroleum Engineers
1999 Mar 24-26 Ravenna, Italy OMC '99: 4th Offshore Mediterranean Conference: the Mediterranean - focus of the future world energy scene OMC Scrl
1999 Mar 25 Aberdeen Diverless connection technologuy, seminar Society for Underwater Technology
1999 Mar 25-26 Newcastle upon Tyne Deep and ultra-deep water offshore technology, conference Institute of Marine Engineers (papers called for)
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1999 Apr 11-14 San Antonio, TX Annual meeting American Association of Petroleum Geologists
1999 Apr 12-14 Amsterdam 4th Marine Corrosion Forum Nickel Development Institute
1999 Apr 13, evening London Overview of wells and well integrity Institute of Marine Engineers
1999 Apr 13-14 Palermo, Sicily Mediterranean Gas Conference Overview Conferences
1999 Apr 13-15 London Oil and gas remote location operations: cost and risk reduction, conference and exhibition Energy Logistics
1999 Apr 13-16 Moscow MIOGE '99: 5th Moscow Oil and Gas Conference and Exhibition International Trade and Exhibitions
1999 Apr 14, evening Aberdeen Raw water injection, meeting. Society for Underwater Technology
1999 Apr 15, evening London West Africa, meeting. Society for Underwater Technology
1999 Apr 15-16 Haugesund GTS '99: 6th Symposium on the Operation of the Gas Transport System Norwegian Petroleum Society
1999 Apr 14-15 London FPS '99: 6th annual forum: FPS installation, operation and maintenance IIR Ltd
1999 Apr 15-16 The Hague 7th Fluid Machinery for the Oil, Petrochemical and Rela$ Institution of Mechanical Engineers
1999 Apr 20-21 London Kuwait Petroleum Summit SMi Ltd
1999 Apr 20-21 Rotterdam 9th Marine Surveying annual forum IBC Global Conferences
1999 Apr 20-22 Jakarta Asia Pacific Oil and Gas Conference and Exhibition Society of Petroleum Engineers
1999 Apr 20-23 Toulouse, France SPE / EAGE International Symposium on Petroleum Geostatistics Society of Petroleum Engineers, London
1999 Apr 21-23 Caracas, Venezuela 6th Latin American and Caribbean Petroleum Engineering Conference Society of Petroleum Engineers (abstract deadline 14.9.98)
1999 Apr 22 Aberdeen Oil-in-Water Monitoring, workshop National Engineering Laboratory
1999 Apr 27-29 Singapore Oceanology International Pacific Rim '99 Spearhead Exhibitions
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1999 May  Hamburg Computational fluid dynamics for ship and offshore structure design, school WEGEMT
1999 May 1 Aberdeen Subsea system design, seminar Society for Underwater Technology
1999 May 3-5 Bergen Sedimentary environments offshore Norway: paleozoic to recent, conference Norwegian Petroleum Society (abstract deadline 1.10.98)
1999 May 3-6 Houston, TX 31st Offshore Technology Conference Society of Petroleum Engineers
1999 May 4 London Fire - phase 2 and beyond, technical meeting Steel Construction Institute
1999 May 5 Aberdeen Fire - phase 2 and beyond, technical meeting Steel Construction Institute
1999 May 9-12 Abu Dhabi, UAE 3rd Pipeline Rehabilitation and Maintenance conference and exhibition Energy Logistics (abstract deadline 31.12.98)
1999 May 10-14 Stavanger Limit state design of pipelines and risers IBC UK Conferences
1999 May 11-12 London Oil pollution: contingency planning and response for port and terminal operators: compliance with OPRC, conference DMG Business Media Ltd
1999 May 11-12 Oslo 10th European Gas Conference Norwegian Petroleum Society
1999 May 17-18 London Investigating the issues surrounding deepwater and ultra deepwater drilling, conference SMi Ltd
1999 May 18-19 Aberdeen Managing contractors and suppliers to reduce costs in the offshore industry, conference IIR Ltd
1999 May 18-19 Stavanger 6th Production Separation Systems Forum IBC Global Conferences
1999 May 19-20 London Advances in Seismic Technologies SMi Ltd
1999 May 24-25 Aberdeen 4th Advances in Riser Technologies conference IBC UK Conferences
1999 May 24-26 Lemnos, Greece Water Pollution '99: modelling, measuring and prediction, conference Wessex Institute of Technology (abstract deadline 1.9.98)
1999 May 25 Aberdeen 15 Minutes to save Lstg 150k Costs Grampian Enterprise
1999 May 25-26 Houston, TX SPE/ICoTA Coiled tubing roundtable Society of Petroleum Engineers (abstract deadline 16.10.98)
1999 May 25-27 Bochum, Germany Eurogas '99 Norwegian Petroleum Society with DVGW
1999 May 26-27 London Marinflex '99: flexible pipes, umbilicals and marine cables: materials utilisation for cyclic and thermal loading, conference BPP Technical Services
1999 May 26-27 Aberdeen 4th Continuous Advances in Moorings and Anchorings Conference IBC UK Conferences
1999 May 26-28 Lemnos, Greece Coastal Engineering '99: computer modelling of seas and coastal regions, conference Wessex Institute of Technology (abstract deadline 1.9.98)
1999 May 28 London Project Optimisation in a Low Oil Price Scenario & Growth Regions of the Petroleum Industry, seminar SPE London
1999 May 29-30 Dublin Petroleum Exploration of Ireland's Offshore Basins, conference Institute of Petroleum
1999 May 30 -
 Jun 4
Brest, France 9th Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference and Exhibition International Society of Offshore and Polar Engineers (abstract deadline 1.8.98)
1999 May 31 -
 Jun 1
The Hague European formation damage conference Society of Petroleum Engineers (abstract deadline 16.10.98)
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1999 Jun 1-4 Baku, Azerbaijan 6th Caspian Oil and Gas Conference and Exhibition Spearhead Exhibitions
1999 Jun 2 Aberdeen On-line Monitoring Techniques for the Offshore Industry Robert Gordon University
1999 Jun 2 London Opportunities for British contractors and service companies in new markets around the world, discussion group Institute of Petroleum
1999 Jun 4 Sunbury on Thames 6th Atlantic Margin [metocean] workshop Society for Underwater Technology
1999 Jun 7 London Cost-effective exploration wells Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain
1999 Jun 7-9 Moscow EUROMS '99: 2nd international pipeline symposium International Society of Offshore and Polar Engineers
1999 Jun 7-11 Helsinki, Finland 61st EAGE Conference and Technical Exhibition European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers
1999 Jun 8 Aberdeen Innovative drilling techniques, conference Society of Petroleum Engineers
1999 Jun 8-9 Paris Investing in West Africa oil and gas, conference IIR Ltd
1999 Jun 8-10 ENS '99 Environment Northern Seas, conference and exhibition ENS Secretariat
1999 Jun 8-12 Oslo Annual symposium Society of Petroleum Well Log Analysts
1999 Jun 10 London Control of Legionnaires' Disease in the Oil Industry, workshop Institute of Petroleum
1999 Jun 13-17 Stavanger Pipeline pigging conference and exhibition Pipes and Pipelines International
1999 Jun 14-18 Calgary, Canada 50th Annual Technical Meeting: Towards the year 2000 Petroleum Society of CIM
1999 Jun 15-16 London Nigerian oil and gas conference IBC Global Conferences Ltd
1999 Jun 16-17 Stavanger Informasjon '99: digital orden, konsekvenser for kvalitet, kultur og kapital Forim for Petroleumsinformasjon
1999 Jun 16-18 Cannes, France Multiphase '99: 9th Multiphase Conference: Frontier technology comes of age BHR Group
1999 Jun 22 London Seimsics operations, seminar Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain
1999 Jun 22-23 St John's, Nfld Offshore Newfoundland petroleum exhibition American Soc of Mechanical Engineers
1999 Jun 23-24 London Petroset '99: Transferring solutions to impact the oil and gas industry Centre for Marine and Petroleum Technology
1999 Jun 24-25 London Worldwide Deepwater Technologies 1999, conference IBC Global Conferences
1999 Jun 30 London Internet sources relevant to the Energy Industries, part 2: Information for Free Information for Energy Group
1999 Jun 29 -
Jul 2
St Petersburg, Russia RAO '99: Development of the Russian arctic offshore KSRI State Research Centre
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1999 Jul 5-6 London Value-based risk management in oil and gas EuroForum
1999 Jul 11-16 St John's, Nfld OMAE '99: Offshore Mechanics and Arctic Engineering Conference American Society of Mechanical Engineers
1999 Jul 12 Aberdeen Smart downhole technology, conference EuroForum
1999 Jul 13-14 Aberdeen Offshore pipelines in deepwater and HPHT environments, conference IIR Ltd
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1999 Aug 7-10 Trondheim Aquaculture Europe '99: Towards predictable quality European Aquaculture Society
1999 Aug 18-20 Brighton Improved oil recovery, European symposium European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers
1999 Aug 23-25 Durham, NH 11th Unmanned Untethered Submersible Technology symposium Autonomous Undersea Systems Institute
1999 Aug 23-27 Helsinki, Finland POAC '99: 15th Ports and Oceans under Arctic Conditions conference Helsinki University of Technology
1999 Aug 25-27 Durham, New Hampshire 11th Unmanned Untethered Submersible Technology symposium University of New Hampshire (abstract deadline 01.03.99)
1999 Aug 26-29 Stavanger ENS '99: Sunfilter 2000: 5th Environment Northern Seas conference and exhibition ENS Secretariat
1999 Aug 31 Aberdeen More efficient exploration, extraction and production technologies for hydrocarbons? : 5th RTD Framework Programme Information Dissemination workshop UK-ASSIST and European Oil & Gas Innovation Forum
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1999 Sep 7-8 London Emissions abatement mechaniosms for major energy users and producers, conference IBC UK Conferences Ltd
1999 Sep 7-10 Aberdeen Offshore Europe '99: new challenges, new answers, conference Offshore Europe Partnership
1999 Sep 8-12 Plymouth Marine coatings, school WEGEMT
1999 Sep 9 Middlesbrough Assessment of flexible risers, workshop The Welding Institute
1999 Sep 9-10 Monaco Technical aspects of maritime boundary delineation and delimitation, conference International Hydrographic Bureau
1999 Sep 12-15 Birmingham International Conference American Association of Petroleum Geologists
1999 Sep 12-17 Saint-Maxime, France Sand prediction and control (drilling), European forum Society of Petroleum Engineers
1999 Sep 13-16 Washington, D.C. Oceans '99 Conference Marine Technology Society and IEEE
1999 Sep 13-17 Dundee UK oil and gas law Centre for Petroleum and Marine Law
1999 Sep 14 Aberdeen Cost saving innovations in subsea and pipeline engineering Society for Underwater Technology
1999 Sep 14-15 Southampton Unmanned underwater vehicles showcase, conference and exhibition Spearhead Exhibitions
1999 Sep 15-17 Amsterdam Reliability Conference: Oil, Petrochem, Power Global Technology Forum
1999 Sep 16-17 London 2nd World Oil Prices annual conference CWC Associates Ltd
1999 Sep 16-17 Harrogate Dispersions, emulsions and foams: characterisation and separation principles, conference Filtration Society (abstract deadline 1.5.99)
1999 Sep 19-24 Saint-Maxime, France Natural gas hydrates in production operations - problems and solutions (production engineering), European forum Society of Petroleum Engineers
1999 Sep 21-22 London Knowledge management in energy, conference IBC Global Conferences Ltd
1999 Sep 21-24 Redhill Helitech '99: 8th helicopter technology showcase Spearhead Exhibitions
1999 Sep 22-23 Bristol Coastal management '99: integrating science, engineering and management, conference Thomas Telford Conferences
1999 Sep 22-24 Lafayette, LA Offshore gas operations conference and exhibition SGA
1999 Sep 22-25 St Petersburg, Russia NEVA '99: Shipping and Offshore exhibition, conference, seminars Dolphin Exhibitions
1999 Sep 26 -
Oct 1
Saint-Maxime, France Stimulation of unconventional completions (production engineering), European forum Society of Petroleum Engineers
1999 Sep 28 Middlesbrough Structural integrity of welded joints in floating production, storage and offloading, workshop The Welding Institute (TWI)
1999 Sep 28-30 Nice, France Floating production systems, conference OCS (Offshore Conference Services)
1999 Sep 29 London Millennium bug and offshore industry Institution of Civil Engineers
1999 Sep 29 Middlesbrough Reliability and RBI of pipelines, workshop The Welding Institute (TWI)
1999 Sep 29 -
Oct 1
Edinburgh Pipeline protection, conference BHR Group
1999 Sep 29, 18:30 Aberdeen Safety implications for offshore foundations of conductor and shallow well drilling, presentation Offshore Engineering Society
1999 Sep 30 -
Oct 1
Houston, TX Well testing of gas condensate reservoirs, workshop Society of Petroleum Engineers
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1999 Oct 3-6 Houston, TX 74th annual technical conference Society of Petroleum Engineers
1999 Oct 4-5 Oslo 4th Risk based and limit state design and operation of pipelines event IBC Global Conferences Ltd
1999 Oct 6-9 Egmond aan Zee, Netherlands QUASIMEME-QUASH: Quality of measurement in the marine and estuarine environment, conference FRS Marine Laboratory
1999 Oct 11-13 Aberdeen Floating production systems, conference OCS (Offshore Conference Services)
1999 Oct 11-13 London Offshore pipeline and subsea engineering conference IBC UK Conferences
1999 Oct 12-13 Aberdeen Key performance indicators in the oil and gas industry, conference IIR Ltd
1999 Oct 12-13 Southampton OMS '99: Offshore Marine Support, conference Institute of Petroleum
1999 Oct 13 East Kilbride Developments in non-intrusive flow measurement: realising the benefits of ultrasonic and electromagnetic technology, seminar National Engineering Laboratory
1999 Oct 13-14 The Netherlands The re-use of offshore production facilities, conference Institute of Petroleum and Netherlands Energy Research Foundation
1999 Oct 14-15 Aberdeen Oil and gas processing, conference OCS (Offshore Conference Services)
1999 Oct 18-19 Aberdeen Data transfer and telecommunications in oil and gas EuroForum
1999 Oct 19-21 Stavanger 11th Deep Offshore Technology conference Deep Offshore Technology
1999 Oct 20-21 London Learning from marine incidents, conference Royal Institution of Naval Architects
1999 Oct 25-26 London Oil and gas developments in West Africa, comference IBC Global Conferences
1999 Oct 25-26 Aberdeen Focus on solving oilfield scaling, conference IBC Global Conferences Ltd
1999 Oct 25-26 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Asia Pacific improved oil recovery conference Society of Petroleum Engineers
1999 Oct 25-28 Gardermoen, Norway 17th North Sea Flow Measurement Workshop National Engineering Laboratory
1999 Oct 25-29 Glasgow Maritime safety and the design process: Euroconference 1 WEGEMT and Strathclyde University
1999 Oct 26-28 Aberdeen Offshore Search and Rescue Conference Leith International Conferences
1999 Oct 27-28 Warsash, Southampton 5th IASST Conference: Safety and Survival in the Maritime Environment International Association for Safety and Survival Training
1999 Oct 27-28 London 3rd Marine Salvage Forum Lloyd's of London Press Ltd
1999 Oct 28-29 Aberdeen Focus on controlling hydrates, waxes and asphaltenes, conference IBC Global Conferences Ltd
1999 Oct 29 -
Nov 2
Imari, Japan International Symposium on Ocean Technology and Energy
1999 Oct 31 -
Nov 5
Houston, TX Exposition and Annual Meeting Society of Exploration Geophysicists
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1999 Nov 2-3 New Orleans, LA 4th Deepwater Technologies and Developments annual conference Strategic Research Institute
1999 Nov 3 London Developments in Pipeline Materials: Offshore and Structural Technical Group meeting Welding and Joining Society
1999 Nov 3-4 London 2nd Caspian energy meeting, retreat CWC Associates Ltd
1999 Nov 3-4 Oslo, Norway 10th Petroleum Tax conference Norwegian Petroleum Society
1999 Nov 7-9 Houston, TX Health care and trauma at remote locations conference Oil & Gas Journal
1999 Nov 8-10 India OMS '99: Ocean Mining Symposium International Society of Offshore and Polar Engineers
1999 Nov 9 Southampton Secrets beneath the South Coast Seas, conference Society for Underwater Technology
1999 Nov 9, pm London The Internet Part 3: What, Where, How and Why ?, seminar Information for Energy Group
1999 Nov 9-10 Aberdeen 2nd Latest Advances in Offshore Processing conference IBC Global Conferences
1999 Nov 10 Aberdeen Subsea asset management, meeting Society for Underwater Technology
1999 Nov 11-12 Houston, TX Deepwater riser technology conference Clarion Technical Conferences
1999 Nov 15-16 London 3rd Sakhalin oil and gas, annual conference IBC Global Conferences
1999 Nov 16 Paris International oil summit ENSPM Formation Industrie
1999 Nov 16-17 Houston, TX Petrosat '99: the future of global oil and gas communications Phillips Business Information
1999 Nov 16-18 Cannes Submarine communications, the future of International Network Infrastructure IBC Global Conferences
1999 Nov 17 Norwich Deepwater site investigation Society for Underwater Technology
1999 Nov 17-18 London 1999 Oil and Gas Agreements Conference Langham Oil Conferences Ltd
1999 Nov 10 Aberdeen Diverless connection technology, meeting Society for Underwater Technology
1999 Nov 18-19 Portsmouth BIASLIC '99: annual meeting Britain and Ireland Association of Aquatic Science Libraries and Information Centres
1999 Nov 24-25 Aberdeen Oil and gas in the Faroe Islands: ensuring exploration success, conference EuroForum
1999 Nov 24-25 Aberdeen The changing face of contracting in the oil and gas industry today, conference IBC UK Conferences
1999 Nov 25-28 Oslo North Sea Flow Measurement, annual workshop Norwegian Society of Chartered Engineers (abstract deadline 15.3.99)
1999 Nov 28 -
 Dec 1
Shanghai, China International Ocean Development Exhibition
1999 Nov 30 -
 Dec 1
London Safety on offshore installations, conference and exhibition ERA Technology
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1999 Dec 1 London Offshore Safety Forum IBC Global Conferences
1999 Dec 2-3 Aberdeen 14th Floating Production Systems conference IBC Global Conferences
1999 Dec 6-7 Aberdeen Commercial strategies and technological advances to enable low cost and profitable marginal field developemnt, conference IIR Ltd
1999 Dec 6-7 Aberdeen 4th Meeting Environmental Standards for the Offshore Industry Conference IBC Global Conferences
1999 Dec 7, evening London Advances in the use of high temperature / high pressure pipelines, offshore paper Institute of Marine Engineers
1999 Dec 7-8 London AUV technology: commercial viability and technological achievements, conference IBC UK Conferences
1999 Dec 7-8 London Subsea '99 conference: subsea developments in the low-cost era Knighton Enterprises Ltd
1999 Dec 8-11 Jakarta, Indonesia OGTI '99: Oil and Gas Technology Indonesia Exhibition and Conference Overseas Exhibition Services
1999 Dec 9-10 London Preparedness and response to oil spills, seminar Institute of Marine Engineers
1999 Dec 9-10 London 2nd Seabed Geotechnics annual conference: maximising the value of geotechnical data for offshore projects IBC UK Conferences
1999 Dec 15-17 Cambridge Stochastic volume and surface scattering: recent developments in underwater acoustics, conference Institute of Acoustics

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