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  1. Background.
  2. How OneStep Services work
  3. Content - Selected Jobsfeeds
  4. Contact Details

1. Background

OneStep Jobs is a new free service produced by EEVL, the Internet Guide to Engineering, Mathematics and Computing. [More about EEVL...]

The OneStep Jobs service is part of a suite of One Step Services which aggregate the very latest information from top sources and present them in an easily accessible format. OneStep Jobs gives you the latest jobs vacancies from top sources in one place. OneStep content is updated many times each day.

2. How OneStep Services work

OneStep Services utilise a data format called RSS to aggregate content from a range of information providers. Put simply, RSS is a format for easily sharing content on the web. [More about RSS...]

OneStep Services gather data (in the form of RSS Feeds) from top sources, aggregate these sources together, and provide a searchable and browsable interface. The overall aim is to provide a quick means of monitoring a range of useful sources with minimum effort. It is important to note that OneStep Services contain only the latest items available from a range content providers - not access to their full content.

3. Content - Selected Jobsfeeds

Some of the top engineering, mathematics and computing resources have been selected by subject specialists for inclusion in the OneStep Services. Help us find more by suggesting your own favourite sites.

4. Contact Details

For comments on the service or to suggest sites for inclusion please use the web forms provided.

For further information or queries please contact;

Roddy MacLeod
EEVL Manager
Heriot-Watt University Library
0131 451 3576

More Engineering, Mathematics and Computing Jobs and Recruitment sites are available from the EEVL Catalogue of high quality Internet resources.

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