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  1. 'French Steve Jobs' & His Teacherless School   26/May/16 12:01pm
    The shortage of skilled software engineers is real globally. It took a French billionaire to develop a blueprint for the "school of the future."   Wireless Net News
  2. Teardown: A Tiny Drone & Its Controller   26/May/16 12:01pm
    In this teardown, see what you get when you spend $10 on a tiny drone.   Wireless Net News
  3. OEMs Leverage Online Resources for Better Buying   26/May/16 12:01pm
    UBM's 2016 Global Distributor Customer Evaluation Study gathered the thoughts of industry leaders about how they are using online resources to collect design information, identify suppliers, and more.   Wireless Net News
  4. Tower Debuts RF Process For IoT Front Ends   26/May/16 12:01pm
    Specialty foundry says it has begun mass production of a silicon-germanium process tailored to meet the demands of wireless front-ends on an integrated circuit for the Internet of Things.   Wireless Net News
  5. Foundries' Sales Show Hard Times Continuing   26/May/16 12:01pm
    Taiwanese foundries TSMC and UMC, two partial bellwethers of the semiconductor sector, have both indicate with recent sales figures that a chip market slow down that lasted through the winter is not yet over.   Wireless Net News
  6. Going the Distance with PCIe   26/May/16 12:01pm
    Redrivers can strengthen signals and maintain their integrity when they have to travel further within a system, including SATA and M.2 SSDs   Wireless Net News
  7. If dogs could talk... this is what they would say   26/May/16 12:00pm
    Scientists at Georgia Tech have developed technology that allows dogs to trigger audible cues or send text message alerts. Sponsored: Drivers With No Tickets In 3 Years Read This Do NOT pay your next car insurance bill until you try this.   CNN Technology
  8. W. Kamau Bell: True stories of life off the grid   26/May/16 12:00pm
    Well, it's that time again. Every four years, like clockwork, the big talk pronouncements begin: the promises soon to be left unfulfilled, the bellicose hype that months from now will be long gone and gladly forgotten. All the chest-thumping and jingoism that we are seeing right now will just melt away and we will go back to business as usual.   CNN Technology
  9. Are flying robots the perfect co-workers?   26/May/16 12:00pm
    The year is 2020. A group of warehouse workers are locking up for the weekend. Popular: Radical Islam in America | Graham Opposes Republican Leader | Guns in America   CNN Technology
  10. The bionic skin that can feel a tumor   26/May/16 12:00pm
    Prof. Takao Someya has invented an electronic skin (e-skin) that could be used to create functional prostheses or detect tumors simply by touching a woman's breast.   CNN Technology

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