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  1. Deepest-ever reef survey by divers discovers new fish species   26/Jul/16 08:00pm
    Two marine biologists beat the record for the deepest underwater survey carried out by human divers, investigating a little-studied ecosystem full of new species   New Scientist: Online News
  2. Bye bye Philae! Comet team to lose touch with lander for good   26/Jul/16 08:00pm
    The intrepid comet lander is finally going quiet - but you will have a chance to pay your respects   New Scientist: Online News
  3. Missing craters on Ceres may have been smoothed by a mud facial   26/Jul/16 08:00pm
    Ceres has surprisingly few large craters for a dwarf planet located in an asteroid belt, but its muddy composition could have wiped away the biggest impacts   New Scientist: Online News
  4. Dolly the sheep’s poor health may not have been due to cloning   26/Jul/16 08:00pm
    Four sheep cloned from the same animal as Dolly are all in good health at the age of 9, suggesting Dolly’s osteoarthritis may not have been caused by cloning   New Scientist: Online News
  5. New Zealand to wipe out all rats as part of alien eradication   26/Jul/16 08:00pm
    The country’s prime minister calls the NZ$28 million venture to wipe out rats, stoats and possums by 2050 the most ambitious conservation project ever attempted   New Scientist: Online News
  6. Mystery of what sleep does to our brains may finally be solved   26/Jul/16 08:00pm
    The purpose of sleep may be to weaken the new brain connections we form during the day, ensuring we have enough capacity to form more memories when we wake up   New Scientist: Online News
  7. Who should we believe when it comes to fertility?   26/Jul/16 08:00pm
    Difficult choices over when to start a family are not made any easier by conflicting signals from doctors and fertility clinics   New Scientist: Online News
  8. UK’s £1 billion cut to carbon storage could cost £30 billion   26/Jul/16 08:00pm
    The government cancelled its support for carbon capture and storage technology last year, without which, the costs of meeting its climate targets will skyrocket   New Scientist: Online News
  9. Boozy primates seek out nectar with the highest alcohol content   26/Jul/16 08:00pm
    Aye-ayes and a slow loris preferred artificial nectar with more booze in lab tests, suggesting that tippling is an ancient strategy for primates   New Scientist: Online News
  10. Are your sperm up to scratch? Phone microscope lets you check   26/Jul/16 08:00pm
    A cheap clip-on microscope could spare some men a potentially embarrassing visit to a fertility clinic   New Scientist: Online News

1 to 10 of 693