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  1. NASA Awards Contract for Construction of New Mission Launch Command Center at Wallops Flight Facility   30/Aug/15 08:01pm
    NASA has awarded a contract to Harkins Contracting Inc. of Salisbury, Maryland, for the construction of a new Mission Launch Command Center (MLCC) at the agency’s Wallops Flight Facility in Wallops Island, Virginia.   NASA Breaking News
  2. Colette Heald awarded AGU James Macelwane Medal   30/Aug/15 08:01pm
    Professor in civil and environmental engineering and earth, atmospheric and planetary sciences will be honored at an awards ceremony in December.   MIT News - Civil engineering
  3. Designing for flexibility   30/Aug/15 08:01pm
    Richard de Neufville teaches and practices flexible engineering design for infrastructure projects that meet the challenges of the future.   MIT News - Civil engineering
  4. CEE Cross-Disciplinary Seed Funds awarded   30/Aug/15 08:01pm
    Two new research projects will allow everyone to breathe easier.   MIT News - Civil engineering
  5. Predicting sediment flow in coastal vegetation   30/Aug/15 08:01pm
    Model could help engineers design erosion-prevention strategies in marshes, wetlands, aquatic forests.   MIT News - Civil engineering
  6. Can phone data detect real-time unemployment?   30/Aug/15 08:01pm
    Study: Usage patterns vary when people are not working.   MIT News - Civil engineering
  7. Breaking down social networks in a city   30/Aug/15 08:01pm
    New research finds urban social networks are not determined geographically, but socially.   MIT News - Civil engineering
  8. Learning from MIT.nano   30/Aug/15 08:01pm
    An MIT class goes on a field trip — to the center of campus.   MIT News - Civil engineering
  9. Study: Ocean source of a greenhouse gas has been underestimated   30/Aug/15 08:01pm
    Cycling of nitrous oxide, a potent greenhouse gas, is more intense than thought, and emissions are increasing.   MIT News - Civil engineering
  10. Dropbox DROPS BOX as service GOES TITSUP worldwide   30/Aug/15 08:01pm
    Finger trouble? Firm blames routine maintenance on downtime cockup Dropbox suffered a major outage across the globe today – the company blamed "routine internal maintenance" for the significant wobble, which appears to be ongoing.…   The Register

1 to 10 of 1091