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  1. Driving Battery Innovation with CAE   18/Jan/17 04:00pm
    Gaetan Damblanc, Siemens PLM The demand for safety and high performance in Li-ion batteries has never been so high. Cells and pack manufacturers are looking for high energy density, high power density, safety, long life span and low cost. read more   Power Electronics News
  2. Monolithic Buck-Boost DC-DC Converter Delivers Up to 18 V and 5 A   18/Jan/17 04:00pm
    Linear Technology’s LTC3119 is an efficient, monolithic buck-boost converter that operates with inputs from 2.5 to 18 V, making it well-suited to operate from one- to four-cell Li-ion batteries. read more   Power Electronics News
  3. User-Configurable Multiphase Converters Can Handle Up to 450A Loads   18/Jan/17 04:00pm
    Intersil Corporation’s digital multiphase PWM controllers and their associated Smart Power Stages provide a scalable output of 10A to 450A. read more   Power Electronics News
  4. BMW i3 Concept Car Relies on Wireless Feedback of Individual Battery Cell Performance   18/Jan/17 04:00pm
    An electric vehicle employs wireless communication to relay performance feedback on individual battery cells to a host processor, replacing hard-wiring previously used for the same purpose. read more   Power Electronics News
  5. Gain Block Delivers 47dBm OIP3 Linearity with Low Noise   18/Jan/17 04:00pm
    Linear Technology announced the LTC6433-15, a wideband 15dB gain block amplifier offering outstanding linearity of 47dBm OIP3 and 3.22dB noise figure at 150MHz. read more   Power Electronics News
  6. Solar Microinverters and Power Optimizers Shift Tactics to Sell More Solar AC and Smart Modules, IHS Markit Says   18/Jan/17 04:00pm
    The business model of microinverter and power optimizer suppliers is set to shift from standalone units to integrated systems, according to new analysis released by IHS Markit. read more   Power Electronics News
  7. Solid-State and Polymer Battery Market Estimates   18/Jan/17 04:00pm
    A newly released report by IDTechEx Research predicts that the solid-state battery industry will reach $7 billion by 2027. read more   Power Electronics News
  8. External Power Supplies Meet DOE's Level VI Energy Efficiency Standards   18/Jan/17 04:00pm
    SL Power Electronics announces the expansion of its highly efficient Level VI+ family with the addition of its new TE90 Series external power supplies. read more   Power Electronics News
  9. Four CSAIL researchers named ACM fellows   18/Jan/17 04:00pm
    Association for Computer Machinery cites Erik Demaine, Fredo Durand, William Freeman, and Daniel Jackson for having "provided key knowledge" to computing.   MIT News - Computer science
  10. Computer learns to recognize sounds by watching video   18/Jan/17 04:00pm
    Machine-learning system doesn’t require costly hand-annotated data.   MIT News - Computer science

1 to 10 of 324