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  1. Andor Launches Dragonfly - The Most Complete Imaging Solution Ever!   27/Jun/16 04:01pm
    Andor Technology, an Oxford Instruments company, is pleased to announce the launch of Dragonfly, a high-speed confocal imaging platform supporting multiple high-contrast imaging techniques. ...   AZoM Materials/Engineering news
  2. RHK Technology and Quantum Design China announce Dr. Rory Chen has joined QD China as RHK Technology’s Product and Technical Support Manager   27/Jun/16 04:01pm
    As part of our ongoing mission to enhance our technical support in Asia and to support our rapidly growing sales and innovation in China, we are proud to announce the addition of Dr. Rory Chen. Dr....   AZoM Materials/Engineering news
  3. Detection Technology Takes Tire Inspection Intelligence to the Next Level with X-Scan U Series   27/Jun/16 04:01pm
    Detection Technology Plc, a global provider of X-ray imaging subsystems and components, takes tire inspection intelligence to the next level by launching X-Scan U series. The detector series based on...   AZoM Materials/Engineering news
  4. Geochemists Discover Deposition of Radioactive Cesium Fallout from Fukushima in Glass Microparticles   27/Jun/16 04:01pm
    New research reveals that a large quantity of the radioactive fallout which settled on Tokyo a couple of days following the Fukushima mishap was concentrated and deposited in non-soluble glass...   AZoM Materials/Engineering news
  5. Cortec®- World's Fastest Growing Manufacturer of Corrosion inhibitors!   27/Jun/16 04:01pm
    CortecCros Moves from Oil Giant INA to Full Ownership of Cortec® Corporation We are pleased to publicly announce the latest acquisition of Cortec® Corporation. Croatian company CortecCros...   AZoM Materials/Engineering news
  6. New Step Towards Artificial Photosynthesis   27/Jun/16 04:01pm
    Two groups of chemists at the Universities of Basel and Zurich have reproduced an important phase of the natural photosynthesis process using artificial molecules, making the process of harvesting...   AZoM Materials/Engineering news
  7. Looking good, Gnome: Digesting the Delhi in our belly   27/Jun/16 04:01pm
    The long road to change GNOME 3.20, released recently, sees the project beginning to find its footing again.…   The Register
  8. Three men and a container engine: Let's commoditise this baby   27/Jun/16 04:01pm
    Bright backgrounds for dark arts of Portworx containerised storage Backgrounder Portworx Enterprise hits general availability in July to provide containerised storage for containers. The software runs on commodity servers, captures and aggregates their storage into a virtual SAN providing scale-out block storage, then provides storage for containers, at container granularity, and with a global namespace.…   The Register
  9. Gun-jumping French pols demand rapid end to English in EU   27/Jun/16 04:01pm
    English-speaking Irish speakers cry ‘cad é an ag f*ck’ A brace of French politicians has demanded a post-Brexit rapid de-anglicisation of EU business, potentially leaving the English speaking majority of Ireland scrabbling for their Gaelic phrase books.…   The Register
  10. Intel mulls sale of Intel Security - reports   27/Jun/16 04:01pm
    The game done changed Opinion Intel is reportedly looking to offload its Intel Security arm.…   The Register

1 to 10 of 669