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  1. Five with MIT ties tapped for Inventors Hall of Fame   12/Feb/16 08:01pm
    MIT professor and four alumni honored for inventing electronic ink, the spanning tree protocol, and Sketchpad, a human-machine graphical communication system.   MIT News - Mechanical engineering
  2. MIT students win first round of SpaceX Hyperloop contest   12/Feb/16 08:01pm
    Design tops more than 100 entries at an international high-speed transportation competition inspired by Elon Musk and sponsored by SpaceX.   MIT News - Mechanical engineering
  3. A new quantum approach to big data   12/Feb/16 08:01pm
    System for handling massive digital datasets could make impossibly complex problems solvable.   MIT News - Mechanical engineering
  4. Larissa Senatus learns about the world by doing   12/Feb/16 08:01pm
    Mechanical engineering major hopes to bring hands-on learning opportunities home to Haiti.   MIT News - Mechanical engineering
  5. A nanophotonic comeback for incandescent bulbs?   12/Feb/16 08:01pm
    Researchers combine the warm look of traditional light bulbs with 21st-century energy efficiency.   MIT News - Mechanical engineering
  6. Grad students honored for their research at Materials Research Society meeting   12/Feb/16 08:01pm
    Three MIT graduate students win Silver Awards for work on catalysts, hydrogels, and magnetic nanoparticles.   MIT News - Mechanical engineering
  7. The Nam P. Suh Professorship connects multiple generations of mechanical engineering faculty   12/Feb/16 08:01pm
    Faculty and friends celebrate Nam Suh and inaugural chair holder Seth Lloyd.   MIT News - Mechanical engineering
  8. 3 Questions: Martin Culpepper on making the future makers   12/Feb/16 08:01pm
    MIT students want to make things. Meet the “Maker Czar†who’s helping them.   MIT News - Mechanical engineering
  9. Innovation on showcase   12/Feb/16 08:01pm
    Undergrads present research at the SuperUROP Research Preview.   MIT News - Mechanical engineering
  10. Nanodevices at one-hundredth the cost   12/Feb/16 08:01pm
    New techniques for building microelectromechanical systems show promise.   MIT News - Mechanical engineering

1 to 10 of 1034