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Iliad of France makes surprise bid for T-Mobile US

  NEW YORK (AP) -- T-Mobile US Inc., the most eligible company in the U.S. wireless industry, has another suitor on its hands. Upstart French telecom company Iliad SA on Thursday said it has offered $15 billion for a majority stake....
Associated Press-Technology 31/07/14

Champion Brands Begins Construction on Public-Private CNG Station in Jacksonville

  Today, Champion Brands, a Florida beer distributor, broke ground on its public-private CNG station with partner Trillium CNG. Champion CEO Earl Benton turned to natural gas to avoid frequent and... - Building News 31/07/14

AMETEK Land Introduces High Efficiency Route Manager for Cyclops Portable Non-Contact Thermometers

  AMETEK Land has added a high efficiency route manager and new protections against accidental damage to its Cyclops line of portable non-contact thermometers. The new Cyclops L family includes four...
AZoM Materials/Engineering news 31/07/14

Dark net drugs ads have 'doubled'

  An investigation by the BBC indicates that the number of listings advertising illegal drugs sales on the dark net has doubled in less than a year.
BBC Tech News 31/07/14

80 percent of aortic stenosis patients are in the same/better health 1 year after treatment

  A survey, published online in the European Journal of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery, of 13,860 patients who had undergone interventions for aortic valve disease in Germany has revealed that over 80% were in the same or a better state of health one year after the intervention, and was satisfied with the procedural  (truncated) click header to see full article
Brightsurf Science News 31/07/14

Google Spreadsheet: How to compare two strings and highlight the differences

  How to compare two strings character by character in Google Spreadsheets using Google Apps Script or built-in Google Sheet formula
CETIS: Standards in Education Technology 06/08/13

Holl Stays Busy in China

Civil Engineering 31/07/14

Five years on, millions still dig 'FarmVille'

  It started out as a simple concept. Let people virtually grow gardens, raise farm animals and become farmers. It soon became a social media and gaming phenomenon.
CNN Technology 31/07/14

Train of thought

    (truncated) click header to see full article 02/12/11

Any Termination Data on Field Connectors?

  We Have Customers With Varying Preferences for the Method of Terminating Field Connections Outside the Panel. We Even Have Our Own internal Disagreements. We Wanted to Simplify. See What Vendors Said:
Control Design News 31/07/14

1 to 10 of 4435  

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