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  1. 25V, 600mA Synchronous Buck-Boost DC/DC Converters Consume Only 1.6µA of Quiescent Current   23/Aug/17 12:00pm
    Linear Technology announces the LTC3130 and LTC3130-1 synchronous current mode buck-boost converters that deliver up to 600mA of continuous output current from a wide variety of input sources, including single- or multiple-cell batteries as well as s   Power Electronics News
  2. Multilayer Varistors Offer High Temperature Operation   23/Aug/17 12:00pm
    Stackpole's ZVY Series of multilayer varistors is capable of operating temperatures of up to 150°C. Most multilayer varistors currently available are only able to operate up to 125°C. This higher temperature range makes the ZVY capable of voltage pro   Power Electronics News
  3. 800V,12A UltraMOS MOSFETs   23/Aug/17 12:00pm
    Central Semiconductor introduces its newest energy efficient, high voltage UltraMOS MOSFET designed to minimize total conduction losses while maximizing power density. The CDM2206-800LR is a 6A, 800V MOSFET in the TO-220 package. The low RDS(ON) of 0   Power Electronics News
  4. 40% of Electronics Design Engineers Don't Think Thermal Is a Priority   23/Aug/17 12:00pm
    New research from the 6SigmaET team at Future Facilities has found that one in five engineers confirm thermal issues are a common cause of expensive and time-consuming late stage design complications. Despite this, the survey of over 350 professional   Power Electronics News
  5. Cherry Switches & Sensors to be Rebranded as ZF   23/Aug/17 12:00pm
    From 1st January 2017, all products sold via the Cherry Industrial Solutions product line will be branded ZF. By utilizing the ZF brand, with its strong presence in the automotive and industrial markets, the intention is to strengthen the company's e   Power Electronics News
  6. 1A DC-DC Buck Converters Achieve High Efficiency Under Light-Load and Full-Load Conditions   23/Aug/17 12:00pm
    The AP3401 and AP3428 DC-DC step-down converters introduced by Diodes Incorporated are capable of driving loads up to 1A with excellent line- and load-regulation provided by a constant-frequency PWM control that requires no external compensation and   Power Electronics News
  7. 1500 W Front End AC-DC Power Supply   23/Aug/17 12:00pm
    Bel Fuse Inc. announces that its front end AC-DC power supply portfolio now includes the PFE1500-12-054xA power supply suitable for a wide range of telecom and networking applications. This 1500 Watt supply is a highly efficient front-end that has a   Power Electronics News
  8. Motorized Impeller Moves Impressive Amount of Air   23/Aug/17 12:00pm
    By providing an exceptionally high level of static pressure (32.72 / 44.58 mmAq in free air - per rated voltage), Jaro Thermal's new motorized (DC) impellers offer strong advantages over other types of leading air movers. JARO's newest ISO-certified   Power Electronics News
  9. Linear Current Regulator and Controller Family for Automotive LED Lighting   23/Aug/17 12:00pm
    Allegro MicroSystems announced two new adjustable linear current regulators for driving automotive LED arrays. Allegro's AEC-Q100 qualified A6274 and A6284 devices include many new features designed to further enhance the existing family of Linear LE   Power Electronics News
  10. 60V Synchronous Buck Battery Charger Includes Lead-Acid & Li-Ion Charge Algorithms   23/Aug/17 12:00pm
    Linear Technology Corporation introduced the LTC4013, a highly integrated, high voltage multi-chemistry synchronous step-down battery charger controller. With a wide input voltage range that spans up to 60V, the LTC4013 uses temperature-compensated 3   Power Electronics News

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