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  1. Celeb-backed music gambit rebrands as 'Roxi', prays for IPO   17/Aug/17 04:00pm
    Electric Jukebox has a dildo and wants £100m The company behind what was dubbed the "most ridiculous digital music launch in history" is rebranding its product and hoping to raise $100m by selling shares to the public.…   The Register
  2. HPE sales chief Peter Ryan abandons ship amid downsizing ploy   17/Aug/17 04:00pm
    CSO said to have quit to spend more time with family in UK HPE global sales chieftan Peter Ryan has quit the company after just over a year of relentless travel away from his family in the UK.…   The Register
  3. Singapore court awards $2.9m over bad job reference   17/Aug/17 04:00pm
    Damages calculated on potential earnings Singapore's High Court has awarded S$4m* dollars ($2.9m, £2.25m) to a former insurance agent after a letter of reference lost him a potential new job.…   The Register
  4. Russia's answer to Buckminster Fuller has a buttload of CGI and he's not afraid to use it   17/Aug/17 04:00pm
    Gyroscopic trams, bunkerbeds! Enter the 'dope' world of Dahir Semenov Earlier this week, Mashable, a clickbait site for millennials, showcased a novel urban transport system. It got very excited, calling it "dope" and the "future of transportation".…   The Register
  5. Making money is so DRAM easy for some memory-flingers   17/Aug/17 04:00pm
    Another record revenue quarter ... even as drought eases While we are recovering from the global DRAM shortage, there's still enough of a drought for chip-slingers to rake in record revenues.…   The Register
  6. London council 'failed to test' parking ticket app, exposed personal info   17/Aug/17 04:00pm
    Authority fined £70k after missing URL manipulation A London council has been fined £70,000 after design faults in its TicketViewer app allowed unauthorised access to 119 documents containing sensitive personal information.…   The Register
  7. Apple bag-search class action sueball moves to Cali supreme court   17/Aug/17 04:00pm
    Anti-shrinkage policy could add millions to firm's wage bill Apple may have to pay its employees extra for time it spends rifling through their personal belongings at work, if it loses a long-running lawsuit that is now in front of the Californian Supreme Court.…   The Register
  8. Carrier-Based Launch of Aircraft to Use Power Electronics Instead of Steam Catapult   17/Aug/17 04:00pm
    The U.S. Navy’s new Electromagnetic Launch System will use a linear induction motor and power electronic systems to propel a carriage along a track to launch the aircraft from a carrier.   Power Electronics News
  9. SiC and GaN vs. IGBTs: The Imminent Tug of War for Supremacy   17/Aug/17 04:00pm
    Automotive, industrial, and other applications that require smaller size, lighter weight, and more efficient operation are increasingly looking to SiC and GaN solutions.   Power Electronics News
  10. What’s Ahead for the Venerable 12-V Automotive Battery?   17/Aug/17 04:00pm
    To improve fuel efficiency, 48-V systems are supplementing 12-V batteries, especially in the emerging world of mild hybrids.   Power Electronics News

1 to 10 of 263