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  1. Robots and us   01/Dec/15 08:01pm
    Should cars be fully driverless? No, says an MIT engineer and historian.   MIT News - Robotics / AI
  2. Using soccer to teach robotics   01/Dec/15 08:01pm
    In this year's MechE World Cup, undergraduates joined forces to build soccer-playing robots that emulate human movement.   MIT News - Robotics / AI
  3. MIT cheetah robot lands the running jump   01/Dec/15 08:01pm
    Robot sees, clears hurdles while bounding at 5 mph.   MIT News - Robotics / AI
  4. High Voltage Boost & Inverting Charge Pumps Deliver Low Noise Dual Outputs   01/Dec/15 08:01pm
    Linear Technology Corp. recently introduced the LTC3265, a high voltage, highly integrated, low noise dual output power supply which takes a single positive input supply (VIN_P) and generates low noise bipolar rails up to ±2oVIN_P without any inductors. read more   Power Electronics News
  5. Lithium-ion Battery Management System Targets Commercial Applications   01/Dec/15 08:01pm
    VARTA Micro Group has announced that its subsidiary VARTA Storage GmbH has released the VARTA Flex System comprised of a 24 kWh lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery cabinet, power electronics and control unit. read more   Power Electronics News
  6. Integrated Thermocouple Electromotive Force to Degrees Celsius Converter   01/Dec/15 08:01pm
    Microchip Technology Inc. has released the MCP9600, the world's first thermocouple-conditioning integrated circuit to combine precision instrumentation, a precision temperature sensor and a precision, high-resolution ADC. read more   Power Electronics News
  7. Zero IQ IC Protects Against Reverse Polarity Inputs   01/Dec/15 08:01pm
    A special control IC that emulates a “smart diode†along with an external MOSFET allows positive inputs and prevents negative inputs for automotive and industrial applications. read more   Power Electronics News
  8. Jacopo Buongiorno: Bringing outside knowledge to the nuclear industry   01/Dec/15 08:01pm
      MIT News - Nuclear engineering
  9. A passion for learning in the lab   01/Dec/15 08:01pm
    Thomas McKrell designs, builds, and supervises nuclear science and engineering laboratory projects, and readies students for careers in research.   MIT News - Nuclear engineering
  10. MIT Technology Review announces seven innovators over 70   01/Dec/15 08:01pm
    Professors emeritus Sidney Yip and Judith Jarvis Thomson honored for their continued innovations.   MIT News - Nuclear engineering

1 to 10 of 1222