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Perpetual Layoffs, Gods & Heroes Delay

Medieval II: Total War Patch Tomorrow, Steam Update Today

Site Seeing

The Late Show

Tony Tough 2 German Patch

Evening Q&As

Evening Previews

Evening Screenshots

New Half-Life Science & Industry

Evening Legal Briefs

Evening Consolidation

Evening Tech Bits

Evening Metaverse

Evening Safety Dance

etc., etc.

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Please Update Your Bookmarks

Fedora Project to Help Revitalize RPM

New Stargate Series In the Works

Why Does Everyone Hate Microsoft?

iTunes Sales Not 'Collapsing' After All

AMD Reveals Plans to Move Beyond the Core Race

Third Microsoft Word Code Execution Exploit Posted

Homeland Security Director Defends Real ID

Scientists Decry Political Interference

10 Tech Concepts You Should Know for 2007

David X. Cohen Interviewed on New Futurama

MySpace Users Have Stronger Passwords Than Corporate Employees

World's First Jail Sentence for BitTorrent Piracy

New Animated Star Trek In The Works

Microsoft Formally Releases Robotics Software

Melting Coins Now Illegal In the U.S.

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Race to the Moon for Nuclear Fuel

Wired Science Is Coming to TV

Nue Satisfies Like an Alien Lover

Aging Films Get Digital Face Lift

Attack of the 'Wiimote' Hacks

Get Your MP3 Tags in Order

Sexy Geeks: Vote for Your Fave

Google Launches Patent Search

Zune 'Social' Still Hard to Find

Data Spills: 100 Million Served

'Tis the Season to Turn Off PC

Detroit Pitcher Is No Guitar Hero

Spammer Slammer Targets Politics

MySpace Passwords Aren't So Dumb

Photoshop Beta Available Friday

The Sound of Hacked Dolls' Heads

The Best: Science Fictions

How to Pick a Cell Phone Provider

Gadget Lab: Dolce Razr

And Your Brain Said, 'Ha!'

Rants: Defending Windows Vista

2006 Foot-in-Mouth Awards

Why You Don't Need Vista Now

Gallery: Windows Vista Tour

Choose Your Final Fantasy

The Pernicious Price of Petroleum

Long Live Low Tech

What Your Cell Phone's Made Of

Google Plants Solar Trees

Bruce Sterling's Final Prediction

Startup Makes Spammers Pay

Medical Refugees Flee to India

Wi-Fi as a Health Hazard

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How to Retire Faster

Buy High, Sell Higher

Volunteering 101

Baidu Lands Mr. Softy

Time to Get Greedy

Better Know a Stock Picker

Busy Signal at ADC

Costco Plugs Along: Fool by Numbers

5 More Turnaround Stocks

The Perfect Time to Invest

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HP, Microsoft challenge IBM with new deal

What's in a certification?

Opinion: Upgrades to legacy systems keep users up at night

Judge stops FDA from enforcing laws to track drugs through supply chain

SanDisk MP3 patent battle still ongoing

'Logic bomb' backfires on hacker

Gartner: Vista to be last major Windows release

Why wireless means mobile (and broadband)

Congress wants Hurd to explain August HP stock sale

Sony confident of hitting PlayStation 3 targets

More News...

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Advance Your Career Online Degrees - Sponsored Link

Russia sets new date for Malaysian astronaut to go to space

Astronauts to try to wiggle solar panel loose

Astronauts complete second spacewalk

Spacewalking astronauts rewire space station

Space-walkers rewire Sunita's home in space

First Comet Dust On Earth Reveals Clues To Solar System

Very High Frequency Radiation Makes Dark Matter Visible

Satellite Cleared at Va. Spaceport

Plucking comet dust from Stardust collectors

Malaysian astronaut to blast off next October: report

Space Station Rewiring So Far, So Good

Astronauts rewire the space station

NASA: 2nd spacewalking for rewiring job

Discovery astronauts rewire part of space station

Shuttle astronauts abort solar panel repair task

Astronauts almost finished rewiring station grid

Astronauts rewire space station

NASA: 2nd spacewalk for rewiring job

Astronaut Sunita Williams Begins Historic Space Journey

Particles from Space Test New Muon Detection System

Astronauts rewire part of space station

Space station's 1st half rewired without hitch (

2 Spacewalkers Are Successful in Tricky Rewiring of the Space Station

Spacewalking astronauts rewire international space station

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Suffolk serial killer's fifth victim named

Blair questioning 'perfectly natural'

Diaz disturbed by weight obsession

William graduates as Army officer

Jail warning after rail booze snooze

Aussies set to win back Ashes

Liverpool handed Barca Euro test

British Gas owner to cut bills

Palestinian PM convoy attacked

Newcastle deny takeover move

Row brews over Saudi arms deal probe

Thousands of UK jobs axed

UN Ahmadinejad charges urged

80-year-old man in murder quiz

Shevchenko vows to give 100%

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Macs now susceptable to viruses

U.S. and Sadr's Army Look Set to Clash

Pakistan Anti-Terrorism Raid Approved

Stand-off in Mexican tourist city

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neologism: Word of the Day

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Scorpions 'quizzed Selebi'

Growth of Sun Life Premium Sharply Increases

Cut Off Date Set at Dec 15 for Electoral Rolls: Cabinet

Berlin's Central Tempelhof Airport Will Be Shut, Mayor Says

Travellers' 'horror and disgust' at Nally acquittal

Turkish police force hard labor on Africans

Fatah Attempts Killing of Hamas PM Haniyeh

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HP mum on report that board will axe lawyer

China readies DVD rival format

Microsoft to display Baidu paid results

Silicon Valley worker faces trade secrets theft charges

Bribery investigation sets back Nokia-Siemens deal

IE7's phishing filter gets speed boost

Microsoft updates Vista in latest piracy crackdown

Man gets time in jail for disrupting wireless Internet services

Google to offer domain registration services

Adobe tackles browser incompatibilities

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Techworld Netherlands: Grameen Outsources Open-Source Development to India

Computerworld Australia: Open Source Jahshaka Sets Sights on Hollywood Top Linux Photo Managers Side-by-Side

HowtoForge: Accessing Windows Or Samba Shares Using AutoFS

Debian Administration: Debian Networking for Basic and Advanced Users

Advisories, December 14, 2006

Computerworld: The Cloudy Future of Mobile Linux

CertCities: Mainstreaming Linux?

Free Software Magazine: The Free Computer (Can We Do It?)

Redmond Developer News: Open to Open Source?

Computerworld Australia: The Mythical Open Source Miracle

Linux Journal: What Can't Open Source Achieve in the Next 10 Years?

CNET News: A Look Inside Google's Open-Source Kitchen

LWN: Binary-Only Modules Not to be Banned--This Time

LinuxWorld Australia: Payback Time for Novell

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Blair defends Saudi probe ruling

Fifth murdered woman identified

British Gas to cut jobs and prices

William graduating to officer

Hamas accuses rival of PM attack

EU leaders ponder growth

GNER may lose rail franchise

Man admits Tube commuter killing

Obesity 'could bankrupt the NHS'

Ashes slipping away from England

Uefa Cup draw news

Somali group reject al-Qaeda link

Taiwan first lady faints at trial

New Jersey legalises gay unions

Anti-Putin protest 'to go ahead'

Iranian polls to test Ahmadinejad

'Taleban law' blocked in Pakistan

Man fell asleep on railway line

Hospital in baby deaths inquiry

Mother renews 'Mark's Law' demand

Woman, 90, killed in her home

Criticism of ditched Saudi probe

Dame Eliza to quit as head of MI5

Fears over hepatitis C awareness

Teach languages, primaries urged

Comets hold life chemistry clues

British delight over Globe nods

Nintendo respond to Wii breakages

Your stories

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David Pogue Reviews Vista

Get Vista and Samba to Work

15 Things Apple Should Change in Mac OS X

Fun with

Rule-Based Access Control

RPM: Plans, Goals

Microsoft Releases Bug-Fix Version of Visual Studio 2005

Adobe Preps Response to Microsoft XPS

Follow Up: Why I Stay with RISC OS

Non-GPL Linux Kernel Modules Banned Starting January 2008?

Symphony OS 2006-12 Released

Apple Offers Developers New Build of Leopard

Microsoft Unveils Public Robotics Software

ReactOS Weekly Newsletter Back on Track

Lars Knoll, George Staikos on KHTML, WebKit

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Hercules Tunes Explorer remote control for iTunes

Configuration Management Databases: the big Reg survey

LG mixes Chocolate-flavoured MP3 player

Irish consumers wising up to phishing scams

AMD flies in Hawk, Griffin notebook CPUs

Intel gears up to deliver movie download service

Patent applications to be peer reviewed?

AMD maps out path to HT 3, DDR 3, DirectX 10

Apple iPhone to be announced on Monday?

Vista plugs piracy hole

Dell delays results

Borland throws down Gauntlet to software defects

Cisco bids to control IPTV

HP ends not so special ties to lawyer

Microsoft begins 'Cardspace' publicity push

HP ships 'super 3G' laptop in UK

Virgin Mobile lingers over Xmas 'knick-pics'

HP and Microsoft in $300m love-in

Gambling impresario pushes fanciful Palestinian fund

Japan convicts P2P author

'You'd have to be nuts' to think AMD can match our tick – Intel

Dumpy Senate clears pretexting bill after show trial

Microsoft may pay Zune tax twice

China Mobile swoops on "3"

Save Earth from asteroidal doom

BT Retail makes money hand over fist

US broadcasters hatch plot to undermine YouTube

Barclaycard adds Oyster to credit cards

B3ta man makes silly singing website

Symantec plugs vulnerabilities in NetBackup

LG bags Prada for luxury phone fling

Motorola not interested in 3G for All

Phishing scams thrive in the UK

AOL Europe spins executive merry-go-round again

Dell offers hush-hush overclockable mobile Core 2 Duo

OGCbs could double savings

BT extends Fusion to small businesses

Sony sticks by PS3 sales forecast

Tagging firm Yougetitback to open US office

AMD posts Catalyst patch

Government asked to investigate Christmas music torture

Monster admits monstrous error

Information Commissioner names and shames newspapers

Apple iPhone to ship H1 2007, analyst claims

Agile Software Development

Seagate founder Al Shugart is dead

Symantec sues counterfeit ring for $15m+

UBS logic bomber jailed for eight years

IBM wallops Unix peers . . . again

Forrester can't stand up for falling down over iTunes