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  1. Introduction - What is OneStep Industry News?
  2. Finding your way around Service
  3. Browsing Available Newsfeeds
  4. Searching Newsfeeds
  5. Ordering of Displayed Items
  6. Frequently Asked Questions

1. Introduction - What is OneStep Industry News?

The OneStep Industry News service aggregates the very latest information from top sources and presents them in a easily accessible format. OneStep Industry News provides a quick means of monitoring a range of news sources with minimum effort. It is important to note that OneStep Industry News contains only the latest items available from a range content providers - not access to their full content. [More about OneStep Industry News....]

2. Finding your way around Service

There are 3 main elements to the OneStep interface; Top Navigation, Feed Selection/Search area and Item Display.

Help - Main Screen Elements

By default the service displays all current Items from all available newsfeeds in a simple listing. Article title and and a partial description are displayed. Items from various feeds are interspersed according to source and date.

Access to the full article can be viewed in a separate window by following the Article title link.


3. Browsing Available Newsfeeds

The Available Newsfeeds Scrollbox lists all of the newsfeeds which are currently included in the OneStep Industry News service. By selecting a feed from the scrollbox it is possible to view the contents of any individual feed.

- Use the scrollbox to select the Engineeringtalk feed
- Details of this feed are displayed and a listing of items in the Engineeringtalk feed are provided.

By selecting a cluster heading from the scrollbox it is possible to view the contents of a particular cluster of feeds which cover a similar subject area.

-Select the cluster heading ENGINEERING NEWSFEEDS
-Items from a number of Engineering newsfeeds are displayed.

4. Searching Newsfeeds

Any finds results with at least one of the search terms.
All retrieves resources which contain all the search terms.
Phrase Search retrieves resources which contain an exact match of the search string.
Exact Word Match Only The default search is set to automatically truncate search words. If you wish to search for an exact word or words, click the Exact Word Match Only box.

It is also possible to search for items according to date (i.e. the date items were aggregated). By using the pull down menu below the search box and pressing the 'go' button a number of date options can be selected. Choose from;

View ALL items
View items New in last 24 hours
View items New in last 7 days

The 'reset' button resets the search form to the default values.

5. Ordering of Displayed Items

Items can be ordered according to source or date by selecting the Source or Date Links as illustrated below;

Help - Source/Date Ordering

Selecting the Source link will order the items displayed in ascending alphabetical order according to the source web site name.

Selecting the Date link will order the items displayed in descending date/time order (i.e the most recently aggregated items will be displayed first).

6. Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "What is an RSS Feed?"
Put very simply RSS is a format for easily sharing content on the web. An RSS feed (also known as an RSS file or RSS channel) consists of a list of items, each of which contains a title, description and a link to a web page. RSS can stand for 'Rich Site Summary', 'RDF Site Summary' or 'Really Simple Syndication' depending on who you ask and which version they are speaking about. [More on RSS...]

Q. "The available newsfeeds scrollbox doesn't appear to work properly - why?"
The OneStep services are designed using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) which are unfortunately not implemented in exactly the same manner by all web browsers. With some browsers there is a problem in that the page reloads following a mouse click on the available newsfeeds scrollbox making it difficult to select feeds. In most instances dragging the scrollbar using the mouse rather than using mouse clicks will avoid the problem.

Q. "Can I link to the OneStep Industry News Service? "
Yes, linking to the services is encouraged.