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 RAM - Latest Issue was Dec. 2006

The full-text of articles indexed in RAM can be ordered from the British Library Document Supply Centre.

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  • Phrase searching
    To search using a phrase, then simply put single inverted commas/quotation marks around the phrase.
    Example: 'supply chain management'
    Please note that there may be a slightly longer wait for results with phrase searching.
  • Truncation
    It allows you to do one search for all words that share a common stem. This is done by just adding the symbol * to the stem.
    Example: robot* will retrieve records containing robot, robots, robotic and robotics.
    Please note that care needs to be taken with truncation; be sure it will find what you are looking for - for example, car* will retrieve a lot more than just car or cars!
  • Do not forget to select your search option. Full Record searches all fields.
  • The most useful fields to search are probably Full Record, Title and Author.
  • RAM supports single word searching. If more than one word is entered, records containing any of the words will be returned, but those containing all words will be returned first, unless you choose the Phrase Searching option (using inverted commas) as described above, when only the phrase will be returned.
  • Please note that UK English rather than US English is the preferred spelling
  • A list of journals indexed is available.

For more information on RAM, please contact santiago@icbl.hw.ac.uk (ICBL)