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  Journals indexed in the RAM Database

The following journals are indexed in the RAM database. Please note that this is a complete listing for the period from 1990 onwards. Not all journals are indexed for the full period, and some are no longer covered.
Publishers of relevant journals not listed here who wish to supply journals for indexing purposes should contact Jim Corlett, The Nottingham Trent University Library, Burton St, Nottingham NG1 4BU -  jim@corlettconsult.plus.com

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ACEC Review
ACM Computing Surveys
ACM Transactions on On Mathematical Software
AI Communications
AI Magazine
AI & Society
AISB Quarterly
ASEA Journal of
ASEE Prism
ASI Journal of
AT&T Technical Journal of
Academy of Management Journal of
Academy of Management Review
Accountancy Age
Accounting, Organizations & Society
Administrative Management
Advanced Manufacturing Engineering
Advanced Manufacturing Processes
Advanced Materials & Processes
Advances in Computers
Advances in Engineering Software
Aircraft Engineering & Aerospace Technology
Alvey News
American Ceramic Society Bulletin
American Journal of Small Business
American Machinist
Ann Rev Materials Science
Annals CIRP
Annals DAAAM
Apparel Industry
Apparel International
Applied Energy
Applied Ergonomics
Applied Statistics
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence Review
Artificial Intelligence in Engineering
Assembly Automation
Australian Accountant
Automotive Materials Processing (supplement to Sheet Metal Industries)
Autonomous Robots
BPICS Control
BSI News
Behaviour & Information Technology
Benchmarking for Quality Management & Technology
British Business
British Ceramic Transactions on
British Ceramics Transactions on & Journal of
British Engineer
British Journal of Educational Technology
British Journal of Industrial Relations
British Journal of Management
British Robot Association Newsletter
British Telecommunications Engineering
Building Technology & Management
Business Computing & Communications
Business History
Business Information Review
Business Marketing Digest
Business Process Management Journal
Business Strategy Review
Business Strategy & the Environment
CADCAM in Metalworking
CBI News
CD-ROM Newsletter
CIM Review
CIM Technology
CMA Magazine
CVGIP - Image Understanding
CVGIP: Image Understanding
Cadcam Int
Cadcam Technology
California Management Review
Camborne School Mines Journal of
Ceramic Engineering & Science Proc
Chartered Mechanical Engineer
Chemical Engineering
Circuit World
Circuits Assembly
Clothing World
Clothing & Textiles Research Journal of
Colliery Guardian
Colliery Guardian Annual Review
Columbia Journal of World Business
Communications 2000
Communications ACM
Computer Bulletin
Computer Design
Computer Education
Computer Graphics
Computer Graphics Proceedings
Computer Graphics World
Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems
Computer Journal of
Computer Languages
Computer News
Computer Systems
Computer Systems Europe
Computer Vision & Image Understanding
Computer Vision, Graphics & Image Processing
Computer Weekly
Computerized Manufacturing
Computers in Industry
Computers in Mechanical Engineering
Computers & Education
Computers & Graphics
Computers & Industrial Engineering
Computers & Mathematics With Applications
Computers & Operations Research
Computers & Standards
Computer-Aided Design
Computer-Aided Engineering Journal of
Computer-Integrated Manufacturing Systems
Computing Surveys
Computing & Control Engineering Journal of
Concurrent Engineering
Concurrent Engineering: Research & Applications
Control Engineering
Control & Dynamic Systems
Control & Instrumentation
Creative Computing
Creativity & Innovation Management
Data Processing
Decision Sciences
Design Engineering
Design Engineering Education
Design Studies
Dr Dobb's Journal of Software Tools
Drives & Controls
Educational Technology
Electric Machines & Power Systems
Electrical Communication
Electrical Contractor
Electrical Review
Electronic Design
Electronic Engineering
Electronic Production
Electronic Technology
Electronics Design
Electronics Industry
Electronics Letters
Electronics Weekly
Electronics & Communication Engineering Journal of
Electronics & Power
Electronics & Wireless World
Electrotechnology Employee Relations
Energy Management
Energy Manager
Engineering Analysis with Boundary Elements
Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence
Engineering Computations
Engineering Computers
Engineering Computing
Engineering Costs & Production Economics
Engineering Design
Engineering Design Education
Engineering Design Education & Training
Engineering Designer
Engineering Education
Engineering Lasers
Engineering Lasers & Power Beam Processing
Engineering Management Journal of
Engineering Materials & Design
Engineering Science & Education, Journal of
Engineering Technology
Engineers' Digest
European Business Review
European Design Engineer
European Journal of Engineering Education
European Journal of Industrial Relations
European Journal of Marketing
European Journal of Operational Research
European Management Journal of
European Plastics News
European Production Engineering
European Research
European Trends
Everyday Electronics
Executive Development
Expert Systems
Expert Systems Applications
Expert Systems User
Expert Systems with Applications
FMS Magazine
Finite Elements In Analysis & Design
Future Generation Computer Systems
GEC Journal of Research
GEC Review
Graduate Management Research
Harvard Business Review
Health & Safety At Work
Health & Safety Information Bulletin
Health & Safety Monitor
Higher Education
Human Factors & Ergonomics in Manufacturing
Human Resource Management Journal of
Hydraulics & Pneumatics
IBM Systems Journal of
IDS Study
IEE Proc: Control Theory & Applications
IEE Proc: Generation, Transactions on mission & Distribution
IEE Proc: Science, Measurement & Technology
IEE Proc: Vision, Image & Signal Processing
IEE Review
IEEE Aerospace & Electronic Systems Magazine
IEEE Computer Graphics & Applications
IEEE Control Systems
IEEE Control Systems Magazine
IEEE Design & Test of Computers
IEEE Engineering Management Review
IEEE Expert
IEEE Journal of Robotics & Automation
IEEE Micro
IEEE Review
IEEE Robotics & Automation Magazine
IEEE Spectrum
IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control
IEEE Transactions on Cad Integrated Circuits & Systems
IEEE Transactions on Circuits & Systems
IEEE Transactions on Communications
IEEE Transactions on Components, Hybrids, & Manufacturing Technology
IEEE Transactions on Components, Packaging & Manufacturing Technology - A
IEEE Transactions on Components, Packaging & Manufacturing Technology - B
IEEE Transactions on Components, Packaging, and Manufacturing Technology - C
IEEE Transactions on Computers
IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion
IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management
IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics
IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications
IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation & Measurement
IEEE Transactions on Knowledge & Data Engineering
IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks
IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis & Machine Intelligence
IEEE Transactions on Reliability
IEEE Transactions on Robotics & Automation
IEEE Transactions on Semiconductor Manufacturing
IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering
IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man & Cybernetics
IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man & Cybernetics - Part A
IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man & Cybernetics - Part B
IEEE Transactions on Visualization & Computer Graphics
IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics
IES Journal
IFR Robotics Newsletter
IIE Solutions
IIE Transactions on INC.
ISA Transactions on Image & Vision Computing
Inc. Technology
Industrial Computing
Industrial Engineering
Industrial Lubrication & Tribology
Industrial Management
Industrial Management & Data Systems
Industrial Relations Journal of
Industrial Robot
Industrial Society
Industrial & Commercial Training
Industrial & Labour Relations Review
Industrial & Production Engineering
Industry Week
Information Management & Technology
Information Systems
Information Technology Newsletter
Information Technology & Public Policy
Information & Software Technology
International Dyer
International Dyer & Textile Printer
International Journal of Accounting
International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology
International Journal of Agile Management Systems
International Journal of Applied Engineering Education
International Journal of Automotive Technology & Management
International Journal of Clothing Science & Technology
International Journal of Computer Applications in Technology
International Journal of Computer Integrated Manufacturing
International Journal of Continuing Engineering Education
International Journal of Control
International Journal of Electrical Engineering Education
International Journal of Electronics
International Journal of Engineering Education
International Journal of Flexible Manufacturing Systems
International Journal of Human Factors in Manufacturing
International Journal of Human Resource Management
International Journal of Human-Computer Studies
International Journal of Information Management
International Journal of Information Resource Management
International Journal of Machine Tool Design & Research
International Journal of Machine Tools & Manufacture
International Journal of Manpower
International Journal of Manufacturing System Design
International Journal of Manufacturing Technology & Management
International Journal of Man-Machine Studies
International Journal of Materials & Product Technology
International Journal of Mechanical Engineering Education
International Journal of Mechanical Sciences
International Journal of Numerical Methods In Engineering
International Journal of Operations & Production Management
International Journal of Physical Distribution & Materials Management
International Journal of Production Economics
International Journal of Production Research
International Journal of Project Management
International Journal of Quality & Reliability Management
International Journal of Quality Science
International Journal of Robotics Research
International Journal of Technology Management
International Journal of Technology & Design Education
International Journal of Vehicle Design
International Small Business Journal
International Statistical Review
International Textile Bulletin
International Textile Bulletin: Dyeing/Printing/Finishing
International Textile Bulletin: Yarn & Fabric Forming
Integrated Manufacturing Systems
Intelligent Systems Engineering
JSN International
Journal of Accountancy
Journal of Accounting Research
Journal of Applied Probability
Journal of Applied Statistics
Journal of Art & Design Education
Journal of Biomedical Engineering
Journal of Business Strategy
Journal of Business Venturing
Journal of Business & Economic Statistics
Journal of Clothing Technology & Management
Journal of Cost Management
Journal of Cost Management for the Manufacturing Industry
Journal of Design & Manufacturing
Journal of Documentation
Journal of Electronics Manufacturing
Journal of Engineering Design
Journal of European Industrial Training
Journal of General Management
Journal of General Management (+Management Update)
Journal of Heuristics
Journal of Human Resources
Journal of Industrial Relations
Journal of Information Systems
Journal of Information Technology
Journal of Institution Electronic & Radio Engineers
Journal of International Business Studies
Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing
Journal of Intelligent & Robotic Systems
Journal of Management Development
Journal of Management In Engineering
Journal of Management Studies
Journal of Managerial Psychology
Journal of Manufacturing Processes
Journal of Manufacturing Systems
Journal of Materials Engineering & Performance
Journal of Materials Processing Technology
Journal of Materials Science
Journal of Materials Shaping Technology
Journal of Mechanical Working Technology
Journal of Medical Engineering & Technology
Journal of Microcomputer Applications
Journal of Nondestructive Evaluation
Journal of Oil & Colour Chemists' Association
Journal of Operational Research Society
Journal of Organizational Behaviour
Journal of Organizational Change Management
Journal of Quality in Maintenance Engineering
Journal of Quality Technology
Journal of Robotic Systems
Journal of Royal Statistical Society: Series B (Methodological)
Journal of Society Dyers & Colourists
Journal of Strain Analysis
Journal of Strategic Information Systems
Journal of Systems Management
Journal of Textile Institute
Journal of of Business Venturing
Joining & Materials
Knitting International
Knitting Technique
Knitting Times
Knitting Times: Fabric Supplement
Knowledge Acquisition
Knowledge-Based Systems
Kunststoffe Plast Europe
Land & Mineral Surveying
Laser Focus
Leadership & Organization Development Journal of
Logistics Focus
Logistics Information Management
Logistics Today
Long Range Planning
Loss Prevention Bulletin
MIS Quarterly
Machine Design
Machinery and Production Engineering
Maintenance Management International
Maintenance & Asset Management
Management Accounting
Management Accounting Research
Management Accounting (UK)
Management Accounting (US)
Management Bibliographies & Reviews
Management Decision
Management Information Notes & Topics
Management Research News
Management Science
Management Services
Management Today
Managerial Auditing Journal of
Managing Automation
Manufacturing Automation
Manufacturing Clothier
Manufacturing Computer Solutions
Manufacturing Education
Manufacturing Engineer
Manufacturing Engineering
Manufacturing Review
Manufacturing Systems
Manufacturing Technology
Mathematical & Computer Modelling
Material Flow
Materials Handling News
Materials Performance
Materials Science & Technology
Materials World
Materials & Design
Materials & Manufacturing Processes
Mechanical Engineering
Mechanics Research Communications
Mechatronic Systems Engineering
Metal Construction
Metal Cutting
Metallurgist & Materials Technologist
Metals & Materials
Metalworking Production
Metalworking World
Microelectronics International
Microelectronics Journal of
Microelectronics & Reliability
Microprocessing & Microprogramming
Mining Engineer
Mining Science & Technology
Mining Technology
Modern Plastics International
Multinational Business
NDT International
NDT & E International
National Institute Economic Review
Neural Networks
New Generation Computing
New Scientist
New Technology, Work & Employment
New Technology, Work & Employment
New in Printing
Novam quina
Nuclear Engineering Int
Occupational Safety & Health
Operations Research Letters
Optics & Lasers In Engineering
Optimal Control Applications & Methods
Organizational Dynamics
PC Magazine
PC Tech Journal of
PC User
PCIM Europe
Paper Technology
Paper Technology & Industry
Parallel Computing
Pattern Recognition
Periodica Polytechnica: Electrical Engineering
Periodica Polytechnica: Mechanical Engineering
Personal Computer World
Personnel Management
Personnel Review
Philips Technical Review
Photogrammetric Engineering & Remote Sensing
Plant Engineer
Plant Engineering
Plant Engineering (Maclean Hunter Report)
Plant Management & Engineering
Plast Europe
Plastics & Rubber International
Plastics & Rubber Processing & Applications
Plastics, Rubber & Composites
Polymer Engineering & Science
Power Conversion International
Power Engineering Journal of
Powerconversion & Intelligent Motion
Practical Computing
Precision Toolmaker
Printed Circuit Design
Proc CIRP Seminars -- Manufacturing Systems
Proc IEE - A
Proc IEE - D
Proc IEE - E
Proc IEE - F
Proc IEE - J
Proc Institution Mechanical Engineers-A
Proc Institution Mechanical Engineers-B
Proc Institution Mechanical Engineers-C
Proc Institution Mechanical Engineers-D
Proc Institution Mechanical Engineers-E
Proc Institution Mechanical Engineers-G
Proc Institution Mechanical Engineers-H
Proc Institution Mechanical Engineers-I
Proc Society For Experimental Mechanics
Process Engineering
Production Engineer
Production Management & Control
Production Planning & Control
Production & Inventory Management
Professional Engineering
Professional Safety
Programmed Learning & Educational Technology
Project Manager Today
Purchasing & Supply Management
Quality Control
Quality Forum
Quality Progress
Quality Today
Quality World
Quality World
Quality World Technical Supplement
Quality & Reliability Management
Quarry Management
Radio & Electronic Engineer
Railway Engineer
Railway Gazette International
Rapid Prototyping Journal of
Reinforced Plastics
Reliability Engineering
Reliability Engineering & System Safety
Robotics Age
Robotics Engineering
Robotics Engineering Special Supplement
Robotics Today
Robotics World
Robotics & Autonomous Systems
Robotics & Computer-Integrated Manufacturing
Rolls-Royce Magazine
SIAM Journal of Control & Optimization
SMT: Surface Mount Technology Magazine
Safety Management
Safety Practitioner
Safety & Health Practitioner
Scientific American
Sensor Review
Sheet Metal Industries
Siemens Research & Development Reports
Siemens Review
Sigplan Notices
Sloan Management Review
Small Business & Enterprise Development
Software Engineering Journal of
Software for Engineering Workstations
Software - Practice & Experience
Software & Microsystems
Soldering and Surface Mount Technology
Statistical Science
Statistics & Computing
Storage Handling Distribution
Strategic Management Journal of
Sulzer Technical Review
Supply Chain Management
Supply Management
Surface Coatings Int
Surface Engineering
Systems International
TQM Magazine
Taguchi Club Newsletter
Tappi Journal of
Technical Textiles International
Technology Review
Telcom Report
Textile Asia
Textile Horizons
Textile Leader
Textile Month
Textile Outlook International
Textile Progress
Textile Research Journal of
Textile World
The McKinsey Quarterly
Tooling & Machining
Tooling & Production
Total Quality Management
Training Officer
Training & Development
Training for Quality*
Transactions on ASME Journal of Applied Mechanics
Transactions on ASME Journal of Dynamic Systems Measurement & Control
Transactions on ASME Journal of Engineering Materials & Technology
Transactions on ASME Journal of Engineering for Gas Turbines & Power
Transactions on ASME Journal of Engineering for Industry
Transactions on ASME Journal of Manufacturing Science & Engineering
Transactions on ASME Journal of Mechanical Design
Transactions on ASME Journal of Mechanisms Transactions on missions Automation In Design
Transactions on ASME Journal of Tribology
Transactions on ASME Journal of Vibration etc. in Design
Transactions on ASME Journal of Vibration & Acoustics
Tribology International
UNIX Systems
Vocational Training Bulletin
Welding Review
Welding Review Int
Welding in the World
Welding & Metal Fabrication
What's New in Computing
Which Computer?
Wirtschafts Woche
Work Study
Work & Occupations
Works Management
Work, Employment & Society
World Class Design to Manufacture
World Clothing Manufacturer